Replacing a Utility Knife & Box Cutter Blade | DIY

Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101 Today I want to show you how to properly change a blade in a utility knife. Lets get started. So I have my utility knife here this is just
a standard utility knife. This is like a five dollar utility knife you can get more expensive utility knives, unless you’re a contractor or or one of those guys that are using it professionally every day, this will do. This is a very simple unit. Now I’m going to show you how to change the blade properly you need a number two Phillips and we get out of my case here. OK and i’m just going to unscrew this Phillips screw right here. I’m gonna take that out. Remove the screw and then you just pop this top off. This whole mechanism comes out of the
utility knife, like a casing and then in the back, typically in the back of the utility knife itself they give you a little package of additional blades in
this case they give you four extra ones. so you take the blade out of there you take this the mechanism that it snaps into so now, there are two holes. There’s only one you can get it into alright, so two slots they see those two
slots you can only get it into one and that’s the only way will fit and it
should fit snug in there you shouldn’t get a blade that is sloppy and moves
around and it should just fit perfectly as i’m showing you here and once you
have that you can just slide this put it back in there but the key to this
is pushing this down so it will slide back and forth. Now when you put the top on, there’s a lot of people running into this problem. If they don’t put that in properly it won’t adjust for you and then this is like a hinge you just snap
it in like that and before you put the screw when you start screwing it make
sure that you have rotation; that it’s sliding back and forth for you. Put the screw back in put the screw, just snug the screw don’t over tighten it don’t I just tighten it. I just tighten it till it stopped and there you can see that it was freely a lot of times people over tighten this, put all their muscle into it and then in
this case it’s not happening but in some utility knives it will not function
properly. There you go thanks for watching. There you go. Subscribe, Like, Comment. Visit us at For 50,000 skews right off the
rack, ready to ship. We look forward to seeing you in our next video.

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