49 thoughts on “Queen Bee 20 Art Styles Challenge

  1. Star from Star Vs the Forces of Evil IS NOT DEAD! I made an oopsie by not clarifying. I meant the show, since the show is also called ‘Star…’ the show is over. I guess I assumed everyone already knew that….. oops

  2. 1. Kim Possible
    2. My little pony
    3. Disney
    4. Avatar
    5. Teen titans
    6. Sailor moon
    Loved them all
    Can you do all the Miraculous characters please

  3. 6:17

    If you will delite long hair and see just short hair…. You will se Adrian…

    I'm from Russia and sorry for wrong grammatica.

  4. Hi! I love your videos, and I was wondering if you could do tutorials on how to do this? Like, tips and tricks, how to do _ or ___? What program do you use for this btw?

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