painting on my jeans (whilst attempting to chat to you)

okay it was a close call but at the end most of you voted for me to change the jeans that’s what I’m going to do today since I have nothing to do and have to spend my free time inside my house let’s get the supplies I chose these pants by the way because if you wear them they seem fine from the front but as soon as I turn around just a lid so if I mess up it doesn’t really matter because I don’t wear them anyways but maybe I will wear them now since they have a cool design when I’m done we’ll see okay as for what I’m going to paint I’ve already tried some abstract stuff but also some realistic stuff and especially this one took very long time so for today I’m going to try to paint some of my favorite characters and those are baymax from big hero 6 and Fenella P phone sweets from wreck-it Ralph and I was browsing around the internet for some reference pictures and I found this fan art of Penelope and I really liked her clothes here so I think I will put this one on the leg like maybe it’s a button and they also found this one of which I really like the little squares on the background so I’ll kind of combined two I think and then four I guess here around here and my upper leg I really can choose between two baymax pictures I found so many cute ones would be so cute or this one hmmm I can’t pick maybe I should just first draw a fidelity and then decide on the base but see that okay since this is still kind of detailed I think I’m going to outline it first [Music] for a basic outline I think it’s okay okay see okay since since I’ve done it quite a few times now I found it easier to first paint the whole thing with light especially if your background is darker I want this video to be a little different than I did the first time when I painted on my jacket so yeah I’ll touch you of course I could start talking about like the corona fires and stuff but I feel like we do that too much already just in daily conversation and so yeah I wanted to talk about something else like for example raise your hand if you download the tic-tock ironically but now you really like it like I downloaded the app just to see what the hype was all about and I didn’t want to like be behind all the new internet kids but I actually really really like it it reminds me of fine it’s maybe even better than fine okay way way I mean not content wise I mean all the classic signs are and I know them all by heart but the app is more diverse yeah you can do a lot of editing there are all sorts of new effects there are always new sounds and yeah I think tik-tok will survive if a bit longer than fine and just the whole aspect of using someone else’s sound and creating your own joke with that sounds really works and I mean the variety of stuff I’m watching there like I’m watching videos from a guy who makes like ecosphere sand terrariums and then I’m watching tic toc dances and then I watching fashioning spell I mean so yeah I fallen for the tick tock trap what’s new okay I know this is really boring I will just fast-forward to you but first look at my big huge cup of tea I got this this cup like a few years ago there was one year when everybody gave me a mug for my birthday it was like when I was 14 or something it was really weird it was like oh thank you a mug oh thank you another mug but now I’m enjoying it okay so I finished the outline pretty satisfied it’s not perfect but it’s okay and here are the colors that we’ll be using sir color palettes [Music] [Music] this leg is pretty long camel I look at it you don’t have to draw the line here her leg would be very long okay an update I finished most of Penelope it’s okay it looks like she’s been working out their legs are a little thick it’s a little close-up what I’ve got so far yeah don’t look at the legs but I’m really scared to paint her face now I mean [Music] okay I finished her face off-camera and yeah not bad right Oh her nose her nose is still a bit too white I finished your face off-camera and I think it’s good enough so um there’s the result of vanellope onto baymax okay I’ve decided I’m going with this baymax I think it’s the cutest so let’s do it hmm it’s kind of harder than I thought actually every time I look at the reference picture to smile it’s just so cute the most fat robot ever it’s just really cute yeah and both their character designs are really nice they’re pretty like the character from another pea I like the cheesy princess but it doesn’t really behave like one like even though she is in like the candy land and everything is supposed to be sweet and cute her design is still pretty tough but like not a cutesy as the other racing girls okay again this is pretty boring so let okay guys I’m taking back my words maybe baymax is harder and struggling quite a bit I think the round shapes are just hard to make like smooth so as you can see for the shading I’m using a very very light pink with a little bit of black in there when you’re shading stuff don’t just make it gray like just make the color a little darker don’t you don’t just do grey actually you shouldn’t really listen to what I’m saying I don’t know what I’m doing I’m just doing my best to make something that looks nice he looks like he looks like a snowman the face is the most important theorists think so let’s try not to mess it up okay that’s one cheek okay and I’ll the line between his eyes which is the point of his face okay good enough baymax right you can you can see yeah it’s cute okay think I’m done I am too scared now to add like the squares of this drawing to it so I can I can do it in a future but for now for now I’m done so let’s go to an epic montage of the finished product [Music] okay okay you might think now Romi are you really going to wear those jeans how old are you like five yeah it will take some courage to wear them outside but that probably won’t happen very soon because my school has canceled all physical classes until the end of this academic year it’s crazy but yeah I hope you’re all staying safe you know what to do bye

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