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Review of Artistry Personalized Selected Serum Blending

Review of Artistry Personalized Selected Serum Blending

Hello, today, we have brought you the newest Artistry Personalized Selected Serum. This is the based serum which we proudly demonstrate to you guys. First, it’s the “F”. It’s for firming. Next, what is the “S”? The “s” is for spot collecting one. Yes, spot collector and also anti-wrinkle. It does also help anti-wrinkle. So, what we have selected for Khun Joom’s skin, There are 3 amplifiers together with based serum. First step, uncover the base one. then, blend with the 1st serum. “F” –FIRMING AMPLIFIER well locked and backward twist. yes, twist it backward. Oow!! It’s ok for the first serum. Next, It’s the “S”. Twist the cap until it’s locked. Then, just twist the cap. We can clearly only the 1st Amp when it’s rushing down. The last, it’s “W”. We hardly see it. Let me focus the camera. Ok. The “W” is for anti-wrinkle. So, let me say again. There are 3 amplifiers for your skin. They are for brightness, anti-wrinkle and firming. It’s practical since we can select them our own. That’s why we call SELECTED SERUM Finished!!. Then, it’s a cleaned-packed pump. It’s only that you select them, blend them yourself. Depending on your skin type. This is the newest innovation on it’s 1st day launch. today. Then, just shake it for 60 sec. if we finished , we can apply it after cleansing step, toner then the serum and finish with moisturizer. UV sunblock and your daily make-up.’s ready to use. Here, we get our ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT PERSONALIZED SERUM.

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