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Nicholas Perry – Painting & Drawing BFA

Nicholas Perry – Painting & Drawing BFA

well originally I lived outside of Chicago for about six years or so and then right around my sophomore year of high school I kind of like took this one drawing class. After that like just got really into drawing and painting it’s something that I took very seriously like right off the bat, like, “Well this is what I do, this is what I’m really interested in” And then after that I came here and then began to flourish more than I would have expected. Right when I came into the Peck School of the Arts, the teachers were beginning to push me towards taking my practice more seriously and trying to progress as much as possible and I kind of found different competitions to submit for and then I just started this immense submission process When I was a freshman I submitted to like over a hundred journals and I got denied by 85. it was just great to know that there was a place for me to take initiative to beginning and really started kind of developing a work ethic to get my work out there. I think because this department in itself is relatively small, it kind of allows for like the ability to find mentorship i think that it helps you develop a body of work that shows you becoming more of like a structured more informed student because of that close relationship with someone who is like professional in what they do.

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