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OFA 3: “Can You Draw Me”

OFA 3: “Can You Draw Me”

Hey, Plate! Have you seen Bed anywhere nearby? No Hmm seems like she isn’t around. Oh, well. We can do it twice tomorrow to make up for her missed day. Uh, Tent? Have you ever considered– There she is! YOW! What the-? [laughing] Oh, that was great! [more laughing] Hey, hope that gave you your first new idea! [even more laughing] Shoot, that was good. Blue iPhone Plug! Hey guys! Huh? Oh! Plate, how’s your new team going? Uh, it’s okay. How’s your team going? It’s pretty cool. You know, I think our team’s gonna get pretty far. We get along well. Well, yeah, we already lost a challenge too. Yep, we sure did. Well, that’s good for you two, I guess. Hey, d’ya know about the chicken nuggets guy? Who, the one who hangs out with Happy Meal? Yeah! I think you two would get along well, he’s pretty laid back. We should probably meet along sometime. Thanks for the offer, but they’ve already made it clear what I should think of them. Is that good, or bad, or…? PuhPucks: Milk! Glue! Oh, nevermind, we gotta go! Catch ya later! See ya guys! Diet Doomers! Since you weren’t able to sharpen your pencil on time, 1574 people voted on who should leave the show! Nearly double last time! First one safe is… ketchup stuff? With 56 votes. uh, ok Next ones safe are Chicken Nuggets and Milk at 76, and 103 votes. Phew, that’s a relief! And along with them are Grave for ABC Logo’s Pie and Happy Meal at 136 and 229 votes. Now you guys are the only ones left. nervous Uhhhhhh Well, let’s show the votes! a PuhPucks is eliminated with 631 votes. Shoot, sorry man. It’s not your fault. PuhPucks, you’re not completely gone yet, I… actually need someone to assist me in this challenge. What fur? Do you think you can… guys we need to up our game more if we all work hard and pool our effort together we won’t be up for elimination any time soon it’ll take dedication and focus, and- yeah Diet Doomers! As.. punishment for.. losing, you guys have to gather everyone around the bleachers! Please? Can we do it later? Yeah, sure. beep Now that everyone’s here, let’s get into the 3rd challenge! So I’ve made some arrangements with FCF Logo here, and she has agreed to let us use some of her drawing supplies for an art competition! Here’s how this will work: Each team will have to draw one person randomly picked from their team within the time limit of getting your supplies from FCF. After time has been called, PuhPucks Boost Label and I will collect and judge each drawing, finished or not, and the person randomly chosen cannot draw themselves. So, here’s everyone that we will need to see drawn. We have to draw Guy? What? Anyways, you have fifteen minutes on the clock, so come grab your supplies and start drawing! so who wants to draw me I can do it! Shouldn’t be too difficult, since you’re so static, Happy Meal. ok Hey, Ketchup, don’t fret too much, Puhpucks is judging. Hehe, yeah. Hey, what do you need all that paper for? Well, we’re gonna try out a method that’s gonna require a couple more sheets. Okay, what is it? Uhh, we figured that we could have everyone draw Berry, and best drawing gets submitted. I mean, it’s technically not against the rules, so.. Mmmmmm, alright. Thanks! They better not waste my paper. I don’t think you have to worry about them FCF, you have tons of paper. [sigh] Whatever.. Well, the drawing is coming along alright, except that it’s not, because drawing on grass sucks and I hate it! Can I just borrow your clipboard instead? Grenade, the drawings gonna be done soon. Just be patient. Hmph. I’ll be right back! Huh? Where are you going!? Uhh, Rainbow Star, I’m gonna go see what Tent’s doing. Can you finish this drawing and submit it? There’s not much left to do. Um, oka- Thanks! Well, okay. Uhhh, aren’t you supposed to be drawing Guy? Well, duh, I am. Okay But, like, why is his face so far off? Far off? Marker, it looks fine, and I’m not even done yet! This’ll come out great when I’m done. Tch. So, how’s the drawing? Pretty not good, but Bowtie doesn’t want to listen. Well, it can’t be that bad, right? You’d be surprised. Okay, I’m done. Is everyone done? Yeah!
Me: Me! Here’s mine! Well, uh, there’s a lot going on there. I think it looks alright. Here’s mine! Ooh, very abstract! I like all the patterns! I think you got that style down. What about you, TFC? Eh. Come on, you could have put a little more effort into that! Let’s see you twos! Mine isn’t that great. I’m not super familiar with how to draw. Me me me, me! If I had to choose one, I’d choose Kidz Bop 7.420’s, it’s the nicest to look at. Hey, what about Blueberry Kombucha’s? What? Oh, we can just go with hers. C’mon, let’s see yours! I mean, it’s not like, super great or anything, but.. Here’s mine. You need to stop lying to yourself. You mind if we hand yours in? ‘s not like you’re not allowed to. Thank you! Just need to finish his feet, and…. Done! What do you guys think? Uh, were you going for a certain style? …Realism? I just drew Guy. You might wanna go back and fix a few things then, BT. Like… Can I see the paper? Uhm, okay… Let me try redrawing the face, cause that’s the main problem. We only have a minute left, I don’t think we’ll have enough time. Nah dude, that’s enough time. Bushy, what are you doing? The face looks even worse! What? It looks way better! We only have half a minute left! Don’t worry about the face, we’ll just turn it in as is! I’m almost done, I’m almost done! A-Aaaaand…. Done! Here. Well, 15 minutes are up! Everyone, turn in your drawings and we will see how you all performed! We’ll be going in order of who finished first. So, Diet Doomers, come up with your drawing! Hmm. I really like it! It’s simple and nice. Well, the line work is kind of messy, but you still get the general framework of Happy Meal. I’ll give it a 6… Next up, The Icons! Ooh, that’s a very nice drawing of FCF Logo! I’ll give it a 7/10! The drawing looks super sloppy though, but uh, looks like you put in a good effort. The drawing would have looked a lot better if FCF gave me her clipboard. Hmph! We all drew this together! Yep! This drawing was a collaborative effort. Well, you all did a very good job! I like that touch on Bag of Grass. I’ll give it an… It’s cool that you all collaborated to draw this, but it’s very apparent. It looks like each one of you drew scribbles everywhere, it’s kinda hard to tell out what’s going on. Aw, no extra points? Come on… Dirt Pile: we were supposed to draw bag of grass? Thanks for helping me out by the way! No problem. Wait a sec. Where did you guys get the glitter? Yes. Uhh, okay, well, it sure does shine! um, I agree. It shines so much that I can’t make out anything that’s been drawn. Hmph! Finally! A drawing.. Oh, this is great. That’s the highest score so far! Great work! Hmm, maybe I am an artist. Now the final scores are all down to Fresh and Totally Rad. If Fresh can score higher than a 4.5, they’ll be safe! Shouldn’t be too hard for them, I hope. Well, I think you’ll be delightfully surprised! whoa! This drawing is amazing! You drew this? Nope! All the work of Blueberry Kombucha! This might be the best drawing I’ve ever seen! This is amazing. Too amazing. It’s actually pretty uncanny how good this looks. Uh, Thanks for the compliments! You’ve definitely earned them! And now, Totally Rad is up! If they can score higher than a 4.5, they’ll be safe, and one of Watch and Learn’s members will be getting the boot! Here it is! Oh, it’s… a good effort! Uh… A 3 out of- What?! And that gives Totally Rad a score of four out of ten. Watch and Learn has just enough to stay safe while Totally Rad will have to say goodbye to one of their members. How are /we/ the ones up for elimination? At least we had a drawing! Sorry. Ugh! You were right. Vote for who you want to be eliminated from the show! Vote by using these letters in square brackets in the comments below. Voting ends two days after this video’s release. (Voting ends September 9th at 5 PM EST!) Drummy, it’s been three hours. w i c k e d

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100 thoughts on “OFA 3: “Can You Draw Me”

  1. I reccomend my yt logo
    Personality: nice but can be mean
    Also milk and r.o.t.g.t.p.o.y.s seemed proud saying they lost
    Correct me if I got the acronym wrong

  2. *LE GASP*!!!
    i found a mistake at 3:43
    every picture up there has their team name
    Instead of The Icons its says fcf logo

    But its ok, i love this anyways 🙂

  3. Plans for episode 4 challenge:
    Exploring the moon.
    surviving in a giant toilet.
    Making a co-host.
    Doing a marble race.
    Trying to survive in a haunted house.
    Make food.
    One member from each team to swim in the ocean.

  4. I think a way to really spice up the episodes would be to have the host become more ruthless. Right now he’s just like when Firey Speaker Box was hosting, he’s too nice. Maybe add another host that’s more like a traditional host?

  5. Sucks I didn’t get to vote! Amazing work Diamondcup67! Animation is improving. I also plan on using the ABC logo as an asset for my show.

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