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[music] Liquitex Professional Pouring Medium Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint Sink Strainer
*Not available through Michaels.
Not to be used with food after use Craft Sticks Gloves Canvas 6”x6” Plastic Cups Timer Protect work surface with paper or plastic. Mix pouring medium and each color of acrylic paint into cups. 5:1 ratio. Stir with craft stick. On level surface, pour the color white on the canvas to help
the paint flow off canvas. Spread with craft stick. In a clean cup, pour in each color to create layers. For best results, use white between each color. Place sink strainer on top of the coated canvas. Pour cup of layered colors into strainer in
a circular pattern Let paint flow through strainer
for 9 minutes. Remove strainer from canvas.
Not to be used with food after use. Pickup canvas and slightly tilt to cover edges. Put canvas down on clean surface.
Allow 24 hours to dry.

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