Racism in Multicultural Britain – Part 3

Racism in Multicultural Britain - Part 3

now I'm about to learn not to underestimate the young kids hands at mouth no elegante mouth this is a boy who smashed a water bomb into my head and told me to go back to Iraq he's eleven-year-old Sonny Clark give me a personal ID on't take him seriously to begin with and then no flicker I am I could cut you right through there then at that point there was somebody who came out of the house on the left I carried on walking when I went around him kept my eye on him Sonny Clark's accomplice makes of grabs on my bag after a bit I turned around and I could see him go into I actually went for my purse clothes I thought this guy's got brick he's actually gonna hit me I should give him the money I can't imagine what I would feel like for for anybody else I mean it's just really horrible I'm not all right South Meade is getting me down and seeing sunny Clark again doesn't help walking home I meet two more people I'd rather not see Shawn ganderton and the one I can't name [Applause] six days later threats turned to violence punched me inside of the head just-just-just but just can't believe our company did it tomorrow and I were walking down our road towards a part of the road where two men hang out who have given both tomorrow and I racial abuse on a number of occasions now sorry I said you should be walking on the way why one knitted sorry don't Manny look like like I should be on road to forget one opening yeah I heard laughter from the group because they were sort of making fun of the fact that I couldn't understand what they were saying they wanted us in the middle of the road very clearly so you know we'd get run over by a car and then it would be bye-bye Paki that would be one less Paki left in the world I'm gonna take it easy why the punch leaves are more shaken but uninjured I thought Pocky bashing was a thing of the past I'm wrong and the very next day we hear about this happening nearby to an international student from India and he's saying bloody Paki what the hell you're doing here and I just overheard him just turn this just slightly turned from his high contact then he hit me so that when he hit me it it it is from the right side of my face that it's in your my nose under lives Karthik is with three friends when the attack happens near this pub a mile down the road from his student digs in South need even I feel I can go that India I don't want to stay more more over here we are very scared to live in UK because it happens to Karthik Karthik today and it may be happen to me tomorrow I think if you go to almost any city in the country you could find an estate comparable to south meet where people are facing the same sort of problems where racism is prevalent this grid is how happy I am to believe in yourself during our eight weeks day we've been racially abused intimidated or attacked more than 50 times I didn't think there'd be places in this country where where I would get caught partying or get here for the color on my skin and how do I know there are and I've been living in one for the last eight weeks it's going to color how I see other places I go to and I might and the experiences in my life to come I haven't faced as much racism in my entire life as I have during these eight weeks in Bristol there are some really nice people some incredibly friendly people I'm sorry the thing that's gonna stay with me the most is the absolutely hellish time aha every time I've walked out of that door oh so much for our neighborhood not having an issue with us tomorrow Rahman at the end of her 8 weeks on the South meter state and we did write to all of those we filmed abusing tamanna' and our mill to ask them to comment on their behavior none responded but we have now heard that two of those we filmed Kelly Rae Warner and eleven-year-old Sonny Clark are in Bristol City Councils family intervention project the council and the local police say they will not tolerate hate crime of any sort next week panorama investigates the true number of serious criminals who reoffending their release from jail witness the amazing bouncing toad next here on BBC one incredible footage of reptiles and amphibians fighting to survive in life join me with Katie Price Joe Brown and Debbie Collins I'm having such a fun time you know role-playing is very good for your sex life – yeah I roleplay going to sleep tonight 10:35 on bbc1 the ultimate celebrity relay is underway we're up oops creek without a paddle will they make it around the world in 80 days for children in need tomorrow at 9:00 on BBC one more of life as we

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24 thoughts on “Racism in Multicultural Britain – Part 3

  1. Britain shouldn’t be multicultural! I’m glad I don’t like in a multicultural area! We didn’t ask for it! It’s the governments fault for letting them in!

  2. now you can't find a school in inner city London where white britons are not a minority. thanks 'anti racists' you did a good job helping your people be demographically dispossessed in their own country

  3. one day I'll hopefully go there. purposefully try to get mugged by some little kid and then put him on the ground

  4. The only thing we can hope from racists is they die soon and don't have much time to "teach" others this primitive legacy of hatred. We should be thinking in unite the mankind, instead of wasting time and energy in such stupid and mediocre tiny fights.

  5. Now let's look at white victims of multiculturalism that these anti-white videos never talk about?   Pull up:                                                                                                   NO COUNTRY FOR WHITE CHILDREN.

  6. All of the movies,  television programs and videos like this have brainwashed white people into believing that they are the evil racist of the world.  If you were to cross the border of North Korea illegally,  you will receive 12 years of hard labor with little food.  If you cross the border of Britain illegally,  you will receive free housing,   free medical and free weekly money.  Funny—who is called the racist?  It sure is not the North Koreans?  How about fascist?  Nazis?   I thought England fought the Nazis?  But they are now called the Nazis?   We are all being brainwashed.   pull up:                                                                   THE ENDGAME–FULL WHITE GENOCIDE DOCUMENTARY.


  8. I'm a peaceful man, but I would have no problem kicking this kids ass. Jumped up prick thinks he's hard intimidating a woman.

  9. What Iam very sure of it the Europeans in Africa and in Asia are highly respected from people. The don't face any type of racism. But this video is so sad. I felt very sorry for the poor minority who are facing such abuse and violence just because they are not white.

  10. Can someone please explain why nations outside the United States act like the United States is the only nation on earth that has some racial problems. Is it because the United States is always talking about their race relations very openly. Is it also because the rest of the world basically sees the United State's dirty laundry (race problems and incidents ) so to say on CNN. Are people outside the United States in a little bit of denial when it comes to the race relations in their own countries. I believe most Americans believe racism can occur anywhere on this planet – not just in the United States.

  11. Was it worth it? Going to WAR with who ever has masses of OIL? You basically pissed on their homeland, killed all their civilians, looted all their money, pillaged their resources, enforced marshal law, & then when they visit our country, we bombard them with more abuse? I feel so embarrassed to be British.
    Unless I am mistaken, Bristol in the 90's produced some of the most diverse music from Massive Attack, Tricky, Sneaker Pimps, Morcheeba etc – of whom ALL had coloureds in. So don't tell me is has naught to do with the Oil we stole. The only reason the US & their bum-buddies here in the UK don't invade North Korea is purely because they don't have a mineral slime under their statue-ground.

  12. Its clear that There fucking Manchester Kids… Any Kid from Manchester,England Are Like welsh People (Not to Offend Welsh Just ive had bad experiance with Wales) 
    Why is it our Fucking  city worser than london.

  13. how do kids become racists? exactly, through their parents! i don´t care what ethnic and religious background my neighbour has… when disaster strikes it´s your neighbours that are the first to help. (at least where i live they are.)

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