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Postcards: Pipestone Performing Art Center

Postcards: Pipestone Performing Art Center

bringing great performances to
Pipestone for over 20 years.   Hear a special performance by
The Hunts.   [music]   This
building was built as the   Ferris Grand
Opera House in 1898.   [music]   There was a group of
people in Pipestone   that would really like
to do community theatre.   Back in 1947, there
was a band director,   Al Opland, who started
the Pipestone male chorus,   and we really needed a
place you know where we   could have a home.   And so that’s why the
Performing Art Center was,   was built, was
remodeled and built.   [music]   The people that really
actually made it go   was a banker in the
community   and a city administrator.   If it were not for
those two people,   we would not have a
Performing Art Center.   And then of
course the donors.   We started fundraising
in order to   do this remodeling.   We raised in probably
a year or so we raised   probably just a
little over   300,000 dollars to
remodel this space.   [music]   The style of
the architecture of the   inside, and actually
it’s pretty much just the   lobby, is art deco.   [music]   An
interesting thing that we,   we have one of the only
artifacts I believe in   Minnesota from the old
mansion of the Watkins   over at Winona.   A fireplace that was
in the original mansion   before it was torn down.   [music]   This evening there
is an indie-folk group   from the
Chesapeake Bay area.   They’re called The
Hunts and originally they,   there are seven siblings.   So they will be
coming and performing.   [music]   We are very
fortunate being a small   community of like 4,500
people to actually to have   a facility like this.   It, it’s truly amazing.   We, I would say that
the lights are on in this   theatre probably 250
days out of the year.   That is people
using it to rehearse.   The actual shows we have
between 45 and 50 actual   performances a year,
and that’s an ambitious   program for a
small, like this,   a small theatre, and
a small community,   and actually it’s, it’s a
matter of quality of life.   [music]   [music]  

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