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National Arts Awards 2019: Ben Platt

National Arts Awards 2019: Ben Platt

(light piano music) (“RAIN” by Ben Platt) ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ I know we got what it takes ♪ – There are few artists out
there who are true geniuses. There are even fewer who are that because they’re wonderful, bright lights of joy as
human beings, (laughing) and that’s what Ben Platt is. – [Cameron] He’s always
challenging himself. – This is a Tony, hello. – And that’s something that
a lot of different people can be inspired by, because
the kid is 26 years old and he has an Emmy, Grammy, and a Tony, and he’s still thinking of
new ways to push himself as an artist, as a human being. ♪ On the outside, always looking in ♪ – I got the chance to work with Ben developing the musical Dear Evan Hansen. And Ben does that incredible thing of bringing his own unique, beautiful, human, broken, brilliant
take on everything while at the same time
listening to those around him, listening to his collaborators. – I know that a lot of teenagers looked at Ben’s performances as one of first ever strong
representations of themselves that they had ever seen. He was able to give our generation, which is an anxious,
traumatized, confused generation, a voice in a very, very special way, not just through Evan but
now through his music, because music communicates with people in such a special way. – It’s all over now! – The great thing about Ben is you can write him doing
anything and he remains likable, and you still root for him. Even no matter how odd or
dastardly his moves are, you’re still on his side. ♪ Reach out your hand ♪ – March for Our Lives,
we were putting together the list of performers
that we wanted up there speaking for a lot of different things. I knew that Ben, in his
performance and in his voice, could make people feel something. And when you’re trying
to advocate for change, you need that. – [Brad] Ben’s just not afraid
to be out there and out front and understanding that the
power that his success and fame has brought him, that
comes with responsibility. – He’s a good man, he’s
kind, he’s insightful. He lifts other people up. And despite being so
young, he is such a leader. People from the creative team
and the cast looked to him when things were rough, when
people needed to be rallied, when communities needed to be built. ♪ You’re afraid to need someone ♪ – Ben has a talent and an
ambition well beyond his years. There’s just a real maturity that goes with his inherent talent. ♪ This is not a temporary love ♪ – He is one of a kind. He is the magical unicorn that we all love and all look up to and respect and admire and feel so grateful for in our lives. – My hope for Ben, going into the future, is that Ben continues to feel, Ben continues to take every
last heartbreak, every last win, every last smile and tear,
and turn it into something as beautiful as what
he’s already made for us. ♪ This is not a temporary love ♪ ♪ Now your heart is in my
hands, please don’t give it up ♪ ♪ This is not a temporary love ♪ (soft music)

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