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Relief Printmaking Print Registration : Relief Printmaking Block Alignment

Relief Printmaking Print Registration : Relief Printmaking Block Alignment

Now I’m going to show another method for registering
your prints. It’s a method that requires a lot less of accoutrements but can be more
difficult to master. And right now I’m using another color of ink that I think will be
strikingly different from the one we have so we can take a look and see how well this
registration works. As I’m inking the block with this blue ink I could also be picking
up parts of the wood that I haven’t inked before and those may show out separately.
But generally what I want to see is I want to see how well our block lines up with the
lines we have already printed. So now I have a decent layer of this blue ink on my block
of wood and I’m going to try to perfectly register it onto this piece of paper, flipping
it upside down. Now this is the way I was printing the block when I just wanted to kind
of get it centered on the piece of paper but now I’m going to try to match it perfectly
with the lines I have already printed. And in doing that I’m kind of pinching the edges,
again I’m not touching the surface and I am looking at my lines until I feel as if I have
matched it perfectly.

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