42 thoughts on “R. Kelly – Same Girl (Official Music Video)

  1. These comments😂 I swear the human race has no chill
    Damn… Just kelly saying "yep" sounds better than 95% of other singers lol…
    Usher : do she got a kid ?
    R Kelly : * hangs up phone *

  2. If you expect me not to groove to Kells' music just because of the rape accusations, then do me one favor please, just undo all the vibing you did to his music all these years before you heard all these stories about him, then maybe you & I can talk!

  3. My co worker and I were messing with the same girl that works night shift at Walmart.. I was telling him that this girl gave me her number at Walmart and he describe her to me and they already did it twice and shit we’re we like no way and we were laughing and we played this song. Messing with the same girl 😂 #TrueStory

  4. Kells: Well i met him dropping the soap in the SHOWER!!

    Cellmate: Well i met him doing sorting in the LAUNDRY!!

  5. Lmfao Who here singing they have the same STD the same STD we shared the same STD. STDs the gifts that keep on giving 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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