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Painting Denim Jackets with our Air Cannon

Painting Denim Jackets with our Air Cannon

Three. Oh, come on. Two, one, fire. (Katelyn screams loudly) (Evan laughs loudly) Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re going to
be shooting each other, I mean painting denim
jackets, with an air cannon. Full of paint. So we happen to have an extra air cannon laying
around as one does. This was actually from a collab we did on The Modern
Rogue channel, where we shot
potatoes at pumpkins. And we’ve been
wanting to use this on our own channel in some way, but we’ve destroyed enough
fruits and vegetables, and we were trying
to think of something else cool to do with it. And our brains went to
extreme arts and crafts So let’s walk you through how
air cannon like this works. You have an air reservoir which holds pressurized air, and you have a valve
which releases it as fast as possible to shoot something
out of the barrel. We’re using this
solenoid valve right here that’s usually used
for truck horns, to make that loud
*ridiculous truck noise*. (laughing) Is that what a
truck sounds like? *ridiculous truck
noise in unison* That’s powered by this
battery right here, we have safety switches
and you fire it. But we’re going to be
changing a few things to take it from a
portable potato launcher to a backyard paint
cannon though. I’m fully confident that we’ll
eventually get this to work. I thought you said
you were confident this was going to work. I am confident that
we will be able to make this work, we’ve
never done this before. That doesn’t sound
like confidence. (background piano music) So first off we’re gonna replace this tiny battery
operated compressor. KATELYN: With the big boi. Big boi. Next up we’re gonna
add this check valve in line with our barrel so that paint doesn’t flow back and clog up our solenoid. That would be bad. The last change
is a modification to the barrel itself to allow us to shoot the paint. But I think we’ll do
that once we’re out there and getting it loaded up. And while we don’t mind
getting covered in paint, for the purpose of our ART, we don’t want our camera
gear to get covered in paint. So this is my excuse
to make a blast shield, I’m just so excited we
get to make a blast shield so let’s get going on that. (upbeat music) Are you ready? (upbeat music) (wood cutting) (funky music) Tripod with the camera inside. Blast shield. It is very Mythbustersy. It’s very Mythbustersy. Yeah. The switch on this did belong to Adam Savage at one point, so it’s all full circle. The camera’s view. (knock sound) It’s a good blast shield. KATELYN: It’s good
blast shield bebe Come back with the blast shield. What are the hoomans doing? Are they doing weird
stuff out there? After much preparation
it is finally time to do the first test shot. So we’re going to test it first on a cheap canvas we got before we hit ourselves. ‘Cause this is a decent
amount of pressure that we’re going to be
blasting at each other, we want to make sure
it’s okay first. So we have some premixed paints,
we have our canvas set up. Look at our blast shield. EVAN: Our blast shield
is looking great. We’re also gonna put
a GoPro right there to hopefully catch the
shot in slow motion. Sorry GoPro you don’t
get a blast shield. We have our air compressor and of course the blaster so I guess the last
bit of preparation we need to do is actually
load it with paint. All right so our concern if we just pour paint in here, and then we go to fire it, is the paint will just be
sitting along the bottom and the air will
flow over the paint and it’ll just sputter out. We don’t want that, we want all of the air pressure to push all of the paint. And to do that we actually
made a little sabot which is gonna be
pressed fit in here and that will push
all of the paint out. KATELYN: How far down
are we pressing it? That seems right based
on nothing at all. (laughing) We need a little bit of
time for it to accelerate, but we don’t want
all of the paint to be all spread out, we want it to be
kind of clustered. KATELYN: Gotcha. Another concern that we had is that the paint
is gonna leak out, so what we’re
actually gonna do is before we fire it, we’re
gonna cover it in saran wrap, and trap it with this
little coupling right there providing a nice seal. The plan is when we fire it the saran wrap provides very
little resistance at all. So when we fire it, the saran wrap will break, the paint and the
sabot will both fly out and then this will
not hinder it at all. KATELYN: Yeah that’s the hope. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. It’s like two
parts acrylic paint and one part fabric medium which is what
people say they use when they paint denim
jackets, but it’s kind of. EVAN: It looks really thick. It’s kind of thicc. Here let me just um, hug this. (laughing) And so I mixed up
three different colors we’re gonna see what happens if we put separate
colors in there without mixing them, like does that
have a cool effect? EVAN: Yeah. Hopefully does ’cause that’s My entire plan.
Our whole plan, yeah. Okay. We’re recording? We’re recording. All right I’ma go ahead and pressure it up to 100 psi because we can go up to 200 and I feel like 100
is a good in between. KATELYN: Yeah sure. I think the farther we go the more it’ll disperse, I don’t want to get
our fence too nasty. KATELYN: Yeah. So, right here it’s pressured, safety off, firing
in three, two, one. Wow. (rock music) Is that the sabot It is. Oh my gosh, that was great. Wow. Okay. KATELYN: Well, it works. It works, it did it. KATELYN: It did the thing. Pretty much everything
we wanted to. KATELYN: Yeah that’s awesome. It mixed the colors in a
nice barf-like fashion. EVAN: It is- KATELYN: The GoPro,
do you think- I’m just, I feel like get our GoPro
washing off real quick, are you okay? Sir, aRe yOu oKaY sIr? cAn yOu hEaR uS sIr?!? I think it’s cool.
EVAN: I like that. We can fire it multiple
times if we need to, and we did hit
the fence, we did. KATELYN: We did,
yeah, it’s okay. EVAN: It’s okay. So Katelyn, do you know
what time that means it is? Time to get some
jackets and paint them. EVAN: Yeah. Time to find some denim jackets. Here’s some jackets, not denim. EVAN: Walking around. Oh that’s like a denim shirt. Denim overall (laughs) dress? EVAN: Yes. Pants, pants, pants, pa- I don’t fully know
why we thought this would be super easy, I figured like we’re in Texas, we should be able to find
some denim something. All right we’re at
Walmart, update by the way. Finding nothing. EVAN: Finding nothing Katelyn. I mean there’s these. EVAN: Again Katelyn I’m
coming up with a theory, I think denim jackets,
might be out of style. They’re a classic. EVAN: So much denim
everywhere but no jackets. All right ready? Yeah. All right at the second Goodwill
of the day, wish us luck. The shirts, but
needs to be sturdier, what are you doing? Oh no, oh no, oh no. EVAN: Oh my gosh, you
found them, you found them. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Oh look. With the fur.
Here’s yours. Okay. This is for you. (laughs) It’s perfect. EVAN: This might
actually fit you. I’m not, okay. Okay, actually. EVAN: What were you about to
say, you’re not that small? It actually fits me really well. EVAN: That fits you so
well, that’s it Katelyn, that’s it, that’s the one. I think this is
a child’s jacket. Katelyn that looks
so cute on you. Look at that. So if you guys are
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and take the quiz. (upbeat funky music) Ha, ha, all right guys
figured it was time for a fashion show. Ugh. Oh, my sleeves got bundled. Oh no. EVAN: You got a big belly. It’s part of the look. EVAN: Part of the look. It’s called fashion. EVAN: All right
give me a 360 tour. All right that jacket
is looking fashionable. And fresh. Give me the walk around, ooh, can you cat walk towards me? That’s, okay. (laughs) That’s cat walk. All right one thing
you guys might notice is that I have a
vinyl decal on mine, because I thought
that’d be kind of cool, to blast it and
then peel it off. KATELYN: Yeah. And then. KATELYN: Mah-
Profit? KATELYN: Tada. Yeah. We tested the cannon, we’ve tested that
the paint works, we’re in our suits, we’re starting to sweat.
KATELYN: Me too. Let’s blast each other. KATELYN: Yeah let’s do it. Wooh. (background rock music) I guess I’ll put my hood up now? Yeah that would
probably be advised. (laughs) Okay. So this is the one that shoots. KATELYN: Okay, safety is off. I’m aiming, does
it aim pretty true? Fairly true, yeah. Oh geez. I hope I don’t hit
you in the booty. Okay, three, two, one. (Evan scream-laughs loudly) (upbeat music) Does it look good? Looks okay. I think I should
maybe shoot you again. Shoot me again? Yeah. Did you miss? No. I hit you. Here I’ll show. Let me show the people my work. This looks like (laughs)
you got the upper left. KATELYN: Yeah but I hit you. Okay one more shot.
KATELYN: One more. Recording Katelyn cam,
recording art cam. I’m recording here. Okay take two, let’s hope I
don’t miss slightly again. I believe in you Katelyn. Don’t worry about the
noises I’m making. I’m gonna aim a little
bit lower this time. Not that low. Okay, safety is off. Why is my heart racing? (laughs) Three, two, one. Oh I got you right on
the lightning bolt. Yeah. That was great,
oh, that was great. (upbeat music) High-five. Safety? Oh yeah. Yay. Here let me show you
what it looks like. I can’t wait to do this to you. Standing there with
the anticipation of being shot with a
paint cannon is like wooh. It’s really fun, this is exactly what I
want to do with my day, with you. Yup. Can I give you a hug? (laughs) All right, your turn. Okay.
EVAN: My turn. Yeah your turn. (suspenseful music) All right, everything is ready? I think it’s just we just
need to get recording. Oh your hair, put your hair up and put your hood on ’cause otherwise you
would have a bad day. That would be a real bad day. (laughs) Thanks for looking out baby. All right Katelyn are you ready? No. Is it, is it all straight
and nice looking? It looks great, I’ma
hit you dead center. Okay, are you gonna
count me down? No I’m just gonna fire. No I’m joking, I’m joking,
I’ma count you down. Okay. Three. Oh come on. Two, one, fire. (Katelyn screams loudly) (Evan laughs loudly) (background music) Oh my God. EVAN: Did it get you good? Oh it felt good,
does it look good? It looks, it looks great and kind of gory. Oh. Like your whole,
it’s like very red, for some reason all of
the pink went over here. Oh no. Just a little bit
blood-splattery. I think we should do
one more with pink, to make it more cheery.
Only pink? Yeah, yeah. ‘Cause it’s like, it’s a little bit blood
splatter, I got to say. So looks like we
both need two shots. Oh man, that was a solid blast. EVAN: All right the
final blast of the video. Final blast, I’m
ready this time. EVAN: Are you more prepared? A little bit. EVAN: Three, two, one, fire. (Katelyn screams) Ha, that’s it.
KATELYN: Oh my gosh. It looks great, it looks great. That was awesome. That’s the combination
that I was looking for. I felt some chunks,
that was a chunky boy. That was chunky
but it was great, look at that, here
I’ma get the camera. Yeah. EVAN: Look at that. Is it nice? It’s super nice. Should we model them
in normal clothes? Probably. I mean this is the
epitome of fashion but we want to be relatable. Yeah, I understand. All right so let’s, oh Katelyn. And we need to peel off
your lightning bolt. Peel off my
lightning bolt, yeah. Okay let’s do that right now. Oh, that’s so cool. Oh yeah. It feels like it’s
coming off pretty well. Yeah it came off well. It’s done? Its subtle because
your colors are subtle, but it looks great. Oh, don’t move too much,
it’s still kind of wet. It look great, it looks great. Okay, we’ll clean up,
we’ll put on normal clothes and we’ll show you
guys the final after. (upbeat music) All right I’m gonna do the
exact same thing, you ready? Okay. You just go like. KATELYN: Yeah. I was not flopping. What is that? Okay that’s more like it. All right guys, thank
so much for joining us in today’s video this was
exactly what we wanted to do. And if you want to see the
behind the scenes, including- How Katelyn forgot
to rearm the safety on the cannon while
I was loading it. Yeah, that story
is gonna be on our Patreon Aftershow so go to
for that. And if you wanna check out some nice, wholesome
gaming videos, go to Evan and Katelyn
Gaming on YouTube. And we’ll probably
have a link somewhere. See you next time, bye. Bye. EVAN: All right Katelyn
you know what that means, wait let me do that again. So Katelyn, do you know
what time that means it is? All right Katelyn you know what, oh that was so stylish. Ah, ooh. Eee. Ahh. Ahh.

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