36 thoughts on “OutKast – Da Art of Storytellin' (Official Video)

  1. Slick ricks verse on here is super underated. "I mean I tried to love dith the biddy straight up be with her out of pitty." I felt that ish.

  2. it's funny, when I was real real young I usta hate Outkast, mostly because I couldn't digest the lyrics properly , Andre 3 stacks is now my fav. rapper..no disrespect to Big Boi..but I appreciate lyrics that raise my level of consciousness a bit more, nobody in hip hop history paints pictures and makes me feel like I'm in the thick of the lyrics he's conveying..makes me mad for the people who call rap "crap" they can't appreciate true art and only know the nonsense they been force Fed from the mainstream..sometimes you gotta dig a bit deeper for true gems.

  3. I'll be honest, Slick Rick's contribution to the song was negligible at best. his flow doesn't mesh well with the two previous verses and then the actual subject matter is just about women being bitches. Really devalued the song.

  4. Andre so stylish man no one else can even pull it off it'd just be too obvious where they got they fashion

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