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Penang Street Art {Mural Paintings} Tour GEORGETOWN Malaysia

Penang Street Art {Mural Paintings} Tour GEORGETOWN Malaysia

Aloha! Welcome to Kensho Quest. Today
we’re exploring historic Georgetown on Penang Island, Malaysia. We’re going in search of some street art – mural paintings. We’re going to attempt to take some
pictures for our Instagram account so come on over to Instagram and follow us
@kenshoquest. See if we were successful.
Hopefully these kids will cooperate. Let’s go explore! Aloha! Welcome to Kensho Quest. We’re a worldschooling family, currently in Penang, Malaysia. Please subscribe for packing tips and travel inspiration. And give us some thumbs up! Don’t forget to subscribe. To beat the crowds, we started early and
visited our top choice first. Brother and sister on a swing. You think you can get up there, Kaisho? It’s really hot and humid even though
it’s still morning time. We’re already sweating, so we stopped into a shop to get a cool drink and hopefully give us a little energy. Both the kids are still
tired. We woke them up. What do you want, Haru? Tired kids. No smiles or anything. Gotta pump some sugar into them. Directly across the street from the swing is the boy and girl playing basketball. Look at that, Haru. It’s pounding. Then we walked around the block to Armenian Street to the children reaching for bao. Woah! Grab the two handles. Yeah, can you grab them both? Don’t get run over. You can’t quite reach the pedals, huh? Can you try to? There you go, you got it. it’s really hot and there’s so few more murals so you want to see so we’re
going to take a rickshaw ride for the rest that would be a bit easier for us
and trying to walk on the narrow street we’re gonna fit here we go we just barely fit in here on
the forest at this point we hired the try shot and
went up the street to skip the cat his father loves cats okay it frightens me from here look at
her don’t follow me oh gosh oh it’s really
cool you just walk around annex are everywhere the awesome a lot of its
really old and elaborate a date so it looks pretty cool lucky found some more how do you see our minions Street is loaded with street
art Cross Beach Street is the famous kids on a bike while this is cool hey I was wondering
how they attach the bike to the F to the wall there Thanks a little farther up the street and down
an alley are two guys pushing then we turn left on the Cannon Street
to see the boy on a chair I thought we could take hotties picture on this but
there’s no based on the chair there’s no feed any chair gonna work
still cool yes what’s the mercury the cat store is
directly across the street from the boy on a chair what I can get okay we can go it’s very dirty though
hiring the try Shaw driver was definitely worth 40 rent yet otherwise
with kids we probably would have only seen half the things
anyway now our final stop with the automotive
time well it’s been abandoned and see how they connected it to the wall here it’s so soon
attention but it’s too soon then our driver pointed us to the art
lane across the street with you best friends
seems odd to you kiss her the same not again wow this is pretty amazing this is just
like an oh yeah is that what you ordered pecho what what is that green stuff thanks for watching give us some thumbs
up and don’t forget to subscribe

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5 thoughts on “Penang Street Art {Mural Paintings} Tour GEORGETOWN Malaysia

  1. Welcome back to Malaysia. Nice family trip video.
    Good you guys able to do some site seeing before the partial lockdown. Maybe you can continue after all this blow over.
    Stay safe. 😃

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