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Sandwich Trailer | How to Make Everything: Sandwich (1/12)

Sandwich Trailer | How to Make Everything: Sandwich (1/12)

With every meal you eat, You partake in a global trade network that brings food from around the world to your plate. What if you need to do it all yourself? What would it take to make something as simple as a sandwitch if you had to make everything from scratch yourself. Well that’s what i’m gonna try and do. (Upbeat techno music) (Moo) (oh) (Laughing) (Upbeat techno music)

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30 thoughts on “Sandwich Trailer | How to Make Everything: Sandwich (1/12)

  1. If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch; you must first invent the universe.
    -Carl Sagan

    However if you wish to make a sandwich from scratch, it only takes you about six months apparently.

  2. This is a good illustration of the value of specialization and the division of labor, as it shows a bit of the complex production structure that we routinely rely on.
    But it could go even further as this is not really "from scratch" if you count all the advanced tools that he used. Robinson Crusoe would spend even more time to get this sandwich.

  3. this is an excellent demonstration of why free trade and Capitalism are what creates wealth, while government and socialism bring starvation. The division of labor and trade makes an impossible task for a single person, possible and cheap.

  4. Bruh why couldn't you just put all parts in one vid, I hate when people split it up, nobody wants to click on another one every 2 mins 12 times

  5. You should make some chips, with salt to make it harder. Put the chips on the sandwich to make it tastier. I always put chips on my sandwich.

  6. oh dude if I started making things from scratch like that, there’s no way I could continue to eat meat. absolutely no way. I can eat meat without guilt when I’m not responsible for the death, I can feed my snake without guilt knowing he needs to eat and the rats were killed humanely beforehand. but personally beheading a chicken I have raised from egg is too far for me

  7. I saw an add for some science channel subscription one of these videos ….
    Does anyone know what I am talking about?..

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