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everybody will come back to my channel hope you are doing amazing this video is a special video because look at my boyfriend Tom thank you for doing this how do Valentine’s Day I wanted to probably set me up with Tom for Valentine’s but didn’t know how to do it so I decided that we should paint each other even though it was harder than I thought but it was so much fun I had a lot of fun we also did a video on his channel so check it out it’s gonna be in the description box haven’t gonna be restocking my store as well check it out a boss I hope you just enjoyed it thank you so what are you watching I apologize in advance for what you’re about to witness so I started with the colors I was trying to explain to him how the colors work and which ones do I use which are usually the same item titanium white cadmium yellow cadmium red alizarin crimson burnt sienna and ultramarine blue and usually for my skintone I mixed white red a little bit of blue I’m depending on what’s your like sub tone I’m very olive always tone but dark skin tones for samples I have a lot of blue again depending on what’s your skin tone but I was just trying to explain a little bit to him because he I think this is his second time painting but this would be like a great tutorial for like basic skin tones kind of all inquisitorial I didn’t do her skin tone so easily but I think that would be a good idea [Music] okay so this is going to be my perspective and Thomas over there I think since I came to losing you too well I’m going to like take a quick photo on this side and then just have it in my I know it’s kind of cheating I’m sorry as always I’m starting with some burnt sienna to start with some color and then I’m just going to sketch it out right there I think we only have like one hour slash one hour and a half makers so it wasn’t my best sketch but I think you turned out pretty okay for the time that we had and yeah and the light kept changing it was wrong so I’m sorry about that yeah so with the burnt sienna I’m going to use that for establishing that are the colors like the sockets of the eyes the upper lip and the cheek also I don’t know why I started on the left side there’s like this huge space on the right side and I hate it I hate that it’s not centered but if the guy just kept going with this and I’m putting also some basic skin tones and I just kept going from there [Music] it was at this moment that he knew he up just so you still wanna date me after you find that work [Music] you got paint on me I thought that was so sweet thank you for the cup get they’re so freaking good oh my gosh a lot chocolate also I was also for the audio some of the things were from the camera audio we were apparently so close to it and yeah sorry for that no anyway so I’m just continuing here to add more toned value and just shaping the face at the same time I think the more I kept painting the less it looks like him I think at the end he looked like he had hooded eyes and he does not but I thought that nose was pretty close I was also trying to make this portrait like technically okay so yeah medicine I can start from scratch if I messed up and I’m gonna take this all as a giant mess up because I made you look like that’s a good color actually I know I made good colors and lucky choose agree I like this hair if you see me the Orange – orange the pink was the best part yeah like this son this son was a good touch I will say that that was probably I love it honestly I was pretty impressed with his with his painting but then I’m he asked for a little bit of help so I went back and just help them a little bit with that with an ache and stuff because he had trouble with those yeah so you use the same call the youth for this and then you do like a little nick yeah I mean however the photo is how was it for you – it’s fine you can just do like like that and then just make some shoulders so I’m sorry yeah but yes you see so you see you don’t really you don’t really see too straight you see like [Music] while making this video I thought it will be very cool to make like a basic oil painting video I will have to gather some information just to make sure I’m saying the correct things but what do you think I know a lot of you have asked for it for quite a little quite a while and I think would be a great idea there’s a lot of cool videos I really recommend my favorite artist Lena Dania Daniel I don’t know but she has the basics of oil painting and I learned so much from her so check it out I probably have it on description box but yeah so this is how the finished painting looks I had us some blue somebody blue in the background because that’s Thomas true color and I love how it looks and it also had a little message like his the love you and my signature and I had a little hearts because I thought why not just has a little bit of fun and that’s his I thought it was so cute especially the I’m sorry I love you and then the Sun with the sunglasses it was awesome [Music] thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know it wasn’t like my shoulder but I thought it was so you need to enjoy did you like I had a lot of fun I mean I know you enjoyed but it’s just a little bit no it’s not nothing to paint I just I I need to learn I think this was my a good first lesson next Valentine’s Day it’s gonna be even better maybe you’ll have eyes and it goes thank you guys let’s see you really soon and I’m sorry bye guys I’ll see you very soon thank you guys so much for watching bye [Music]

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