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Patti LaBelle On ‘The Masked Singer’ Costume: ‘I Was Hot As Hell’

Patti LaBelle On ‘The Masked Singer’ Costume: ‘I Was Hot As Hell’

– Was that uncomfortable
though, being in that mask? That was huge. – What? – Were you hot? I would be sweating. – I was hot as hell, yes. It was like, so hot, so kind of uncomfortable but
I wanted to be in that mask and I wanted to be in that hard dress and those pumps. – Man, you are braver than I, I look at my stylus, I’m
like, I feel like sausage, I feel like I’m stuffed in
here, help me out, I’m like.. No but my sister and my
mother love that show. – It’s an awesome show. – It’s so big, it’s so popular. – Yes it is and I’m happy
to have been a part of it. At 75, I do think that people don’t think 75 women should do that. – Did you say 75? (audience cheers and applauds) – [Guest] Oh yes. – I have zero time for you
lookin’ like that at 75. – Oh thanks sweetheart. – I can’t stand you right now.

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40 thoughts on “Patti LaBelle On ‘The Masked Singer’ Costume: ‘I Was Hot As Hell’

  1. Wow, I’m so happy to see Patti LaBelle here!

    Who wants to see Kelly and Patti sing together? 🙋🏻‍♂️

  2. The Masked Singer is a really great show the caliber of the singers please have Michelle Williams on your show AK butterfly

  3. Patti LaBelle IS hot as hell — and I'm not talking about the costume! I'm 69, and I'm jealous as hell! You GO, Patti!

  4. whaaaaaat..😱75..?
    .. this is my first comment at your show my Kelly dear.. yessss..!
    my first ever bcoz of d one and only Patti LaBelle..
    … she is so Gorgeousssssss at 75..
    .. 😘😘😘…

  5. Patti is over twice the age of Kelly, but she still had the guts to compete on the Masked Singer. She’s such a brave, talented, ambitious, beautiful lady with one amazing voice! Not to mention her pies are just delicious. Love you, Patti.

  6. Kelly, PLEASE stop talking about yourself all the damn time, and start listening to your guests. It seems like all you do is wait for them to stop talking so you can tell something about YOU. It is one reason I turn your show off.

  7. If she wasn’t so busy, I would love to see Kelly Clarkson on The Masked Singer! I would be very interested to see which type of costume she wears.

  8. What? Kelly really knows who deserves to be interviewed. Because guess what: I have started to discover and stream Patti LaBelle's music just a few weeks ago. Her original version of If You Asked Me Too is one word: DOPE!

  9. Hey Patti, Just have your bodyguards beat someone up, like you've let them done in the past?
    No respect for Diva Patti!


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