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Paint Blast Portrait in 4K

Paint Blast Portrait in 4K

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. We’re The Slow Mo Guys, and this week on
“The Super Slow Show” what have we got, Daniel? We’re gonna be exploring
the joy of slow-mo. Love the reference. Yeah, we’re gonna be trying
to find our inner artist. Our quest to make works of art
without paint brushes seems to never end, so we’ve got paint in cannons, paint blast portraits, and even an ice sculpture. ( theme music playing ) Gav, we just don’t do
enough stuff together. I’m always getting hit,
taking the shots, – doing all the work.
– You might be right about that. How about we collaborate
on a majestic art piece? But, obviously, we’ll do it
the Slow Mo Guys way. – So no paint brushes.
– Get those paint brushes
out of my face. Nothing conventional
about it. Four compressed air tanks. – Each at 90 psi.
– Eight barrels. Each with half a gallon
of paint in, that’s four gallons
of paint. – One Phantom in the middle.
– 1,000 frames a second in 4K. Two clean
Slow Mo Guys. ( chuckles ) Not for much longer,
that’s for sure. – Ready?
– ( exhales sharply ) Three, two, one, ah! – Bloody hell!
– Oh, my God! All I can see
is a rainbow. ( laughs )
This is really pretty. – ( coughs )
– You look down those
kaleidoscope things, – ( laughs )
– that’s what it looks like. Look at what
you look like! – ( spitting )
– Oh, that’s amazing! – Look at that!
– Oh. Hang on,
I can’t see. Oh, yeah! Oh, let’s take this down.
Ooh, Jeez, it’s slippery. – Oh, yeah.
– You wanna peel this off? Okay. Oh, I think someone’s
trigger’s been ruined. – Oh, that’s a shame.
– Oops! Ow. Oh.
There we go. Look at that!
“The Spoo-ploo Show.” I’m very pleased
with that. That was the fastest
piece of artwork I’ve ever been
involved with. I am super
pleased with that. Oh, we should take it down
so it doesn’t drip too much. It was like getting
punched all over – Yeah.
– by a wall. You know, I wasn’t really
expecting it for some reason. I was, but then there was
a slight bit of hesitation, and then, all of a sudden,
I wasn’t, and then it hit me. – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right. Why don’t we– why don’t we take a look at what that looked like? I would love to see
what that looked like. Okay, so we’ve changed
out of that filth. I couldn’t– it was
so heavy with paint. – My face still stings.
– Yeah. I’m the same. I needed to
get out of that, so we’ve had
a little shower. – We washed down.
– We’re ready to watch this. Yeah, didn’t want to get
our green room dirty either. No, I mean,
this room’s nicer than anything we’ve ever
had before in our lives. Exactly. ( music playing ) Gav:
Look at the fear
in my eyes. Dan:
I’m still, like,
thinking about it, you’re like, “Oh, God,
what are we doing?” Gav:
Hands are going up. ( laughs ) It’s like
I’m just surrendering. – I’ve got no control.
– ( Dan laughs ) I’m about to get blasted. Dan:
At this point,
my face is like, “Right, I’m ready, too.” Gav:
Oh, oh! Dan:
That’s juicy! Oh! I like the pre-bulge. There’s like a pre-bulge, and then the rest of it
sort of catches up – and goes… after it.
– Gav: It looks like
a clown exploded. – Dan: It does.
– Gav: Oh! Dan:
Look at it all mixing
in the air. You can see the different
colors there. Gav:
That’s so cool. ( laughs ) Dan:
I like the fiery red
on the outside, and the yellow. ( tape rewinds ) Dan:
You can’t tell
where we are there. It’s like we got active
camouflage on. – Gav: Yeah.
– Dan: Like we’re against
the background and you can’t see us. Look, your lab coat’s all,
like, fluffed up from the… the air
of the explosion coming at you. – And the canvas just,
like, reverberated.
– Yeah. – It just knocked
my entire body back.
– Yeah. I like how this one side’s
clearly red and yellow and the other side’s,
like, green and blue. – Gav: Yeah.
– Dan: It’s cool. Well, that was
an amazing visual. And probably the fastest
video we’ve ever made. – Yeah?
– We made the whole thing
in like 30 seconds. Oh, in terms of like
how long it took to film? Yeah. That’s the benefit
of having a crew. Because imagine just walking
into your back garden, and that was already all
set up, then sure, right? But you gotta think
about the man hours, that was probably
hours of work, right? That’s true, and now
we have a work of art. – Yeah.
– Where do you think
we should put it? – Put it here?
– It’s a waste otherwise. We’ve got
this nice area. What about that wall? – Yeah, I think so.
– Perfect. So if we lay it
flat to dry, so it sort of
keeps our outlines, get it all nice and dry, spray it
and put it up there. – Love it.
– Yeah. Hopefully you enjoyed that extremely fast video, we certainly did. Feel free to subscribe
to The Slow Mo Guys, and we’ll see you
in the next episode
of “The Super Slow Show.” Which will probably
take longer to make. I should think so. Hopefully my face will stop
stinging by then as well. Yeah, ow.
( popping ) ( music playing ) Hello, internet,
be sure to click here for the latest updates
on “The Super Slow Show.” Yeah, click over there and
you’ll actually get to see Gavin step out
from behind the camera and get his hands dirty. That’s true, actually,
I had to use soap. – Did you get
both of them dirty?
– Both hands. – Unbelievable.
– Well done. Yeah. thanks.

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100 thoughts on “Paint Blast Portrait in 4K

  1. What was that (metal?) ring that's slowly falling through the right side of the frame, starting around 3:35?

  2. more like the joy of having infinite money😂😂😂i love you guys, i can see you are having the time of your life and thats just awesome, you deserve it!

  3. Why didn't Gavin and Dan wear face masks, shields or motorcycle helmets to stop their faces being covered in paint. Good that it was water based paint. Oil based paint would be almost impossible to wash off.

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    Quick, someone make this happen.

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