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S3 E28 How much power do you have to use against youself to not be the gift that you are?

S3 E28 How much power do you have to use against youself to not be the gift that you are?

Hey everybody, welcome to the crystal crawford show It is January 13 2020 in real time, and I called this week’s episode How much power do you have to use against yourself to not be the gift that you are? so This week just so you guys know on video. I’m in an air B&B in Florida and I just finished facilitating a four day foundation class, which is one of the core classes of access consciousness and a total fuckin gift and We had three amazing women that went through this class Hi, Paulina, and I created this topic because I’m starting this well because so many reasons but one of the things that’s happening is I’m starting this program a six-month program called become money and In the foundation class we go through all the different topics about life living money relationship sex all this stuff but inevitably Everybody’s got questions about money and how do I change money? and how do I actually create my financial reality in a way that works and One of the most powerful tools that I have ever come across any money tool ever ever in the history of my life has been how to become money workbook how to become money workbook by Gary Douglas and hi Sonia, hi Reshma, and So I’m starting this six-month program. You’ll see a link for it soon and I’m sure I’ll be loud and doing all kinds of videos about it and Basically, what we’re gonna do is every two weeks we’re gonna go through the entire workbook which takes two to four hours and Then the weeks in between we’re gonna do something called a revenue stream incubator call Because for me money is this on it’s an ongoing Facilitation of being all of me money is an ongoing Facilitation of being all of me now the reason I called this show how much power do you have to use against yourself to not be the gift that you are is Because this is the thing I see over and over and over that people do to Not have money they use their own power against themselves now I’m not exactly sure where this show is gonna go today I’m gonna start talking about a few things and we’ll see But what the question I’d like to ask you is like what would it take for you to be willing to take up the challenge? Of who you truly are that’s the invitation of how to become money workbook What would it take for you to take up the challenge of who you truly are? See the thing about the thing about money is that you never have a money problem. You just have a being Problem and it’s not even a problem. You just have a places in your life Hi Claire, where you haven’t been choosing to be all of you I want to give you a few examples and tell you a couple of stories about this that are really really fresh Because I just facilitated a foundation class and got to hang out with these amazing women You know I have a lot of really recent Conversations running around in my world and one of the conversations I got into with one of the class participants was in and around Doing live videos now She’s a Bars facilitator. So she works with the access consciousness tools. She loves facilitating. Hi Rita You know she wants she’s very very good at sharing on social media She’s got all these pluses going for her right? She’s gorgeous. Hi marina All these things, right? and She’s very aware. And this is what will happen in your world You become you will become very aware of when something is like Pinging you to start doing right? She’s been being pinged by do live videos do live videos people need to see you on video This has been just like kind of like, you know buzzing around her head like a like a little gadfly Daddy so But the thing is for her is that doing live videos feels feels like things, right? Like it feels like she can’t it feels like she’s gonna run out of things to say yet. She also is Bilingual so it’s like well god if I do the video in this language and don’t do it in this language, and then you know There’s all these considerations About showing up and doing live videos and I can relate to this cuz like literally the show that you’re watching right now took me Almost two years of not doing it to start doing it. Hi mark and so I get it I Understand it but I also know that choosing to do this weekly show and show up with you on live videos is one of the choices I’ve made in my business career so far that has like exponential eyes my business and When you are asking for more money, what’s going to show up? in your world are ideas and people and Conversations and sometimes more money cash but most of the time Possibility shows up dressed in overalls and looking like work now Work for me is not actually work because I love it. I love to work. I love to work a lot I love what I do So it doesn’t feel like work But I read that quote once and it actually the original quote that I just like spouted off. What went like Opportunity shows up in overalls looking a lot like work, right? And that’s one of the things you’ve been paying to do amazing. I’m not hi Carol. Hi. You’re not Heidi men So here it is. Here’s here’s my friend And what’s showing up in her world is this possibility of doing live videos that she is using so much power? to not do She’s thinking about it. She’s dredging it. She’s projecting and expecting on it. She’s stopping herself. Dynamically Oh, by the way, did you know that you are the only one that can stop yourself? you’re the only one and instead of just using that Uncomfort energy because that’s what happens when you start looking do they looking look at doing something new you get all this uncomfort energy Instead of using that uncomfort energy to just like dive in and do it wrong do it badly do it? Anyway, she’s using all that uncomfort energy to stop herself and overthink and judge and that’s what we do To stop ourselves we have to stop – for us to stop by the way We’re like, we have all the energy of like a locomotive train on steroids for us to stop ourselves We have to use all of our power against ourselves and that’s where all the judgment comes from and that’s where all the thinking comes from as we I mean The only way you could stop is if you would judge yourself out of existence, right? otherwise, if you had no point of view, you’d be just like a kid right kids just Like there was this kid in the foundation class. He’s so fucking awesome. He’s ten years old and we had this, you know, We were all hanging out one night around the fire. I rented this amazing big house And so we had like a pool and a fire You know all this incredible food. And so anyway, we’re all outside and he’s in and out of the pool. Just being ten and One of the conversations that he got us into he initiated. Hi, baby. I did say was Okay, we’re gonna play a game and he’s like The game is gonna be called. What is your secret superpower? And he was like, I have all these different secret superpowers. What is yours? And so we went around the circle and like he had each of us like talk about what our secret superpower was and then it got to him and he had like six different secret superpowers and the list kind of kept going and it was so it was so cool on so many levels because like the first thing I noticed is that it was all very Much easier for us adults to talk about our secret superpower with a ten-year-old who had no judgement of that But then the second thing was like he was so excited to celebrate Himself, and he had no point of view about that. He knew he was awesome And so he was just out there busy being awesome. He’s like I’m a great manipulator Amongst a bunch of other things, right So there was in his world this incredible celebration of himself And he just invited us all to celebrate ourselves too. Because of course why wouldn’t you and So it was this it was this unbelievable example of something that we as adults never choose we don’t choose to sit around and look at what’s amazing about us today and how we can use that to create more in the World, right? We just look at me. What we think is wrong with us why we can’t what’s what we’re sure is gonna happen what we project and expect must is gonna happen, you know, like That’s the power we use against ourselves to not be the guy so we are that question how much power are you using against yourself to not be the gift that you are how much a little bit a lot or megatons and Everything that is times a gazillion. We you destroy and uncreate it. All right wrong Good bad, putt POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds it and so you can run that clearing I mean like if you’re into clearings, I’m still figuring out the curls and how these things work. Can you guys tell? How do you way you can run that as a clearing But you can also just ask like if you get that you’re doing this in any area, right? We’re I’m using the example of like someone who’s like not choosing to do live videos Even though it’s like hitting around hitting her on the head But if you get that you’re using power against yourself to not be the gift that you are go Well what gift am I that if I would choose to be it would create more money than God what gift am I that I would choose to be it would create more money than God and I keep I circle back around to the moment When I started this show that you guys are watching now so many times Because I can’t tell you the number of things This has created for me literally like you know that we’re into year two and a half We’re into the half year mark of season three, I think somewhere like that and My my live classes around the world are starting to grown out with people that have been watching my videos Two years and three years and that’s something you should know it’s like People actually have to stay connected to you and receive from you for sometimes 3 to 5 years before they ever buy from you So my live classes are starting to fill now My online classes are starting to fill now and I travel places now and people are starting to recognize me just run this one choice and And and there’s like so much more than that that got created through my willingness in my world just in my willingness to show up Every week and so there’s all these futures that got created from one seemingly simple choice that I finally just gave into and My question for you would be like, what are you currently listing? How much power are you using? Yes, I am talking to you. How much power are you using to resist what’s asking you to give it attention and If you didn’t use that power Against you and you could use it for you. What would your life be like? Would it be less or would it be more and What would it take for you to be willing to have a life? That’s more The smaller you create your life and I mean energetically smaller the smaller you create your life. The less money will be in your world That’s just true That’s just how it works money comes to the party of joy and you know when you look at a kid’s world, for example Or that ten year old that I was talking about You know their world is so like just malleable and whatever and playing with this and trying that and play it you know until they figure out judgment they are just their being and they play and so that you know, I Kid example actually, I was in Australia hanging out with Danielle toolies two kids. They’re amazing in D and J and I’m probably gonna get their ages wrong. I think in ds-11 and J is eight but so I Mean we we hadn’t met before so the certified facilitator class was the first time and they were kind of just like I was just another one of their mom’s friends for a while and then one morning I brought in a suitcase full of pearls because I was selling them or showing them or seeing what I could do with them and So Indy was really curious and she came up and just to see what I was doing What are you doing over here, you know and I showed her my pearls and you know, I said well I’m pulling these out to see if people want to buy them. She’s like, oh, they’re really beautiful So she really started appreciating them and I was like, well, do you want to wear some she was like what? you know instantly her world was like you’re gonna trust me with those and I’m like, absolutely and I said just you know, If people asked you where to get these pearls just let him know they can get him from me so we put on these pearls and you know, she was she felt so Amazing and special and she is amazing and special. Um, why was I telling you this? I’m going to lose my point. Oh, I know why I was telling you this so so anyway So I know I was telling you this so she had on this Pearl necklace set and probably combined with the earrings and the necklace It was about three thousand four thousand dollars. Which for an 11-year olds is the good chunk of change, right? England I knew Tina so But I she was like oh and you could see in her world that she was looking at. How could I have these for myself? How can I have this reality for myself? You could see the wheels turning and So I you know pretty aware I noticed and so I said to her I said well I wonder what you could create to Have those and it was the first time that had really kind of occurred to her that she could Create something that maybe would allow her to have this incredible gift in her life. You know this hi mark, hi Jenny necklace and earrings and I said, well what kind of what kind of sessions do you do and Because I know they know bodywork, you know they know bars and they know body were and so she said well, I do aura readings and I was like Oh you do. That’s so cool. How does that work? And so it takes her two minutes and she like literally looks at your aura and she tells you what it means and so, you know Two minutes and easy for her like she can totally do that. And I said, well, what else do you do? Well, I do bars and I do body work and I said oh, that’s cool I said did you know that there’s kids that travel around to all these high windy all these major access classes and they make like Sometimes over a thousand dollars just doing sessions on people. Did you know that she’s like oh no, I said yeah, I Said so what could you is there anything you could create? that would create more money in your life so that you could have this and she’s like, yeah, okay and Within like I I think it was what’s in like something like an hour or something crazy like that She had gone around and like read a few auras and she came back with cash No point of view about money being difficult no point of view that she couldn’t do it no point You that if she said this out loud people were gonna judge her. You know, she just did it. She just chose it The funnier thing was that so that was cool The funnier thing was I didn’t really realize that her brother Jay who’s younger was? he I knew he was there he was with us as we were talking about this but he didn’t have any jewelry on so I Wasn’t really directly talking talking to him. Um he had been listening and He got really excited about it and ended up going up on the stage In these big access classes for those of you guys that have never been on there’s the stage on the front and he went up On the stage like, you know got the microphone and said hi everybody I’m Jay and I’m gonna be at the back of the classroom running bars and body Processes for a dollar an hour for anybody who wants a session and Jay made something like 120 dollars that first day. Hi Beck Hi, Carrie so it was it was these three kids that I’ve you know in that I’ve been talking about showed me something so Dynamic that I really hadn’t ever seen so up close before and it was that space where money is so insignificant and just a choice that in a moment, you can just choose it and pop something up and have it and Gary says that in the foundation manual he goes you don’t have to be smart to have money You just have to be willing to ask for it and have it and those kids showed me exactly what that is You don’t have to be smart to have money. You just have to be willing to ask for it habit. I was like oh So, where am I refusing and and and Where am I? Refusing to be the gifts that I am that if I would just choose to be the gift that I am would create money You know, cuz that’s exactly what they did there. I mean, it’s so clear to see with kids so that they’re a gift well, some kids are assholes but let’s just say we’ll talk about the most most of the kids actually look like Very cool. Uh It’s clear to see with a lot of kids that they’re a gift But we miss it on ourselves. It’s like once we grow up and we get into this adult body It’s like that goes that their gift goes away or is it like we’re no longer the gift that we were we’re now in this big adult body that we get to judge continuously non-stop 24/7, you know, so yeah, so I looked at their reality and I was like what would it take to have and choose to be that kind of ease with everything and And that’s what I’ve been really playing with lately Like if I were willing to have that kind of ease, you know that mantra that we have in access consciousness Say it ten times in the morning and say it ten times at night All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory all of life comes to me with these enjoying clear It’s not just something to say it’s actually something to be And That’s what I’m talking about How much power do you have to use against you to not be the gift that you are? like literally if these kids had sat I mean it would have been almost ridiculous for us to see these kids Sit somewhere after that being Suggested and to sit somewhere and let go through the litany of why they can’t we would have been like what do you mean have? You met you like you’re cute. You’ve got everything going for you. Of course, people are gonna say yes to you We would have been sitting in front of that kid doing that crazy shit going Are you talking about your like go just go, you know? But they didn’t even stop to do all that shit that we do they didn’t stop to stop themselves They just went they were just like okay. Oh, I’ll do that. I’ll try it. I’ll see what happens, you know so What would that be like for you? Are you currently functioning like that in in your life or are you doing something else? right like And that’s like relentlessly choosing. I love that danyoung I would add like choosing with absolutely no point of view to cuz I mean, I love the word relentless personally I have a class called relentless prophet that I love and that is a part of it for me It’s like being tenacious and relentless, but these kids showed me even a different facet of that Which is that the space and the ease with which they chose had zero Significance zero solidity zero any of that other stuff that I like to that those four synergies? Those are like yeah take over them a little bit I and you know, they’re lions, but they didn’t have to do any of those energies to have money. They were just themselves cute This is the thing that probably sticks us about money more than anything is like it can’t be that easy like it can’t be that easy to just show up and be ourselves and like have money right we can’t just like Have money today. I wonder what I can create to have it. You know, I wonder what that would take I wonder who I could ask you wonder. Hey, you know what a neighbor across the street hasn’t leaves on their lawn I’m gonna just go see if they want me to rake those or I don’t whatever We sit in our houses and make ourselves wrong and like and just think about things and overthink things and try to figure things out And try to all the power we’re using against ourselves to not be the gifts that we are So here’s the thing about about being a gift is you don’t have to believe you’re a gift to choose to be it As a kid school fundraiser selling felt heavy to me cool you don’t have to believe that you’re a gift to Choose it You do have to choose to be it And fun fact I have a store called Club choice if you want to go check that out. They’re the new the My English is broken today the the stuff that’s in the shop right now is all around awareness as the new black That’s our latest collection Awareness is the new black and we’ve got foam cases and t-shirts and all that stuff And if you want that stuff go get it cuz it’s about to be changed into a new collection Which is gonna be the fuckin I’m a gift collection. Fuck it. I’m a gift. Fuck it. I’m a gift Over thinking about doing live videos. I don’t know that and fuckin. I’m a gift I’m just gonna show up on my video and just fuck it up royally. Fuck it. I’m a gift right and That for me has been what’s required to move forward financially I have had two apparel Yes. Thanks, baby I have had to in so many different tents in increments in so many different moments go fuck it. I’m a gift and just Show up anyway so I Guess I I guess You know the show is really more sort of a talking in and around the topic and in the hopes that you start to recognize Maybe where you’re doing that maybe where you could make a different choice? the tool to use if you are, you know doing it fuck my favorite tools for this particular topic are to Fucking I’m a gift and never mind. Those would be my favorite tools when you get into the shit’s and you’re like overthinking and doing all that brain stuff just Do anything to change that would be my favorite tools? But I guess my third favorite tool would be like if you are choosing to stop yourself from something You know is next like, you know, it’s gonna it’s pinging you, you know, you know And you’re just not doing it would be to just let yourself. Enjoy your misery Cuz here’s the thing guys. Yeah, the bottom line is changing anything And I know I’ve said this before and I’m gonna say 2 billion more times. I love you to marina. Hi patty um is that the the humanoids humanoids us creative folks in the world humanoids We we only change things when we’re bored. And that’s the thing about money That’s the thing about money. It’s like first of all, we don’t have a money problem We just have a creation, right? We’ve just got a we have a creation of less than or a creation of not enough And and what’s really going on is we’re not choosing to be the gift that we are we’re not choosing to be all that we are if we were choosing to be all that we are we’d never have a problem we Would just be ourselves and create what we wanted. Hi, Jamie So So to change money you’ve got to get yourself to the space of fucking I’m a gift and Of course, that’s what the money work because for you know It’s it is I’ve gone through that workbook now at least 35 times and Gary says go through it a hundred If you want to have a hundred million dollars in your life go through that workbook a hundred times. So I’m on my way We’re getting there. This year will be another Every two weeks for six months more. So this year will be another 12 your maybe more and So then so going through that workbook, you know creates for you the space where you actually get to be Power awareness creativity control money. That’s what’s really true about you That’s the crazy thing I think about this whole money thing and I know I’m not finishing any sentences today. I’m so aware This is so EDD, but that’s the thing about money is like what’s really true about you is that you’re a gift That’s actually what’s true but the way we function in the world and the way we function with money is though is as if we’re not That’s how we function like you wouldn’t only choose not to do live videos If is if you’re certain, you’re gonna fuck it up you’re certain I’m using live videos like a fiend today and you’re just gonna have to take your thing and insert it there But the only for what reason would you choose to not do those? I’m starting I’m gonna fuck it up I’m certain I won’t have anything to say I’m certain that somewhere in me is a wrong thing That’s gonna get exposed on live video I’m a hundred percent sure of it. I’m saying it like it’s a fact because of course it is Whereas if we were functioning from a totally different space of like oh my god I’m such a gift like what what can I create to put this gift into some sort of formal come partake of me? We’re not functioning from there, I mean that would be amazing we’d live in a totally different world Instead we live in this world where we just judge ourselves know this stuff 24/7 for what reason? Because we do because we do because we’re certain at the base of everything that we’re Wrong and bad and vicious and mean and awful So for me, I don’t know. I don’t know where you’re at with us. I don’t know what it is You’re willing or not willing to choose in regards to this Money changes when you’re willing to have it and you just make a different choice But you’ll only make a different choice and head in a different direction with the creation of money When you’re willing to when you’re bored of what you’re already choose and I guess that’s that was the point I didn’t make it like five minutes ago humanoids only change things when they’re bored You don’t change things from the judgement of them or from making yourself wrong enough where? They changed things when were just bored literally I didn’t start this show until I was so bored with not starting it that one day I just scheduled it and sent an email so that I just fucking show up for you guys So here we are today So one of the questions you could ask is what would it take to get bored faster But also like how much allowance can I have for me right where I’m at and then what would it take And what would I like to really create as the world? You know if it’s about videos What do you what do you wish existed that you’re the source of What do you wish existed in the world that you’re the one to create Nobody talks about things like you do. Nobody expresses things like you do. Nobody thinks about things like you do nobody Words don’t come out of your mouth like they come out of my mouth Ordains mouth or any mouth. No words don’t come out of your mouth Like they come out, you know, like hey pre nahi adele. So what are you the source of that you haven’t yet claimed and If you were willing to be the source of it, what could you create and how much money would show up to? support you And so this is just one facet of the money conversation It is it’s a massive facet it gets like, you know, half the stone or whatever. It’s a big one and there’s more But the bottom line is that you don’t have a money problem. You’ve got a beam choice you’ve got something you’re choosing to be that isn’t the gift of you and You’re using all the power you have to not be it to not be the gift that you are it takes an immense power And so there’s so many cool things about that if you if you have that amount of power to not be the gift you have that same amount of power to choose to be the gift and what would that be like and What would you have to choose ask? be to have Your reality with total ease and I’ll finish with these two questions that I gave my foundation class this this Week. I’m like, what’s time? What is my reality and where do I find it? What’s my financial reality? And where do I find it? If I weren’t functioning as anybody else or trying not to be this while trying to be this while judging myself for being that That’s getting kind of boring. You know, if I were willing to be the gift that I am what’s my reality and Where do I find it? Fuck it. I’m a gift Interesting, I’m so excited for that new collection to come out man. You are good Everyone’s getting swag you get a car you get a car you get a car you Guys all know. I’ve made it when I’m just like sending you free t-shirts You’re gonna teach it. I don’t don’t pay me. I don’t care. Oh, that’s funny. Um, Anyway, I want to invite you to just keep your eyes peeled for become money. It’s coming It’s a gonna be an amazing program and if you’re really ready to change money in your world like for ever come play with us and also like If that’s not your thing go find the how to become money workbook you can go to crystal Joy, Crawford comm slash my favorite things and there’s a link for it right there because that’s one of my favorite things and it’s not it’s just know that it’s not one of those things that you just go through once you need to go through it every Two weeks until the money changes for you and I guess that’s it on that topic. I’m sorry. I’m trying to get my computer to respond So it the other thing is that right now in this moment in real time. It’s 3:30 I am going into the awareness challenge right now, which is my free Facebook group to launch a new 30-day challenge Which is where we do one excess tool 30 times a day for 30 days So I’m going now to go over there and do that and you’re invited if you haven’t yet joined the awareness challenge I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a game-changing group and so come join me now if that’s something that you’re into the awareness challenge : how aware are you a free Facebook group and Out of that free Facebook group if you end up liking me being live every day doing it with you You can join the advanced awareness challenge, which is $20 a month, but first step is get into that group Come on around we’re over now. We’re gonna go to start a new challenge What would it take for you to be willing to take up the challenge of who you truly are? What would it take for you to begin to choose? what you’d really like to be with yourself and How much power do you have to use against yourself to not be the gift that you are I’m grateful for you Share this if you loved it, and I’ll see you next week

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