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Sally and Possum Season 2 Episode 12 – Paper planes

Sally and Possum Season 2 Episode 12 – Paper planes

– Hello! – Huh? – Look! – Aw! – Hmm! – Wow! – Look! I’m Sally. – And I’m Possum. – Hello!! – Ohhh, whew. Oh! Ooo, ohhhh, awww! Bye bye. – Hello everyone. I’m just off the cheque my letterbox to see if there’s any mail in there. Hello, Possum! – Hi, Sally. Ahh! Hello, Sally. – Hello, Possum. You came down very quickly. – Well, I am a possum, and we are very fast climbers. It was easy. – Yes, that’s true. What were you doing up there? – I was just up there enjoying the beautiful view, and watching those beautiful, clever birds flying around. They are so clever, watching them use their wings and flying around. I wish I could be like a bird and fly. – I know. – Sally, what’s that? – It’s a letter. – No, no, what’s that? – Oh, that means this letter flew here. – It flew here? Like a plane? – Yes. No, no, no, no. It can’t fly. It means the person who wrote it posted it and put it into a bag and then put it on an aeroplane. Then the plane lands, the bag is unloaded, and the letter is delivered to my letterbox. – Ah, I get it now. The paper is like me. It can’t actually fly. – That’s right. But you can make something that does fly. Do you remember making a beautiful kite that sailed in the breeze? – Yeah, can we do that again Sally? – Mmm, I don’t think so Possum. It’s not windy enough. – True. – But, there is something else we can make out of paper. If we fold it into the right shape, we can make it fly. – We can? How? – I can show you inside how to make it. – Yes, please. – But before we do that, why don’t we watch some children making paper planes? – Yeah, let’s watch! Aww. – Possum, weren’t those children clever making those paper planes? – Yeah, I want to do that, too, Sally. Have you got any paper that’s shaped like a wing? I want to make a plane, too. But how do you make
planes stay in the air? – Well, a plane staying in the air is a very tricky concept
to explain, Possum. You see, there’s air all around us, but you can’t see the air. But, it’s always there,
pressing against us and pushing us up and down. With a paper plane, the air skims across the top and the air underneath pushes it up. I’ll show you. Can you get a piece of
paper out of the box? Now, get the straw. Now put them together. Roll it over. Right. Now, blow above the straw. Above… and blow. Go. – Ahh! – Look. The paper went up, flat. That’s because the air is skimming over the top, and the air underneath is pushing up. – Sally, it’s like a wing. – Yes. That’s right, Possum. It is like a wing. Right. Making a paper plane uses the same principle. When you throw the paper plane, the wind skims across the top of it and the air underneath
is what keeps it up. But, there’s something else we can’t see called gravity. So while the wind is pushing the paper plane up, gravity is pulling it to the ground. – Huh? – It’s hard to understand, but that doesn’t matter. It’s always interesting
to learn new things. It doesn’t matter if
you understand or not. – Can we make a paper plane that just flies and flies and flies and flies and flies and flies and flies and never lands? – You can try, Possum. I’ve got the instructions on how to make a paper plane in the drawer. Can you get them out please? – Okay. – There’s the instructions, Possum. It says ‘How to Make a Paper Plane’. This tells us what we need, which is just some good
construction paper, and this shows us how to fold it, see? Now, we just need a piece of paper. Pick one, Possum. – Okay. – Now, follow the instructions. First, we need to fold it in half. That’s good. Right, now place it flat on the table. Good, now fold the corners in. Good. And once you’ve finished that, you fold them in again. – Again? Okay. – Great! Now, fold the point back. – Okay. – Great, now fold it again. Yes, and to make the wings, you fold it back onto itself. – Okay. – That’s great, Possum! – Look, Sally! – That will fly through the air. We’ve finished! We’ve finished making our plane. – Ah, yeah! – Would you like to throw it now? – Oh, yes! Look! – That was brilliant! – Sally, can I make more in the backyard? – Yes, of course you can. I have some other things to do in here. Off you go. – Sally, watch me. I’m going to show you something. – Hmmm. – Ha-ha! – Oh, wow! That was amazing! Your plane flew all the way around there. Wow! – See you Sally! – Ahh, look at all of these. Beautiful. Hello, Possum. – Hi, Sally. Sally, watch this flight. – Oh, no, no, no! Possum, you can’t fly! Stay there. – No, Sally. The paper plane. Watch this. – Oh, wow, that was great! That was great, Possum. That flew very well. – Thank you so much for teaching me how to make a plane out of paper, Sally. – That’s okay. – Now I can do it any time I want. All I have to do is fold the paper and watch the plane fly. – That’s right, Possum. You’ve done a great job following the instructions and making planes. There are all sorts of different planes you can make. Look, it’s lovely. You’ve done a great job, Possum. – Sally, look. It’s a bird. – Yes. – Sally, I may not be
able to fly like a bird, but I can make a paper aeroplane and watch it fly. – Yes, yes you can. That’s great! Well, our time is up. – Thanks for watching. – See you next time. – Bye! – Bye! – Sally, look! – Look. – Haha!

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