20 thoughts on “My Art Supplies

  1. Love your videos. Your English is perfectly fine. Thanks for sharing your art supplies with us. I enjoy using the Eco Faber Castells too.

  2. Great job and great look at your stuff. Your English was just fine, understood every word and trust me I could not speak your language even a sentence, let alone 15 minutes! Glad you got to get that pencil set from the videos, that's pretty cool.

  3. Hi Alena, great video to show us your materials, I also have the promarkers from letraset, never used them!,,Do not excuse for your english, it's perfect;   Alena, are you planning a tutorial with the Derwent Coloursoft?  I have the complete set but nobody does a page with them!   Perhaps in the future?????   :):) TFS

  4. Thank you Alena! I also love to watch your videos, you colour so vibrantly. Like you I love my Prismas, they work well on nearly every paper. I also use Polychromos, Derwent Coloursofts and Koh-I-Noor Polycolors, which actually were my first set. I like their brighness, but they lack both darker and lighter shades, which the Prismas have in abundance. I am looking forward to your future colouring videos.

  5. your English is fabulous… I enjoy your channel. I am almost ready to purchase the intense… just unsure how to incorporate into my coloring…thanx.

  6. that's an intersting video and I think a you're very nice and sweet person. I've just descovered your channal: you draw really beautiful!! I' m going to watch on all your videos. I also love the prisma color, that's my favorite ones but it's a pity that here in Italy if you can find them on line in open stock they are very expensive to buy because of the customs taxes. I wish you nice work in the magical pencils world

  7. I LOVE all your work, Alena!! You are so talented and the way you select your colour palettes always leaves me amazed, I have so much trouble doing that and you seem to do it with such ease 🙂 This video was very interesting also, was good to see what supplies you have to work with. Keep up the good work and your English is just adorable!

  8. Very interesting thank you. I use Mungyo pastels but never tried oil ones. I'd love to see how those are used in colouring books. Speaking 3 languages is fabulous, oh wait I used to speak 3 😀but you must practice often and I was born in Australia and after my Italian parents passed away I no longer speak it as my husband is Australian. My French was excellent but I stopped speaking that too many years ago so again I can't remember it so I admire you a lot Alena for speaking all these languages,

  9. I love your channel. Your a amazing artist and you inspire me to do more in my coloring books. Please keep making videos 💙

  10. Alena, I am from the U.S. and I love your tutorials. I learned a lot about different color pencils and I love your stuff. I intend to follow your programs on YouTube. Thank you for sharing. Susan Eng

  11. Почитала коментарии к этому видео на английском и на русском. Что не так с нашими людьми, откуда такая нелюбовь и нетерпимость друг к другу, кошмар =(
    А видео очень познавательное, спасибо!

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