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* I have a problem. Hello there! So today is a very very highly requested video – the sun is right in my face, I can tell. I have a very highly requested video and that is to open up all of the art boxes that I currently own in one video. And as you can see, I do have a lot. I have four different brands of art boxes here and basically I am going to be opening all of them today and at the end of the video, I will be making a piece of artwork with some of the supplies inside. I was very very kindly sent the Paletteful Packs box and the ArtSnacks box for free by the companies, So thank you very much to them for that, and lastly before I begin, I’d like to mention this video is being kindly sponsored by Skillshare, who without I would not be able to purchase the art boxes that I do. So if you’d like to check out Skillshare, get free unlimited classes for two months for the first 500 people only, check out the link in the description. I’ll talk a bit more about them later on in the video, but for now, let’s get started opening these boxes. So first up, I’m gonna start with a Sketchbox, and I haven’t opened one of these in probably close to a year now, but I do like that they print the artwork on the outside of the boxes. Inside we have – *Gasps* Ohh! This is better than I remember it! They have Copic markers inside and they have other markers as – That’s, that’s a…what the hell is that? It looks like they have a combination of different markers in here, so let’s take them out and have a look. So to start off, we have the king markers, the Copic markers. These are in shades V09 and V06, violet and lavender. Next up, we have three Sketchbox brush markers. I’m guessing these are Sketchbox exclusive markers because they have “Sketchbox” on them, so I’m just gonna go on a whim and say this is a Sketchbox exclusive marker! But yeah, we have Blush, Coral Reef and Tangerine. So basically, these are very similar to Copic markers, as you can see. Next up we have this ginormous marker thing, which is like, I’m guessing it’s two markers in one but… It’s THREE markers in one! Okay, so this is called a Triblend by Spectrum Noir, it is a light green blend and you have LG1, LG3 and LG5. *Loud unwrapping noises* ASMR. It’s like Lego! There’s so many pieces to it. Next up, we have a KingArt Inkline pen. Hmm, I’ve not heard of one of – ooooh! That’s a lot – oh, I like this! I like this nib. It’s basically got a very very fine pointed brush nib. We have our little menu – I’ve just realized that says July. That’s really embarrassing. Bit late to opening this but it’s the July box of 2019. We have our little sticker as you can see, very very nice. We have some beautiful artwork by a lady named Janice and last but not least, we have a little Strathmore sketchbook that says “Marker” on it, which is kind of like the thin… cardstock style paper, which is good for using markers with. I mean, I’ve opened a few Sketchbox boxes in my time. This however, is a REALLY good box. This is a fantastic box, actually. Chloe. Chloe! Hello. I think it’s about time we start talking about the Skillshare sponsorship thing. Oh what, right now? Yeah. Okay. Can I open this one first? No? Okay. -Okay, we’re just gonna start. -What, right now? Do you want to explore and learn new skills like, how to make art? How to better your art? Well, you’re in luck because Skillshare has thousands of classes in art, illustration, graphic design, business, web design and much more! It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional! If you’re just watching one Skillshare class, you will learn so many skills. So if you want to get unlimited Skillshare for free for two months, check out the link in the description, but it’s bl- bleh! Check out the link in the description to get two months free, but it’s for 500 people only, so check it out! Actually, I want to recommend you a class. This one is by a woman named Maya Faddoul, it’s called “Illustrating Expressive Portraits in Procreate.” and basically, she’s teaching you how she creates her very unique style portraits basically, and it’s a great class, you can learn about color palettes, you can learn about portrait features, textures, and she’s just a wonderful artist and I think it’s a great class to start with. The next Sketchbox here, we will open. I’m not sure what month this is from, this is probably from 2014 at this rate. Right, so inside we have some ink of some kind. So this is by Royal Talens, it is Amsterdam Ink. We have some Speedball Calligraphy ink. In a nice little jar, and I was kind of tempted to smell it for some reason, I don’t know why. This is in Super Black. We also have some calligraphy ink in white as well. We have a bunch of paper grass, which we don’t like. We have a – what is this? This is fancy! We got a fancy brush, people! Tender, loving care of artist brushes. Silver brush, limited, by Dedra A Silver. I’m not sure – oh, is there, is there an instruction manual on how to use the paintbrush? Okay. It’s not a, it’s not an instruction. Oh, it IS an instruction manual! Okay. This is actually quite interesting because not only does it tell you their selection of brushes that they have, it also tells you how you should be cleaning them, the types of brushes, how they’re put together. Next up, we have a General’s pencil or surface pencil. It’s just a black pencil. “Writes on glass, metal, plastic and wood!” We got a little sketchbook sticker. Cool. We have a beautiful piece of – oh, this is cute! We have a beautiful piece of artwork by Erin Euer. We have our menu, which, if you want to take a guess as to how old this box is, feel free to. Okay, it’s August of last year, which isn’t too bad, but it’s still kind of shameful, I do apologize. I’ve just remembered that I actually opened this box a few months ago just briefly to reach in there because I noticed it had a Posca marker in there, as well as a water brush, and I couldn’t find either of those so I stole it out of this box and I don’t know where they are now, but this box also had a little Posca marker as well as a water brush, which just makes it even better. And last but not least, we have a Strathmore Toned Blue Mixed-media sketchbook. So that’s it for the Sketchbox. I would genuinely rate these a 10 out of 10. Next up we have an ArtSnacks Plus box. So inside the ArtSnacks Plus box, we have our little pouch of supplies. So inside we have a paintbrush. This is by Prince – ah, *gasps* oh, it’s the velvet! Sorry, I get really excited over paintbrushes, it’s kind of sad. These are my favorite, favorite paintbrushes, and they’re really nice to hold, they’re very soft and the paintbrush quality is decent and they’re not that expensive either. A, what is this? A Caran – *Gasps* This is my first Carandache pencil! I feel so fancy! I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I think this is probably a watercolor pencil but this is a very very pretty blue. Next up, we have our little green pouch, which looks like this. Ooh, okay! So we have a nice selection of supplies here. The first thing I’m seeing is this set of Bry, Bru… Bry, Bruynzeel. I’m so sorry. I butchered that. Bru, Bri, Bru, Brue, Bree, Broo… Bruynzeel Holland. I’m so sorry. These are ArtSnacks exclusive by the looks of it and they are four colored pencils in this like, natural kind of color. Then we have a Rembrandt watercolor tube which is in – why do you do this to me? Benzim… dazolone. Why do they do this to me?! Benzimidazolone violet. I probably said that wrong too, but that’s fine. We have TWO stickers?! I’ve got two stickers, very exciting stuff. We have a Graphit brush liner and lastly we have this beautiful turquoise paintbrush by Royal & Langnickel. It is a half inch brush. So this box is apparently March box, so I’m on time with that one! Last thing, oh, this feels like it’s gonna be decent. Oh wow! Okay. This is probably the nicest watercolor paper that I have ever owned in my life and I don’t do much watercolor, but this is nice. So this is a 140-pound cold pressed surface paper, which is really nice, which basically means it has a nice textured surface to it. And that’s everything in the ArtSnacks Plus box for today, really really liked that, very very happy with it. Okay, so next up we have the Smart Art box, which I’m very excited for because I really like Smart Art. They often have really decent boxes. Okay, so we have our little menu of stuff which I won’t look at just yet. Wow! Damn, they really went off this month! Look at all this stuff! So the first thing we have is a brush carrier. So this is what it looks like on the inside. It’s very very cool. Okay, so this is actually very exciting to me because I don’t have a brush carrier and this looks like a really nice one. Umm, so we have a bunch of little elastic spaces for the brushes and this is by Royal & Langnickel. It can hold up to 18 standard handle brushes. We have a Hahnemuhle ZigZag – *Gasps* Oh! I’ve always wanted one of these! These are like those accordions. 300 GM, 140 pounds with 18 pages. When you open these up, they do this. How cool is that? We have a watercolor set, this is by Talens Art Creation and they look really nice. And lastly we have some watercolor pencils. I actually don’t think I’ve got any. I’ve got some old watercolor pencils by Prismacolor, I think, but these ones I’ve not heard of before. They’re by Brunzeal, Brunzeel- oh, it’s that word again. And also, we have some Jolly Ranchers. These – oh. I am so excited for these Paletteful Packs boxes because I’ve not opened these in such a long time. Okay, so inside the first Paletteful Packs box, we have – ohh! It’s purple grass, okay. And oh, alcohol inks. I’m not a fan. There’s so much in this. So first up we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, EIGHT alcohol inks, so that’s pretty decent. They all look like little garden gnomes a bit with their little hats, but this is… Tada! And these are by Marabu, and I’ve used these probably once before. We have a Caribbean cherry red, lemon, metallic gold, turquoise, magenta, rainbow, aqua green. Next up we have a Princeton brush set so, he’s very nice. This is an, this is an Inktober box. That’s why we’ve got so much ink. I’ve just realized this is from October. We have a Yupo Medium Legion Paper. It says, “This synthetic tree-free” – tree-free paper? Very cool! – “is everlasting and non-absorbent. It resists buckling with wet media and can be wiped clean. Pigments will retain true clarity and brightness.” That is really really neat, I like that a lot. And last but not least, we have an alcohol ink art panel, which is 8×10. It is a double-sided vinyl hardcore alcohol ink panel, so you can use it with acrylic paints, mixed-media, especially alcohol inks. So that was the October Paletteful Packs box, very impressed. There was a lot in there. I liked it a lot. Very, very sad times. We are on our last art box. This one feels very heavy. Oh, there’s green! Oh, there’s a pencil hiding in the greenery. So we’ll start off with this, it is a Koh-i-noor Polycolor pencil in what looks to be gold. We have an Art Alternatives pigment liner set, in 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5. We have Tritone pencils, which are basically multicolored lead pencils. I’ve never used them but I really have wanted to for such a long time now. They are by Koh-i-noor, which is awesome. We have a little pencil sharpener here. This one is by Koh-i-noor as well. Our menu, which is from, this is from September. I actually didn’t realize that Paletteful did this, they have a prompt challenge, so every single week in the month that they send you the box, they give you a prompt word, so week 1 was “last,” week 2 was “old,” week 3 was “cozy” and week 4 was “coffee.” So that’s pretty cool. And lastly, we have a Bristol pad…if I can get it out. I didn’t know that they did Bristol pads like this, to be honest, because they open up like a normal book. I really like that. So this is by Strathmore, it is 15 sheets and is for dry media. Okay, so that is everything from the art boxes so far. Let me know in the comments down below which box was your favorite. I’m gonna make some art now with some of these supplies. I’m not sure what I’m gonna use yet, probably, I’m gonna lean towards watercolor maybe, and then some pencils? I don’t know. I’m gonna see, but wish me luck and let’s go. So I got all of the watercolor supplies together, took out the watercolor paper and for some reason there was like, this weird line of cardboard glue to the edge, I couldn’t really figure out why it was there because the cover wasn’t made of cardboard and nothing cardboard to my knowledge was touching it, so I dunno, I ripped it out and got to the next page instead. And I thought I’d paint a nice watercolor scene from Jungle Book, I thought the very very very limited color palette that I had would work well for it because it had mostly brown, one blue and two greens which, eh, isn’t the best. it started off okay, but I just wasn’t really a fan of the colors in the set of watercolors. Every time I tried to make the blue look nice, it just went muddy. It wasn’t good, didn’t like. They were really pigmented, to be fair. But for sure, I was just not a fan of the colors and there was no way to lighten them either. I just, I kind of thought maybe I’d be able to fix it with the watercolor pencils which for some reason resulted in me having these tiny little bits on the paper, I don’t know why. I initially thought it was the paper doing it but it turned out that I think it was the pencils but, basically after 20 minutes of trying to fix it, getting frustrated, making the colors worse, I got annoyed and I don’t normally do this, but I was, I loathed it. I LOATHED it. It was so annoying and I just didn’t want to see the light of day of this thing ever again. So this time I started over, but now I chose to choose a scene that was darker and more muddier in general, so it would work better. I kind of used the watercolor pencils as regular pencils as well as the Tritone pencils over the top of the watercolor too, and it definitely worked better that way. Also, I definitely haven’t used watercolor for a really long time because I realized I kept trying to use it like acrylic paint. It’s not acrylic paint, I keep forgetting that you – you can’t layer watercolor, you have to – you have to start light and go dark, whereas acrylic you can go lighter OR darker, and I kind of messed up the fox’s face a little bit *SCREAM sound effect* because I was drawing it upside down, so I just tried flipping it and would you believe it, it helped! I didn’t have much color choice for the dog either, so I ended up just giving him a weird fake tan and I finally found the white Posca marker that came with one of the boxes and as always, it saved the day, I think. I highlighted pretty much everything and I think it definitely helped a lot. Also, I thought I would just let you know that right now, I know it’s a really difficult time going on all over the world and it’s very scary, nobody really knows what’s going on, but I’m gonna do my best to avoid talking about any of this on my channel going forward and just kind of try to keep a sense of normality in my videos because I think we’re all hearing about it so much that sometimes it’s nice to escape from that. But you know, I realize the severity of it. I just don’t want to, I wanna try and keep normality in my videos so people can just escape from it for a while and I’m gonna be doing a live stream going forward as well, on my second channel. I’ve decided that I’m gonna start following some Bob Ross tutorials live and then we can like, paint together once a week or maybe once every other week. I’ll leave a link to that in the description if you want to join but I think it’ll be a lot of fun to do it. But for now, this is how my art turned out. What do you think? I really hope that you like it. And once again, thank you so much for watching my video, I really hope that you enjoyed it. Please, please keep yourself at home. Social distance for a while, it’s not for long but with, you know, it’s… as human beings, we need to look after people. Even if you aren’t at risk, there are older people in the world, there are people with health problems that this is really going to affect so even if you aren’t thinking of yourself, think of your other fellow humans, and this will be over soon. So just take care of yourselves, wash your hands, stay safe, be smart and I will see you in the next video. *End music*

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