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Satellite Art Show | Art Loft 810 Segment

Satellite Art Show | Art Loft 810 Segment

I’m Brian Whitely, and I run Satellite Art
Show. It’s an art fair in Miami, and I’m the founder
and director. We’re in Jon Gomez’s Chicano-themed tattoo
parlor, and Jon is an artist based in LA, and he comes from a lot of the culture there
that mixes kind of like low brow, high brow, and Latin culture. Right now with the live tattoo that I’m getting,
that same type of idea where art can be this high brow, low brow, art for the people. You can leave from this fair with a tattoo,
artwork on your body, buy a painting, experience immersive rooms, and artworks, and installations. So we basically are trying to provide opportunity
for people to have access to art without feeling like you have to just be a collector. We have about 30 projects in here. Each one attracts you into the space and provides
you with some different type of engagement. Artists like Kyle Heinly from Florida, who
is a artist who has been battling cerebral palsy since he was a child, who found art
as a therapy. Beautiful works, and we have other artists,
like Carla Maldonado, who is from Brazil, who deals with the deforestation, and the
rain forests, and climate change. Juan Bravo from New York, where you are literally
flying through space, and inflatable objects that will inflate and contrast based on your
presence next to them, mirrored rooms, 3D map rooms from an artist named Holly Danger,
and it’s a lounge area. You can, it’s kind of like a therapy and a
calming area for you to experience and soak in all of the visuals that you are getting
impacted with. The work here is from a wide variety of people
with different backgrounds, and what I’ve been trying to do with them is propel them
to kind of make these spaces the most exaggerated form of what their artwork can be and should
be, and so the diversity of backgrounds and culture, and where their experiences are coming
from can be heightened when you add a submersive element to it, and people can really get saturated
in just one person, or this one artist’s idea that they wanna convey to you, as well as
typically going to meet the artist or the person behind the work instead of someone
just trying to simply do maybe an art sale, so people have really interesting and in-depth
conversations about where their practices, where their ideas come from, and they leave
this art fair feeling like they’ve learned something valuable, or learned more about
culture. My name’s Carla Maldonado, and I’m a Brazilian
artist. To me, this work is pretty much me going back
to this romantic idea of what the Amazon Forest was, but at the same time getting to know
that the only way that this forest is gonna stay alive is if these indigenous activists
have the power to keep doing the work that they do for humanity. Everything that we need right now is coming
from 60% of the remaining rain forests that is now in Brazil, and it’s in danger. The newspapers, the news are actually like
the current news that I’ve been dealing with for the past few months. The act of printing and putting them on the
wall, just putting a red blinking light is just trying to remind people that this is
still happening. Museums are coming here to see what’s next,
and who to pick up, and who to show, and I think that’s the testament to what we’re doing
is that we’re trying to build a platform for where the art world can go in the future,
not what’s happened in the past. We have something for everybody, so when they
come to the fair, they have this experience where they feel included. There’s something for you there. And that’s, I think, the magic of it. [Interviewer] Have you ever done an interview
while you got a tattoo? That’s a definite no.

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