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#PAINTTALK My Favorite How To Paint Show

#PAINTTALK My Favorite How To Paint Show

part three of this kind of a small
wardrobe you guys it’s only about 30 inches wide and not even six what is it
like five and a half feet tall you think put this finish on it last night with
the water lily what with the water lily and that it’s standing up tonight so you
can see that the blue had it a really warm look now I know it looks really
great kind of here in the screen but in person do you think it looks great
in person Kito it has a blue tape Matt yeah yeah no internet with some really
good texture we sprayed it on last night you guys if you missed that you can go
back to yesterday where we had it lying down and I actually sprayed the water
lily on it kind of looks smoky yeah you’re right it does let me show you the
top part really quickly we’re gonna paint flowers tonight so I’m gonna show
you the top and we did that live for you yesterday and we’re back for part three
so let’s work on the flowers now I’m planning on doing some large blooms and
I don’t necessarily have um hi everybody I’m so glad you’re here thank you I
appreciate you had so many people message me and say are you going on
tonight so I appreciate you it’s no pressure no pressure I don’t really have
a balloon particular bloom in mind I’ve just been seeing a lot of the wallpaper
on Pinterest and in some of my favorite catalogs that have a black background
and there’s a lot of texture a lot of distressed and then there are really
large blooms that are white and pink fuchsia and red and that’s what I want
to go with so I’m planning on putting at starting with some large green vines Lee
however you want to say I don’t really know how this is going to go I’m a
little bit nervous I’ll be honest with you because I want to do a really good
job and I’m probably going to end up wrapping it on both sides as well but
for tonight we’re just kind of going to get it started so I am going to get my
large brush this is a six inch VIP from pink pixie colors have all my
colors I have white have Monet’s garden and I have aviary which is a color also
a new color from DIY it’s actually de mere a vintage just color her favorite
green that she picked out and I haven’t used it yet so I’m gonna do it right now
and like I said I’m gonna load my brush with more than one color I’m gonna have
it wet just by spraying the brush a little bit so my colors will blend even
better when I go to load my brush onto the tray all right you guys just bear
with me oh and Matt’s here so if you have any questions and go for it need
more I need more paint brush you guys plus a background color from what the
background color was it was black and I put a periwinkle on it last night
sprayed and sprayed like a water or like a wash this paint does not want to come off
this brush there give me a lot of courage gotta trust the process trust
the process I told you guys I’m a little bit nervous I want this to be really
beautiful you know what you have something in your head and you just want
it to translate into your hands Oh McManus in my head it looks really
pretty so let’s let’s hope this is just some background I’m making sure we get a
lot of texture along the background gonna have a really large bloom it will
end up looking more vintage I want it kind of heavily just stressed
that’s the wallpaper that I’m envisioning is real heavily distressed
and I will wrap it I think I’m going to definitely wrap it over here on this
side is it a little harder doing that skill I
think so have you ever tried to scale that this
was probably the biggest I’ve ever done I mean I’ve done about half of this but
this is really large this is from granite gravy 2 on YouTube I hate the
doors shut that also overlaid each other do you go back to paint the inside part
that didn’t get painted yeah I do I’m real picky about what I buy though I
don’t typically buy pieces when there’s an overlay I’m pretty intentional about
what I pick I like everything to be flush I cut this one’s flesh if the if
the cabinet’s over lay the base of the piece I’ll be honest with you I’m very
very rarely buy a piece like that wanting to practice painting flowers
thanks for being so inspirational and helping and giving me the courage to
open my balls oh yeah open up the bolts that’s right was talking to everybody
this month Matt about open the vault there’s a creative vault that sometimes
gets closed especially in January anywhere it can be
so hard after the holidays are over I need to get down lower here in I don’t
know if everybody can see the blue cat for miles
she says so far looks amaze balls amazed go thank you so I added the water lily because I
wanted the background not to just be solid black I wanted to have a texture
I’m actually gonna end up using my sanding sponge to to really distress it
even more up there okay Christy cook on YouTube hi Christy cook on YouTube says
Matt I’m having trouble getting things done in the connection group I probably
need to be involved in a lot how are you pushing your creativity towards me how
am i pushing the creative connection so you’re in my creative connection already
asked her sorry so you’re already in the creative connection but you’re in this
salon so everything that I do is on replay all you have to do is just go
into the group and watch the most recent videos to catch all the trainings
nothing’s ever deleted so you just watch everything on your own time on your own
whenever you’re home and you get a day off or anything like that right now I
have vintage linen I have money’s garden and I have aviary Tasha Watkins on
YouTube hi Tasha I love that you paint carefree without
needing to sketch it out that’s my downfall I don’t trust myself to do this
but I am gaining the confidence watching you do stuff thank you thank you so much
I I have found there’s no point for me to
sketch I don’t follow sketches anyway like I as soon as I get started I just I
end up doing what I want so a Terry Brewer on Facebook
have you ever painted giant sunflowers on your pieces no I’m not really a
sunflower man oh man well man no I haven’t this is the largest thing I’ve
probably ever painted it’s supposed to be just you know one part of a bloom I’m
just I’m not I love so far as the way they look but I’m not into having them
on the furniture okay tonight what’s up Gavin and I could just be
intimidated by the sunflower because it’s so incredibly gorgeous I might just
be too scared okay a lot of that’s gonna be covered up anyway I’m not gonna worry
too much about it like I said I’m gonna end up kind of taking this and wrapping
it over on this side I know you can’t see that but let me get at least unload
what’s on my brush how are you and how long do you think before you get it the
way you want I mean it’s like change it or hoppin do you tend to work on things
before you just stop I mean you have a basin in your head right yeah I just
keep going to I love it I just keep going till I love it I’m gonna just
stress a whole lot of this back that’s the beauty also of DIY paint I can
really pull a lot of it back okay now I’m getting more nervous Burrell Watkins snow with the background
color of us we started with a black base and then you did a periwinkle in a spray
bottle is that correct yeah I’m water lily and then used a
grater to give the texture yes you got it was okay and then where’s my white no
oh right next to my leg it’s right next to you
all right so now let’s get some blooms on here I’m not i well I will be honest
with you I was really hoping I could do something that resembled a peony I don’t
know if I can do it I just don’t because it’s it’s such large scale and I don’t
have as much control over it and so I was gonna kind of do a big peony and
then like a smaller one over here Susan says nervous today yes Rebecca I’ll be
I’ll be painting flowers and butterflies before you know it first time you use this brush I got in
Paris to somebody’s hair keeps getting on everything Gavin times are good idea he says I have
an idea I think Kenny cools you sell your paintings on a poster or paper and
then people can montage glue them on furniture like each figure transfers actually printed my artwork on paper
before and I use that on some of my own makeovers I’ve actually put my own paper
on my own artwork so that is a great and fun idea I love that Gavin thank you
creative living well that’s hard to explain these feelings guys no no it’s
just it’s hard to put you know ten years in two years yeah just exploring and trying to figure
out what we’re tired you weren’t was patient with me as you are now um it’s
hard it’s a hard thing from from a different perspective but you know he’s
gotta stick with it but I’m very very proud of him she does a lot of good to a
lot of a lot of people and that’s not everybody can do that so I was really
cool Rock glory John have you used a new
tarnished pearl formula yeah how does it compare to wide swamp
it’s way creamier I love it I love I love it like this right here is vintage
linen that I’m using this white and so it was really good to have something in
between vintage linen and crinoline so it’s really good
I don’t you know what I don’t usually go towards white swan’ I’m either a
beadboard or a vintage linen person and that funny how we all go towards
different ones so I like the tarnished Pearl the new the new formula I’d really
do okay hope I say this right Loretta walking stock I was your son oh really
yeah that was your son totally impressed it’s your hubby helping out oh yeah I
guess maybe I need to talk peeper no you have a deep voice you’re good no
you know what I’ll be honest with you there’s not a chance in the world that
my kids would help me with this I would have to pay them so much money to do
this kind of stuff that Matt helps me with they they are totally camera shy guys I’m just playing around I’m sorry I’m looking at on the camera can y’all see okay do they need me to
move the camera so planning on putting another one right up in here a smaller
one and then have some more little stems of little round blooms as well that have
been quite opened Aaron Jackson I think it’s Reyes rice rice she did the
base coat yeah right yeah and that is on Facebook and YouTube YouTube will you do
the entire fire with the brush or we also use finger brayer knife for adding
depth just wondering about the process I am probably going to end up using a
little bit of a palette knife but no fingers probably or the brayer but I
will definitely end up using a palette knife to add in some textures so you’re
just creating depth and laters right yeah all right
you know peonies have families have so many petals forty Mary Jo’s does your work is
beautiful thank you this is totally new for me I appreciate
it there want you to do something you haven’t done before that’s what your
little nervous I know it is I’m totally nervous robbing glory how’s the new brush
working for you great I probably should have
I mean I wanted the big blooms but now I’m gonna have to get some small that
probably need to get the dusty in in here a little bit which is the three
inch because the six this one’s 8 and it’s it’s a little bit too large but
it’s really nice for the base of the blimps and stuff yeah yeah but I’m here
for it it’s just paint just kind of let all that set up a little bit so I can
keep coming in with more layers okay okay so I actually want to grab a little
bit of red to deepen the center there okay did not come out you’re so quiet
nobody here no all right getting more colors out guys I actually grabbed my
marquee red because I want something even deeper and a little faded burlap
I’m gonna add in a couple of more colors for even more layer and then I’m gonna
grab a smaller brush Lisa Thompson Dixon this is looking so beautiful with the
big flower it has a Hawaiian tropical feel to that tends to be how I end up looking
whether I want to or not now I’m going to actually pull up another flower up
here but I have this beautiful wallpaper in my mind and I’m just it’s my
inspiration of course I can’t do it you know just like the wallpaper but it
isn’t an inspiration okay so this is gonna be a little more key read here
captain miles here’s a question did you say this is the Paris brush or paint
Pixy brush this one is this was even larger this is eight inches it’s from
Paris this is the paint pick see the VIP so you can see the difference I’m using
them both creative living can you remember the first flower you painted on
furniture what was it and how happy were you with it I probably was pretty
critical of myself but I don’t remember the exact flower I probably just I I can
remember playing around with flowers but not necessarily giving the flower a name
probably I think was I’m a big fan of roses and so I was doing some abstract
roses on furniture when I first started and I was actually finger printing
finger painting them first before I did anything else yeah well his
neighbor has hired him to do a chair or is it a chair okay yeah I think yeah I
said a chair yes yes first yes a chair for someone that lives near him yes he
has his first customer John that’s awesome Gavin good luck buddy yeah don’t
rush it no I think he told the gentleman that he would get it really soon in the
gentleman told to take a watch it’s okay you can take
at least a week and read young and what do you wash your brushes with I use the
pink pixie soap the charcoal soap that paint pixie offers I love the smell of
it mm-hmm and it’s an all-natural product which works well for the paint
and that the way that I like to use all natural products soaps and cleaners and
stuff in the house all right guys you can tell I’m just gonna keep messing
with the cams yeah it’s from where you started where it’s going and I know it’s
just gonna get better yeah yes
well the light is so bright and I’m looking so far that I’m now there were
comments in the waves I couldn’t see okay so I need to just start on this
next one up here so let’s just let this girl like sit here and maybe maybe
she’ll get better actually I have some money to do really
quick yes Wendy I do clean the brushes and and sometimes our Sun both of our
kids get to wash the brushes yeah wash the brush that’s kit is rainbow 505
today thank you for being here hang on I got to do this before I go up to the
next one Susan shimmer says young teenager just can’t let it go can you no
I said hang on I need to do this real quick okay thermo says I love the paint
pixie soap I even use it on my legs and makeup brush yeah it’s really good for
your body to its really good for acne and the charcoal is really Jasmine thank
you so much audio-video Jasmine beds that’s so nice
thank you so much she wrote loving it so great trying something new
here’s to the new camera so thank you so much thank you so much is this for sale
so or yours for sale not so not for me for so all right Tanya are you Manning I
wouldn’t trust my tits to wash my brushes our garden with my life
well since I’m here most the time I can go right back behind him and make sure
they were done right so I totally understand what you mean I used to be
that way and then I decided I despised washing brushes so I’ve had to
compromise beauty lucious is on here hi beauty let’s just okay oh I got it right
I pronounced it right Oh better this you are better I apologize if I mess up
names or if I don’t get to a question I close I’m trying to read bonus+ you were
told that you were I mean that’s part of my job yeah that’s right kiddo okay I
gotta go up to the next one I know I know I know I know I know
leave it alone walk away are you just being nice no I mean I mean let’s be
honest from where you started where it’s at she says excellent right most people
don’t even get right the first time honey
I got first time Beauty blushes says hydrangea would be
pretty windy more would she like to know when they new video is coming out okay
well we’ll have to ask Matt about that well we decided at this point to do one
a month that May wouldn’t anymore that’s just time excuses woods yeah we’re
working on kind of feeling our way through right now but for sure we’re
going to have one drop first of all we have it all lined out we know what we’re
doing we just have to have a time to put it together right yeah we get some more
green on my guys because I’m gonna add a little bit of a stem and then I’m gonna
have a really kind of a small peony right here not quite as big and high and
love your videos beyond thank you for sharing your time with us I’m out wondering if I should have lightly
scented the big top first hmm not necessary at all
no you’re good oops I just got paint on me okay what’s the worst thing who cares
Katherine miles the video no we up so we did a video together for the new water
girl right and we have plans to do a new video every month and there will
definitely be a little bit of comedy involved because fun videos that relate
to painting and life just a little bit easier to do it if we get to be real
relaxed and try to have fun with it and the odds of me getting help are more
likely if there can be silliness in it right Matt yes I mean let’s I mean let’s watch the
video we won’t try to make it entertaining hugging at least anyway paint Williamson Anderson my girl just
arrived thank you so much enjoy using it pretty – Raj says it’s needed the comic
relief that is I try to provide that on a daily basis or how you do for sure
sometimes my family doesn’t get my camera though well you’re not always
funny I think I’m always boys often remind me not so much mama I mean we’re
not funny at all when it comes to our boys we’re just we’re just those parents so same style with flower it’s so peony
honey I don’t know what that is it’s the same style honey this is just the
background okay I’m just gonna get some color on here
Tonya lenses congratulations on the sell of your ladies oh thank you I’ve got two
more left which is interesting because my favorite wouldn’t has not sold but
maybe that means that I get to keep her okay so I’m gonna set the green back
down because I’ll come back to that green now I have this is what my board
looks like you guys got five colors on here dawn is questioning peonies as in this
does not look anything like a peony is that what you mean beyond darlin I don’t
know if that’s what she means but you know this is the first time I’ve
done this or maybe I said it wrong maybe that’s what it was
fast-forward which one is your favorite the party she’s wearing a yellow dress
that’s my favorite one okay um red no hang in there guys I am
just putting I’m reloading my tray for paint and I’m using kissing booth
petticoat pink and vintage linen and then I need to kind of let that dry a
little bit dawn says no I’m happy and excited to see it oh I see okay I
thought you were like hey girl that’s not what ever we want this is okay I
can’t wait to get my hands on this DIY paint falling more in love with this
paint every time I watch you or Debbie pay oh you know it’s nothing like I’ve
ever used before I started using chalk paint and I could use three or four
different ones and then I got a hold of this stuff actually Debbie had asked me
she sent me a message and asked before she introduced herself and asked if she
could send me some pain to try and at the time I said no thank you
because I had plenty of other paint and I had a whole cabinet full and people
had started to sending me a little bit and I just thought well I don’t need to
waste her paint and you know so no I’m good
and then she she gave me a little time and she messaged me back and said how
about now and I say okay well I didn’t want to be rude it’s like oh right sure
so she sent me some and she sent me cowgirl coral bohemian blue
actually I only asked for those two colors they ended up sending me a lot
more than that which was so generous and it was different it was it was a paint
that helped me feel more like an artist which is that you know that’s exactly
that what we all want because of the way that it blended and there’s no latex
which was also important to me so I could paint in the house that was really
important to me without bothering any of the kids allergies reading i’m so excited as of the
delivery of date tomorrow i’ll have almost all the DIY paints and then the
next order will be all the brushes and brayer and then the spray bottle
oh my gosh rena you are so incredible thank you so much for all of that love
and thanks for watching and paying attention i can’t wait for you to get
your hands on it – okay where is the I thought I grabbed wait I’ll get it I’m
closer I need another I want to do another
smaller brush and my smaller dusty already it just has a green on it so
this is so fun right here like this is making me super happy right now with all
these colors that’s because my phone is about to die well we have about 10% I
only have 10% on both of them are at 10% woods so keep in mind all of this is
gonna be distressed we’re gonna be putting wax over it so it’s not gonna be
really bright and bold there’s gonna be have a lot of texture to it and we’re
gonna aunty get just a little bit because I don’t like anything looking
brand new that just can’t happen it can’t happen
hmm so we’ve got to bring this tin back in here – okay still on YouTube did you
use a reference photo as inspiration for your flowers no I am I did look at the
Sun wallpaper which is what my inspiration is for this design with the
black background but I really couldn’t find I really couldn’t find this scale
of peony they’re all pretty small anyway no I tried but I got nothing
with nothing and Alice would like to know what which wax would you be using
on Alex Alice that’s a great question I will probably be using a clear with a
little bit of white and mostly gosh I’ll probably use some black wax I know that
makes everybody know what but yeah I probably will use some black wax Robin is going to be honest and yeah I’ve made
this down right here but you couldn’t see it and so that’s why I said I’ve got
to go ahead and go back over this stem because it kind of it kind of went away but I did have it and then it kind of it
got so light yeah it was right here and it went this direction and then it’s
gone hmm I had too much water on it so this is
the first time I’ve done this guys so I may not get it right the first time I’m
just gonna keep playing with it until I get it there’s Armstrong I just used up
my very first star of Carnival red i scratch scrape down the dry paint out of
water in the town gold now I have a jar of water down copper love that idea Jim
policy dianna I love the videos you have the heart of a teacher thank you oh
thank you so much you’re very welcome I appreciate you watching and enjoying
and Wendy more says you need to hire electrician to install more plugs and
your studio to charge your phones she joking right she she’s shot across my
bow I think she did at my guy who’s an electrician Rob Lurie says better don’t
take it on this oh you think I won’t come on hey rich
so definitely looks like Quixote’s Oh like a texture and values thank you like
I said I haven’t done this before so I may have to work on it a little bit but
I appreciate your your praise and your support
well I’m gonna get a shout out okay all right bring it was shout out to Sadie
and Sarah sayin so watching tonight and they’re half they’re having a good time
I think so oh that’s awesome you guys thank you
are they on Facebook or on YouTube they are on YouTube I think they are related
to Tracy Tracy Tarak Teran oh okay we got it got a joke
for Sadie and Sarah tonight and this comes from Gavin okay why can’t you
trust an artist because they’re always a bit sketchy a bit Shady and they will
always try to thank you I think you get the picture
yeah but I enjoyed that one nice job buddy I’m never looking at my helper here
bleh looks like Blasi girl one you’ve always inspired me love you just go for
it oh thank you I don’t know where this
courage has come from but it’s definitely developed over the last few
years just to go for it I think a lot of it has to come to do with your husband
really yeah I think so he’s such a why handsome Oh rave young man
yeah young man who encourages you to step out of the box and just go for it I
think I love it you know there’s to him wow you’re the only one laughing oh they’re enjoying it you guys so I got
all my courage from you to go for it no no no not all of it oh just part of it
just 98% of this was very nice Susan Steinberg Prentiss you are grace in
action Thank You grace Karen Ramsey Riddick yes you’ll be able to go back
and watch all of this correct yes always this here is your favorite paint show
live Michelle borne says I grew up Ian II
like your painting so it’s about the same color she’s I think she’s saying oh
thank you Sadie’s really love and uh she’s fascinated with the flowers well it’s the first time I’ve ever done
this guy so basically say say he needs to get some paintbrushes
yeah and just have fun with it you have to start you have to start if you don’t
ever start and you’ll never know and I understand what the theories of never
starting cuz if you have a dream you want to do this but then you don’t want
to start because what if you start and then you’re like I’m terrible I did that
I remember on my 30th birthday remember I’m Matthew I bought all those paints no
this is so much harder than I thought it would be I’m never doing this again it
should be seven or eight years to get those paints back out well I mean you
know painting just doesn’t happen you gotta work at it alright yeah gotta
practice okay so I want to know Tasha Watkins she said well what did you
need to get through it well um I put it up to be honest with you I put it up and
I waited for 7 years to get it back out and I started painting on furniture
instead of canvas and the furniture is what brought it out back in me working
on the furniture that brought it back out in me and then I translated what I
have learned on furniture to artwork so that’s where I am right now ok guys
we clearly need but thank you for asking it was a really sweet question we really
need to let this set up so I think what we’ll do is we’ll come back tomorrow and
we’ll work on offset all these details I do want to wrap this around this side
mostly I think just this side so we’ll carry some of the green leaves over this
side and maybe have one more smaller peony I also I’m going to add you know
how peony if they grow I like on a stem and then they have small like just
perfect they’re perfectly circle blooms and that’s what I want to do somewhere
in here probably right here up in here and then have the the big circles as if
they’re going to be blue maybe a couple over here as if they’re getting ready to
explode but man this thing needs a lot of white
it needs some black for definition and I need I need more variation but again
once I’m completely finished I do plan on sanding the whole piece and pulling
back some of the under layers and so it’s not quite as pink and green that
you see right now Matthew if you pull the camera back a little bit please but
we made big poppers tonight you guys what um yeah that’s fine
no no no that’s fine I just need to tilt the camera because they see most of the
floor instead of the piece Robert Laurie would like to know who inspired you to
paint I’ve just always had a fascination with it nobody in my family paints um my
grandmother my grandma Anita she painted well I shouldn’t say that she did paint
she didn’t teach me how but she did have a little desk with all her little
bottles of acrylic and she would paint like a sawblades
and she would paint on them like old kettles old irons anything that was
cast-iron she would paint on those things at like you know the old saw
blades she would do that and so I guess I definitely got that from her but as
far as teaching me I’ve never had anybody sit down with me and really
teach me to do anything I’ve just always been fascinated with artwork when I’m we
got our first house everybody would come over and say you know you don’t have a
whole lot of furniture but you’ve got art all over the walls and that was my
thing is that I wanted to find color art for the walls and so I always had a lot
of I would drag him around the Arts Festival’s when we were gosh 17 18 19 20
and we don’t have any money but I needed to go look at all the artwork and all
the art festivals and I remember thinking if I could only do this one of
these days and of course I’ve still never been a part
well not because I couldn’t just I hang out online more than anything else so
thank you for asking that was a really nice question so we’ve got a long ways
to go but we’ve made big progress tonight you guys and I am appreciative
of you guys continuing to be supportive we need to we need a frame all this out
a little bit we’re going to work on the side maybe we may just even flick a
little paint if you’ve hung around me long enough you
know I like to flick the background is black it has periwinkle rolled on with
watered down paint you guys thank you so much we’ll be back tomorrow Monday 8:30
central time on both YouTube and Facebook and maybe even Instagram really
young can you tell us the standing size again standing ovation standing size oh
hang on let me stand by it cuz I don’t have a tape measure but I can stand here
okay it’s definitely six feet tall yeah it’s six feet tall and about thirty
inches wide and inside it has its all open but it
has one rod right here in the center that goes from the front to the back and
it has some ornate scroll up at the top which I know you can’t see that right
now but it does have a little bit of ornate pieces molding up at the top and
it has a really pretty almost like that pineapple style hardware you guys would
definitely gonna have to add some golden ticket to it as well you guys have a
great night and I will see you tomorrow 8:30 Central Time
same place same time same two people good night

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  2. First time watching you. Just when I think you are going to ruin it , it gets better. Amazing art❤️. I have peonies lining my driveway on both sides and look forward to them every June. Thx

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