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REPAINTING Green 1940’s SHOES With Black Leather Paint

REPAINTING Green 1940’s SHOES With Black Leather Paint

hello everyone so in today’s video I’m
going to be painting these 1940’s shoes they are this nice forest
green and I’m going to be painting them black so this will be the last time we
will be seeing their original color except I’ll still be able to see the
color on the inside because I’m not going to be painting this so there they are beautiful shoes I really like them a lot
as you can see the original paint is coming off quite a bit and we’re gonna
fix that problem. I washed them as you probably saw now I’m gonna be painting
them with this acrylic leather paint that I bought at Michaels and I also
have some I also have a bigger paint brush as well as a smaller paintbrush
with some warm water just in case and I also have some toilet paper there they
are one last time I really do like this color actually but
I don’t really wear green so I’m just going to change them to black and again
they are from the 1940s so I don’t know how often I’m going to wear them
hopefully I will be able to get some wear out of them but again 1940’s shoes
so I still want to keep them in good condition, but I mean they’re not
really in that good condition already but I’m gonna fix that or try to fix
the paint is coming off these shoes but the shoe itself is pretty
sturdy so that’s a good thing. This is kind of scary
because we never know what’s gonna happen but let’s just hope it’ll turn
out great got my water and then I got this acrylic leather paint. Lets get painting. I Think I’m gonna do the heels first I’m gonna kind of work back and forth I’m
also going to have to do one coat let it dry for an hour and then come back to it
and do it again I’m going to put some paint in this container I’m not sure if I have to saw anything anymore, right? I don’t think I have to speak anymore, i’ll probably mute this video. Yea, I’m just going to get painting you guys, i’m just going to get painting I guess I’m not going to talk anymore I’m just going to use this paint brush. I don’t know, should I talk should I not, I don’t know, but anyway.

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26 thoughts on “REPAINTING Green 1940’s SHOES With Black Leather Paint


  2. A pesar de ser un par tan antigüo de tacones, estaba muy bien conservado, te felicito por tu increíble trabajo, les has dado como una segunda vida, estan divinos 😍👌👏

  3. I love them! Plus when it's in black and white they look black anyways so I think painting them black was a great idea.

  4. I think maybe you could use another green , more dark cause its strange to found a pair in that colour; anyway, you did a great job with the painting

  5. Rip pretty green shoes. .. hello Black Beauties!! I love green but the black is very nice indeed!

    Also you gave me such anxiety not wearing an apron while painting! I was like please don't get it on your clothes 🙈lol

  6. I loved your restoration of those lovely shoes and can't wait to see you fix up more vintage shoes on your channel.

  7. Aww. I like them green but they are pretty all together. I find 1940s shoes are extremely flattering than today's shoes 😍😍

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