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Sakuems Art Supplies Haul + Next GIVEAWAY ?!

Sakuems Art Supplies Haul + Next GIVEAWAY ?!

Hello everyone ! it’s Sakuems here ! So this video is gonna be a haul I know i did one like 4 months ago but i mainly got things for giveaways ! soooo It’s for YOU guys ! it’s a haul for you ah ah ha 😀 So i got everything from a store called gersteacker and this is not sponsored, i’m just telling you If you live in Europe, this place is the best place because this is way cheaper than most other places, just sayin lol So i got : something very big that i can’t show which is this classico 2 pure linen canvas 40 x 60 cm It’s pretty rough I wanted this to be super smooth so i will prime this with gesso or something This is a high end, high quality linen canvas And i want to do something on this, because, galleries really like when you work on linen Way more than working on cheap cotton canvases So that’s why i got this one, it was on sale. I only got one because its very expensive So i don’t want to mess up lol ! i’m gonna pratice on something cheaper first haha ! but i wanted to get one, so i got a canvas 🙂 Then i got, this 30 brilliant colours set of the Triplus fineliner by Staedler I use this ALL the time in my artworks ! i love it And so, basically, what i want to do is keep some of them for me of course And also … probably include some of them as like … giveaway prizes ! I don’t know how to split this yet, that’s why i got the whole set. Because i want to include some of them for later giveaways So i got this set. They basically are sharp liners.. very handy. And like, very very sharp. So i really like those And they work great with copics ! So i got the set of 30 colors and that’s pretty cool 🙂 I also got ….. er … something that’s for me, not for giveaways lol So i got copics inks ! and you’re probably wondering like .. what the hell ? Why did i get the exact same color ? lol Which is the RV06 ahahaah, i actually didn’t ! When i open the box, this was like, laying down like this And i was like “what the hell ? i didn’t ordered 3 colors, i ordered just 2” so what’s happening ? And so, the reason why, it’s because like, this color is E43 and it’s brand new, all wrapped up in plastic So i got this one because my marker was dying And i also got that RV06 ! and the reason why i got this is because i actually ordered it before, and i paid for it But i was refunded because apparently the color was “discontinued” And then, at that time, i was like “omg i will never get this color again because it’s discontinued” So i went on this gersteacker website, european art resaler And thank god, they had the RV06 color ! SO i was like “yeah i can get it ” AND i received 2 lol what just happened lol ? I thought they messed up but no, they just aren’t brand new like the other color ! they are a little bit used, i don’t know if you can really see that They actually don’t miss much, barely 2 or 3% in each bottle Let me compare with the other color …. yeah like, 1 or 2 ccs (the copic ink graduation) But since they aren’t brand new, they included 2 ! but they miss so little that it’s like having 2 bottles ;D i’m just so happy right now lol because i have a LOT of ink now My RV06 marker is gonna love this ! AND on top of that, it’s really cuts down the cost of one marker since i can refill it so much ! less than 1 dollar 🙂 Pretty cheap, so pretty cool to have 2 of those ! 😀 Sooo next things are Prices for the giveaways ! 😀 YES, multiples giveawayS I’m saying that because i actually would like to have your opinion About giveaways schedule 2 options : A – every 10000 mark, i do a giveaway with one winner only, then 50000 mark and i do a ART CONTEST OR B- I wait for 25000 mark, i do a 3 winners giveaway, then 50000 mark and i do a 3 winners ART CONTEST The prices themselves don’t change, it’s only the giveaway schedule and when i give the prices. So yeah, if you could tell me what option you prefer below, that could be nice ! 😀 I will still do an art contest no matter what but not until the 50K mark. With an extra random price as well Both options are good but option B means that you’re gonna have to wait for a long time between giveaways So yeah … do you prefer more giveways, one winner, or one giveaway and 3 winners ? It doesn’t change anything for me, i already have the prices and the shipping cost is pretty much the same. It just means that i will spend more money for a one time giveaway or i can space my expenses every 3 months. So what do you think ? option A or B ? i will do what you prefer 🙂 SO this video is just like, a sneek peak for the upcoming prices 😀 plus a lot more things, like other markers those ones ! And a lot more cool things that i will show in the giveaway video lol ! I just have tons of things and i’m gonna split up them into price packs 🙂 SO, for next giveaway winner, i got this Daler Rowney Graduate sketchbook very thick paper, but soft cover, pretty handy and not too heavy to carry Last giveaway, i wanted to give a sketchbook but it was super heavy, and super expensive to ship lol ! So i couldn’t do it ! that’s why i’m happy that i was able to find a light weight one 😀 SO i can ship this one yeah 🙂 And no one is going to be jealous because it’s the exact same sketchbook for all winners lol ! I also got those 3 UniPin fine liners in black, 0.3 mm ! I used one in my last “3 markers challenge” and i really love it ! AND the main “big” price for each winner are going to be those Derwent set of pencils Each one comes with a sharpener, and a metal box 🙂 I actually own the 6 Drawing box and i really like them 🙂 I haven’t used them a lot but still enough to tell that they are pretty good for sketching and toned artwork And they work great on like brown paper specially, they are soft pencils. And i wanted to get a set for you because u know, it’s nice to work with ocres,browns sometimes, instead of graphite The other set is basically graphite pencils that are watersoluble, which sounds pretty cool as well ! And the last item is this Derwent Studio medium quality pencils. i wanted to get something that all artists can use They are just basic colors, sharp leads pencils and i think everyone can use them so yeah ! 🙂 It’s not a crazy price but i will include other cool things with it ! I’ll save up for a bigger price for the art contest 🙂 And u know, a basic tool is always great to practice, learn shading and do great art ! And that’s pretty much it for this haul ! i hope you’ll like the prices ^^ I’ll see you next week ! Bye 😀

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77 thoughts on “Sakuems Art Supplies Haul + Next GIVEAWAY ?!

  1. I would prefer the first option, So that since everyone is getting all exited, they wont have to wait long. (Even though it wont take quite that long)

  2. oooh I LOVE the uni pen fine liners as well as Derwent pencils (I also use Prismacolours .3.) … They are what I use 😀 It's awesome that you are doing a giveaway. It's so kind of you ^u^

  3. I think it would be nice if its ever 10 thousand 🙂 but I really don't care either way, I'm just here for the awesome art 🙂 

  4. Hey this question isn't really related to this video but I saw that you and other artists that work with copics have those little round stickers on their copic ciao to write the number on. Where can I get these?

  5. I would prefer 10 000 please 🙂 will the contests be drawing entry or just random winners? You made a very good choice with the prizes 🙂 and I'm looking forward to seeing what you will make on the canvas!

  6. coucou j'adore vos videos mais c'est vraiment dommage qu'elles ne soient pas en francais parce que je lutte un peu a comprendre l'anglais 🙁

  7. I think your first option of 10,000 gives your subscribers who have been with you longer more opportunities to win rather than potential picking numerous new subs (which I know you appreciate everyone who does sub)

  8. I'd say to go for the 25,000 because then that's in the middle of your 50,000 subs landmark 🙂 We don't mind waiting a little bit longer :3

  9. I think either giveaway type is fine, but if you do the 25000, 50000, etc one you should give a sort of option of if the 1st winner can choose if they want sketching pencils as opposed to the colored pencils (just as an example) in case they already have colored pencils and need sketching pencils or vice versa. Again just a suggestion n-n

  10. I don't really care Cuz both of them are basically the same but ya😂 I kinda wanna pick 3 winners, but I don't want to wait so I will pick 1 winner every 10k 🙂 thank you!

  11. omg i'm really wanted a sketchbook but here in the netherlands they just nog sel them so i just work on line paper now

  12. I have been subscribed to your channel for a while now I love it and would  be happy to win anything  I have never won anything ever 

  13. Has anyone else noticed that she has a northern accent? I heard it when she said the words 'rough," and 'gesso." It sounds so unique and, quite frankly, adorable! 🙂

  14. Those staedliner or whatever pens,I love them so much -.-
    1 winner every 10,000 or 1,000? Might end well,but its sad that there's only one winner

  15. I really love art supplies I'm a fan of
    Ur drawing and you must know that art supplies are expensive my friend is in the hospital and she is in love with art her birthday is coming up and I really hope I win so I can give these to her thanks for everything!

  16. I like watching drawing but I never tried to draw like I mean a professional drawing. If I win I will try to pursue my dreams and that is drawing

  17. Sakuems I’m in love with your art :3 seriously i watch your videos for inspiration and just for fun. your probably get this a lot but I’m a huge fan and your work inspires me to continue drawing and painting. i have never used copic markers before and they look so cool thanks too you I’m on my way to get a set tomorrow! hopefully they won’t be to expensive, because last time i saw them they were very expensive i hope i can start building up a big collection of them like you :3 keep drawing ^3^

  18. Hello guys ! just wanted to say that if you want to win a bookmark + print or an original artwork of mine, you can support my channel on patreon with just 1$ and you'll get a chance to win one of those cool price + follow my doodles and upcoming artworks ! you'll get almost 6% chance of winning something (instead of less than 1% with regular giveaway) and you can support my art at the same time <3

  19. I didn't understand what I need to do to win these amazing prices, I really love to win and i am still commenting, what I want to say it is that I love art and I love your art, you're so good your the inspiration for me, I really love you I hope I win and you art are so realistic and unique, bye

  20. i admit you are very talented and you helped me alot in drawing, but can you also help yourself in dieting?

  21. so i hit the button there.. haha.. well yeah i know that you are an artist and not a model, but you must be responsible to your own health and body. take that as an advice not a criticsm.

  22. I have never worked with Copic Markers. Probably due to the price but have been thinking about it. I have worked with regular markers not like you. You are amazing and inspires me to draw even more. I use drawing as therapy keeps my mind working. Due to memory problems drawing/ painting keep me sharp so I have been drawing and painting again. Thank you for your videos.

  23. I watch u st least 4 or more shows a day if not more.1 winner. their have more for the person. I wish I could just draw a little as good as u.and with 1 winner u can get different stuff in stead or lots of one think. I would like even used art stuff. I trying to start over.paints and love love you and ur work.

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