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Printmaking workshop – London College of Communication

Printmaking workshop – London College of Communication

Hi, I’m Josie. I work as a printmaking
technician at London College of Communication in Elephant and Castle. The print
and design department is compromised of lots of different areas. We can do
relief printing, intaglio, manual, life bow and screen printing. In screen printing,
we’ve got facilities for textiles and paper-based printing. All the facilities are on
one floor so crossovers are really easy and the technicians can spread
around each department so if someone comes up and has something that they
want to do we can suggest to them that they maybe start in lithography and move on
to screen printing afterwards. There’s lots of collaboration between areas and
we all know a lot about every process area, so it’s not like if you
just go to one technician they’ll just tell you this is the only way you can do
it, we can give them five different ways that they can produce this one thing. Also,
as a team of technicians, we’re very up for experimenting. We do lots of work
ourselves and we do lots of research ourselves, so we can really help the
students, give them information which is really relevant, even talk to them about
exhibitions that are currently on in London and really help them out to gain a big grasp of what printmaking is. I would recommend London College of
Communication to future students. There’s so much going on here, we’re a
really kind of forward-thinking College that’s got equipment from brand-new
film studios to these beautiful old relief presses. It’s all very open
and nothing’s hidden away from you that you can’t use.

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