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pit – Gijs Van Vaerenbergh – Reading Between the Lines – concept | Z33 – art in public space

pit – Gijs Van Vaerenbergh – Reading Between the Lines – concept | Z33 – art in public space

We believe that the typology of a church is very important in everybody’s cultural memory the recognizability of the shape, the recognizability of the building you see in it. What we see first of all is the perception and the landscape the recognizibility of the shapes in the landscape more so than a certain transparency of the church. We studied the churches around here and we made very precise measurements of the church in Kuttekoven that we used as the model, the basic typology we based this installation on. The base is very important in this piece, the foundation to built everything on. You can see that this site lies on a hill slope it is the base that creates a horizontal level that allows us to built on and also gives a very nice visual effect once the building is finished because it will give you the feeling of floating above the landscape. It strenghtens the relationship with the landscape. It also reflects the more traditional ratio between base and landscape namely the different choice of material for base and building that maximises the effect of the building. This building would have looked very different if we had built it in the grass the base and the building need each other to have the best effect. What you can see and also feel very well from this point is the relationship with the landscape on the one hand and on the other hand the relationship with the church of Borgloon that you can see in the distance. This is in fact what this work ‘Reading between the lines’ is about. It is inspired by this shape but at the same time also transforms this shape it builts the shape out of fine steel plates that create a special visual effect. The church is at the same time present in the landscape and dissolves in it. We have been very lucky to have this site to built on because you are at such a high point in the landscape you can see this church from different angles. From there behind you can see the top of the tower when you arrive by car. When you approach the site from that part you will see the church in a totally different perspective. It is going to be a beautiful point of view to see the church of Borgloon through this church. This is a very interesting relationship and we have looked very hard to find the right place to built this work on.

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