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My art supplies | Soft pastels, pastel paper, pastel pencils

My art supplies | Soft pastels, pastel paper, pastel pencils

hey guys it’s Kate and today I’m gonna
be doing a video about my pastel supplies so this is again my studio and
I wanted to show you just a bit about my pastels and what it is that I’m using
exactly so the first thing that I want to show you is my pastel box and this is
the most important thing and here I have different brands of pastels and the ones
that I’m using I will go through all of them here but the box itself I got it
from Jackson’s and it’s really neat because you can close it and you can
take it with you because it has these kind of bits actually cover here there’s
this foam piece and then there is like a plastic thingy that covers it and you
can close it up and you can take it with you and here I have different brands of
pastels so I started out with Rembrandts and here you can see this is for
example a Rembrandt and I have Koh-i-noor so the brands that I’m
using mostly is Rembrandt then Koh-i-noor extra soft ones I’m planning to
buy the Koh-i-noor just the soft brand I think they have 72 in all and
they’re a really good artists brand then I have again this is a Rembrandt
Schmincke which are very soft I have Koh-i-noor hard pastels and like this
one here I have some Conte pastels let’s see so this one here this is a Conte so
I have a variety from soft to very hard so from extra soft to very hard some of
the pastels I was buying the one by one for example these Rembrandt dark colors
also this one so the very dark ones also this dark blue you usually don’t get
them I also have Inscribe pastels so they
have quite nice colors to them and it’s ridiculous how bright they actually are
so I basically buy everything that I get my hands on kind of artist quality here
I also have some of these these are the Olki pastels they are Russian pastels
they have these nice tones that are not bright they’re not bright but they work
perfectly on sandpaper and you can use them to kind of tone down your colors so
they are nice as well then I have let me see what else do I have in this box I
have Unison so this is unison these pieces here also this one Unison is
amazing it costs a lot but if you do have enough money to invest in Unison
seriously it’s like god of pastel so here you can see Koh-i-noor
I bought this Koh-i-noor gray box separately as well I really like them if
you would like to buy some gray separately I would suggest Koh-i-noor
they’re really nice then I have some Jackson’s I’m just gonna clean my hand
so here I have some Jackson’s pastels these are handmade and they are really
soft too but they kind of remind me a bit of Unison I would say so
these are quite nice and you can buy them these boxes are 14 colors and they
have different colors in them but you can check out on Jackson’s website they
are quite nice so I’m using those and I bought this box because I’m lacking
constantly these complex colors which in pastel are invaluable
then my newest thing is my set of Sennelier and what I can say about this
set let’s open it up so here I added numbers so I can tell you the numbers
which I want which ones I’m using so this is Sennelier it’s an amazing set but
for example this green here it has a scratchy bit I don’t know if you can see
this so here you see shiny I tried to take it out
like rubbing it against the paper it doesn’t come off
I’ve tried here you can see that kind of crumbled a bit taking it off with the
nail so it was scratching the paper and not all of these pastels do this very
few so only this one for now I found then in some of them you can find these
kind of harder bits that actually do scratch the paper but all in all the set
is amazing and the darks especially these dark blues the dark greens dark
blue you again like this violet blue and it’s amazing they are extra soft though
and I would not suggest you get those if you’re just a complete complete beginner
because you will feel the truth of your paper immediately and you will not know
what to do with it so it’s best to start if you can allow yourself to by Unison
or yeah Unison is like which I would use to start with or Rembrandt 120 or
90 Rembrandt it’s amazing you can do with those but this set if you
are continuing is like wow also Sennelier some for example these lemon yellows
they are a bit greasy but I will be doing a separate video review of this
set and I will show you what I mean by grease like here I have my shards
different brands different shards never throw out shards of pastel they’re very
useful at adding detail so next I’m just gonna clean my hand
where’s my desk in so here’s this is today’s tutorial that I was doing my
computer the cracked one another invaluable thing a pastel supply a toy
for the cat like seriously you need a toy for the cat sometimes Chloe she does
not allow me to do anything she pushes me and she goes and wants to play
constantly so another thing do get yourself one of
these make yourself one of these this is gonna help you actually look at the
color and see the color very useful every time that I’m drawing I’m
constantly looking at this to get the color literally relationships so then let’s pass here so this is semolina I’ve spoken
about this this is very dirty I need to change it but you can use rice or any
other sand also works good but anything that is tiny and by shaking it
in a container you can clean your pastels a dish a makeup sponge here’s a
mess I should have cleaned it up but I have these but actually clamps down my
sketchbook because now I’m working it’s like middle of my sketchbook and the
pages they kind of move so they don’t move it I just pinch it together masking
tape different brands of masking tape as long as it doesn’t tear your paper
you’re good then we have these are graphite pencils and stuff like this is
just stuff we’re drawing another thing that you need with pastels brushes I’m
just using synthetic brushes and I’m using those for underpainting and I’m
using those to actually collect the pastel dust so from here we’re gonna
move this is my tabletop easel so this is very handy and I’m using these boards
you can buy them in art stores they are very useful and I have another one so
this is a smaller one flowers from yesterday and these they are really nice
as you can place them on your easel and if you don’t have space for any large
easels get yourself a tabletop one this one was from CassArt
I bought it there was discounts for a tabletop easels so I got this one and it
actually is like a box you can close it and these boards they’re great because
here basically you could say that I can use this surface of the easel but when
you have larger sheet it doesn’t work you need the larger board or if you have
your sheet too low here this bit that kind of doesn’t allow you to move your
hand very well so it kind of holds the sheet it’s great but at the same time it
works best with these kind of boards so this is my
thingy that I used to record my videos wipes paper towels never lack them I
always have them so this is one thing then let’s move here and this is a
pencil sharpener once again I said I saw this in Jason Morgan videos this is a
Swordfish very nice for pencils and here we have this is a pencil case that I got
off Amazon but you can get those in Aliexpress and on eBay I think here are
my pencils paper stumps pencils so the pencils
what kind of pencils do I have I have I started out with Faber Castell I had a
small set of those like 24 then I bought myself a full set of Carbothello and
and and I have some Derwent these are the colors that I was lacking some
violets and then I also have where are they Koh-i-noor so these are the
Gioconda soft pastel pencils they’re really nice they’re very soft
I’ve heard that General’s charcoal pencils are really great at covering
white charcoal is really like opaque and it covers even soft pastel I still don’t
have that one but I’m planning to buy it then here I have another pencil thingy
case and here I have some of these color shapers when I just started out I
was really perplexed about these and then yeah now you can see that in my
videos using them especially when there are the tiny details like something as
small as this but they also wear down if you use them too much also I have this
eraser this is a pencil eraser sometimes it’s very handy for the tiny those tiny
details here I have some charcoal and also like I have separate separated my
grays and whites and blacks from the colorful ones and I have
if you noticed it’s all sorted by color so I go through the color color wheel
basically in my pencil case and then here I have these grays and whites and
blacks once again the brands that I told you also have some Conte this is a
Conte pencil and I have some Conte here let’s see what is it that I had as
a Conte mm-hmm it disappeared on me but yeah I had two more Conte pencils I
think I had very few of those so and here I also have some of those Derwent
charcoal pencils but as I said General’s are really good as well and also
Koh-i-noor charcoal pencils and they are in different hardnesses basically
like graphite pencils you can have them in different hardnesses and they are
great for creating there’s another Conte I was looking for it
so this is what goes for the pencils now let’s pass onto my papers so papers
first I’m gonna show you this is my handy box of pastel dust
I collect pastel dust in these and then I create my own pastel so paper this is
paper that I use for my sketches and kind of studies this is just ordinary
sandpaper from a DIY store and it’s an 800 grit I use 800 600 depending you
can get those here I have also some in 500 so it’s depending I just walk past a
DIY store and go and get some for this paper so depending on the grid that you
need you have to see with your pressure with your pressure of your hand which
papers work best for you because some of them have finer grit sorry and some of
them have this grittier surface so it depends on your hand pressure then I
have my sketchbook so this is my sketchbook here’s like a preview of my
sketchbook stuff that I did like studies sketches and so on and this
is Strathmore toned and it’s quite nice as a paper it’s very smooth and at the
same time it holds a pastel very well and I’m using this tracing paper to
actually separate my pages and so that the pastel doesn’t smudge oh then for
the pastels let’s see here okay so here I have scissors tape stuff like that
this is for watercolor and I forgot to say I also have kneaded eraser but it
always runs away from me as in Ellie takes it away and she goes around with
it and I can’t find it usually so color wheel another sketchbook that I wanted
to show you in fact I found this on purpose so this is Fabriano and this is
ingress paper it’s thinner than paper of the previous sketchbook at the
Strathmore but this one sorry I’m doing my phone is gone crazy
here you have different warm colors and quite nice and you can use this one as
well for sketches especially to take it out it is quite expensive though I think
it’s more expensive than this one but still here you can do the same thing and
they are they come in different sizes these so you can also add sheets of
tracing paper so your pastels don’t get smudged so here I have some of my
drawings do not store them like this I’m terrible I know you should store them
better than that but the problem with me is that I’m interested in my drawings
only as long as I’m drawing them so here I have the second bits like the second
half of my pastel sticks that I have there but separately in my box over
there we go here is the paper so this is Canson paper and this is Canson MiTeintes
and I hope I pronounced that right this is an A3 there are 50 sheets of A3
here and this is the other papers that I bought this is actually from Jackson’s
you can see that this is like different papers that are not sanded surface from
different brands so I still have to try them and didn’t try
all of them but I want to see if I like something better than Canson okay so the book at the moment I’m reading this
is an amazing amazing amazing book and for anyone that wants to study art and
wants to actually go into color so highly suggest it then I have some
sheets of this ingress paper then we go through here and this is actually
that tracing paper that I bought so I’m cutting it to size and then kind of
putting it over my pastel drawings some black paper Fabriano it’s not very bad
not amazing just some black paper just for those black drawings then I have
here this is another thing that I wanted to show you which you
should have if you’re starting with pastels so this is Canson MiTeintes
like they have these blocks of paper that come in different colors and now
that I found the colors that I liked the most so the gray and this one as well
like I’m buying them in these sheets of A3 or you can buy them in sheets sheets I’m gonna take this thing out so I can
show you so these are the two colors that I’m using mostly so that’s gray
and this is so this one ivory and this is flannel gray so these
two I’m using the mostly in my work so you have the warm and the cooler color then I also have some acrylic paint to do the underpaintings and I
bought this one and I still haven’t tried this more sheets of ingress paper
little studies and this is Canson MiTeintes Touch so this one comes in
different colors these are the colors here this is the sanded surface that you
actually work on so it’s similar to UART and Sennelier LaCard and and and Pastelmat so it has slightly different texture but it’s like that kind of paper
again I have these and there’s you can also use pastel on actually on any
paper that is not glossing this is kraft paper some trash here so you can use it on
kraft paper as well so but it’s gonna give you a different appearance and also
this ingress paper I wanted to show you so I have this ingress paper
Daler Rowney and it has a different texture to it it’s thinner than Canson MiTeintes
but it has this kind of line texture I don’t know if you can see it
on video so yeah this is basically yet except for maybe this thing that I
wanted to show you also this is a daylight lamp so this one here it kind
of gives you the full spectrum light when you’re working if I’m working in
the evening and I don’t see the colors good you need to be able to see your
colors good so this is the thing that you are looking for there are more
expensive versions this is I think it was about 20-something pounds but this
is very useful and you can work when you do not have daylight and yep this is it
um that’s it my studio I showed you everything that I’m working with and if
you have any questions I would be very happy to answer but for now I guess this
is it and I hope I didn’t miss anything but this is basically the stuff
that I’m working with so thanks for watching I hope you found this useful
and I will be seeing you in the future videos for now this is it bye

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7 thoughts on “My art supplies | Soft pastels, pastel paper, pastel pencils

  1. Kate your such a sweet young lady, love your art studio. I’m using clear gesso at the moment. I need to buy pastel paper. Thank you for the tips especially on generals white pencil. I will be buy that in the near future. I’m saving for some new pastels right now I have Jack Richeson hand rolled. I like them their my first set. Looking forward to your review on the Sennelier Paris set. Thanks Jill

  2. Is it true that meteintes touch paper does not take many layers like UART sanded paper or pastel premier paper?

  3. I learned more from this than I have watching all the other pastel artists combined! Thank you! 💖

  4. Kate, Thank you so much. I'm just beginning, and you addressed so many variables. I looked up A3 — that was a math lesson in proportions! It was great that you included the brand names in your summary notes, because unfamiliar names are difficult to comprehend aurally. You mentioned Inscribe pastels, which Google said was the best seller in the U.K. at $33 for 64 half-size. I'm in the US and never heard of them; is there a draw back? How do they compare to Rembrandt's? Also, would you say a word about the use and/or necessity of fixatives? In spite of my numerous questions, I did learn a lot. Nice job! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wonderful video, I am still trying to organize my pastels I just got a Guerrilla Painter box but I did not buy the plastic inserts and I altered it to work more like your box from Jacksons! It was not an easy Mod! I am also curious about fixatives and matting your pictures with the "hidden" matte space for debris to fall within a framed picture, have you used this before? What do you think? Thanks for all of your wonderful content!

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