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NATURAL ZEN Rock Garden Inspiration !! FLEXI-M Pt. 2

NATURAL ZEN Rock Garden Inspiration !!  FLEXI-M Pt. 2

This is a special rock garden at a very
special place, Mountain Home, TN is characterized by its hilly terrain and
intermittently wooden slopes. The National Park Service has this to say
about Mountain Home: It’s characterized by its hilly terrain and intermittently
wooded slopes. Joseph H Freedlander designed the original plan and buildings
Freedlander laid out the Beaux Arts brick veneer buildings in a formal
symmetry facing southeast so patients at the hospital could view the Great Smoky
Mountains in the distance. Typical of Beaux Arts style with its wide streets
and open landscape spaces, this uniformity is different from other
National Home branches which generally have a variety of architectural styles
and has grounds designed in a picturesque or romantic manner. The few
new buildings on campus are in a style sympathetic to the Beaux Arts buildings
that Freedlander designed which gives the campus a cohesive appearance and
what really caught my eye in this paragraph was the following: Carl
Andersen may have been responsible for the landscape design. After his death a
local newspaper noted that he was the chief landscape architect. And what a
forward-thinking chief architect he was to have saved this rich landscape
feature and all of its natural beauty. Out of nowhere these rocks just cropped
up from the ground and rather than have them bulldoze out of the way a very
forward-thinking Landscape Architect knew how special
this place would be. Let me walk you around this garden and you can see for
yourself. What is now a forested area with mature
growth trees was an open field with young sapling trees when the mountain
home opened in 1903. On June 4th 2000 a bronze plaque with this inscription was
affixed to one of the rocks. To say this place is contemplative would
be an understatement. This is a place to sort out all kinds of
things in your head and now I’m going to draw some inspiration from this natural
beauty to help me with the hardscape for an aquarium project that I’m working on.
I’ve narrowed down some key features that I want to be sure to include let me
know in the comments below what you think would be a good aquascape project as you can see finding an inspiration
here isn’t difficult the difficult part is choosing which inspiration you’re
going to try to recreate in a nano scape project any time spent here is time well
spent I’m so glad that I was able to capture
some images and some video of this place to share with you if you know anyone
else who might enjoy this video please share well it’s time to get started on this
nano skate project I’m gonna play around with some of these
ideas and the one that I decide on I’ll feature in a video next time let me know
in the comments below if you’ve discovered an inspiration from this
fantastic rock garden either for an aquascaping project or otherwise thanks
for watching if this is the kind of content that you enjoy hit the like
button and subscribe to the river life youtube channel you thanks for watching this video and I’ll
see you on the next one until then why don’t you get out there and see it love
it and live it you

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14 thoughts on “NATURAL ZEN Rock Garden Inspiration !! FLEXI-M Pt. 2

  1. Relax! And draw inspiration from a tour through a beautiful and serene NATURAL rock garden full of ZEN! Leave a comment to help me choose which inspiration to bring to the FLEXI-M Scape Kit by Oliver Knott! Check out more River Life YouTube channel aquascaping videos here:

  2. Came in late and quiet. Rewatched the whole vid. Much to feel here but as always the evergreen trees, cedars and mountain varieties both, are ancient and hold their secrets. The living trees watch and listen. I am lucky to have a lot of evergreens and it’s always with reverence that I enjoy then. How to transfer to a tank…?

  3. Rack you inspire me every single time. I love your content and the things you choose to devote your time and energy to. You yourself are very Zen… Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful landscape/site. Bravo! To answer your questions, I'm really hoping to scape one of my tanks or maybe a six footer into a river bed tank with soil, sand, and Mexican river rocks which are a bluish grey color.

  4. Sorry I missed the premiere. saw the notification a half hour to late lol. Wait till I show you more of where I live this spring Rack, you are a man I know wiill appreciate it lol. I grew up with these types of rocks πŸ™‚

  5. Wow Rack this place is amazing thank you so much for sharing it look forward to seeing the scape you come up with sir!!! Have a great day and keep doing what your doing my friend you are a inspiration to us all!!!!

  6. Consider your self lucky to live so close to such an inspirational location. I was just exploring Michaux State Forest (PA) over the weeked and was thinking how great nature is at creating beautiful landscapes. More people need to see place like these

    And the scene at 5:24 or 6:54 would be a great recreation. Love the moss and limestone

  7. Looking forward to your
    interpretation of this beautiful place in an aquarium. Gray stone with striations to mimic lichen, low moss carpet over substrate with bare patches, one bushy, medium height plant and 3 or 5 upright, straight limbs of a diameter that scales to the size of the tank – that's my interpretation πŸ˜ŽπŸ’•πŸ‘

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