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Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts: Mental Maths Quiz | Ok Tested

Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts: Mental Maths Quiz | Ok Tested

Hello guys! What’s up?
Team science is back. (Both) One batsman has been playing and the third one has entered. But this time we will win!
I hope he keeps the pride of being a commerce student. Arushi was doing all the work so they wanted to balance it out. – So, they have removed Arushi and put another Kanishk here.
– I’ll tell you something. Off camera, I used to tell all the answers to Arushi. Team commerce has been changed. Team science has changed. All of them together want to defeat us. They should not be trying to defeat us, instead focus on winning. Look who is sitting next to you for the mental mathematics quiz. – Kaustubh Chaturvedi.
– He is mental and I am mathematics. Mental math ? Basically, you won’t be given any pen or paper. You have to calculate in your head. I was very bad at math.
I will calculate 7 + 5 on my fingers.
(Explaining the number system. )
We are going win this. (x4)
We will get 20 seconds to solve the each equations. Josh, we will give our best today. I can only give you my blessings today, not answers. – Just a minute. 4X5=20.
– Dude. Shut up. – 210.
– No. 310 (x2) ( Calculating. ) 210. 210. (Both.) 210 is final. It’ll be 310. How? – One second.
– 310. (x3) Boom. You had to do 20 + 1 which would be 21, not 30. – Sorry dude. Got it now.
– It’s okay. (x2) Commerce needs to change the subjects, not the team. What is 7 x 9? I don’t know. I told you I don’t remember the 7 times table.
( Calculating. ) ( Next level calculations. ) 243. It cannot be wrong because we are in Josh (Alert). That sounds wrong. 263. Two zero.. 213. What’s happening ? What’s happening? I’m telling you this is too much pressure. You guys are playing with our brains. – Is 8 x 8=64 ?
– 64? ( Calculating. ) ( Calculating. )
( Calculating. ) It was 288, right ? ( Calculating. )( Calculating. ) 1804 Rupees. Two, two, eight, four. 2304. One second. ( Dancing. ) Oh damn. This isn’t working out for us. Do you know where I am going wrong every time? The multiplication is fine, but in the end when I have to add the last digit I’m making a mistake. 18 x 6=24. Damn dude. This is such a silly mistake. They are such bast**ds. – They didn’t give 280 or 250.
– 288 (Both.) What is this?
You could have talked to the shopkeeper and settled for a round figure. Like bhaiya just keep 300. 20.48. No dude. It’s going and coming, double. 10.24 in a day. So. 10.24 multiplied by.. ( Calculating. ) – Oh. We will double 40.28.
– 40.96. – 40.96 ?
– Ya. No. It’ll be 10.24 because he will be coming back home. 10.24 (X2) Yes, he comes back home. ( Calculating. ) It will be 25 point.. It’ll be 35. Okay, give the answer. 35 point something. He did to and fro so 5.12 + 5.12 ? Then where did you get 20 from? That’s why. I thought you did the calculations. I suddenly got 20 in my mind. You know if Arushi would have been here then she would have calculated the distance travelled to get vegetables… …distance he travelled to go for a movie or bowling. And how much he travels during his sleep. Arushi would have told everything. Is he an idiot? Just travel by metro. Just take a metro or an auto dude. That’s how I used to travel. What an idiot, he walks for 5 Kms? He must be first bencher. It is 48 multiplied by 4? Bod. B,O,D. Bodmas. ( Calculating.) 222. That’s the correct answer. F**k. Is it wrong ? Oh my god. 192, not 196. I don’t know why I thought 196. Sh*t. 192 + how much ? 26. Two two. How much was it ? Eight. (Both. ) 228. ( Both.) 192, 198, 208. 218. (Both) Just give us two minutes to cry. (x2) 68. 78. – 88.
– Shut up. 90. (x3) Solve the equation inside the bracket. It is eight. (x3) – 90.
– Ya. (x2) 48. 50, 60, 70. 70. 502. I didn’t understand the question. 502 ? Was there Bodmas in this ? We won it. Team science. Common. We have been told that we’ve tied with commerce, but we beg to differ. I think we won this with commerce. And even if it’s a tie. They have studied maths. We have kept the pride of commerce by continuing with the streak of losing. I want to break a myth that all science students good at math. That’s not the case, not all science students are good with numbers hence they don’t come in the exams either. That’s why some of us end up here. There are a lot of other things in life other than math. So if you scored 40 in math then stay happy. So, if even you.. If you also solved the questions with us.
And even after that you got the wrong answer. And even then there was no improvement in your life then LIKE this video. Share SHARE it. And in the COMMENT section write problems and questions for your friends so that they keep solving them for millions of years. And SUBSCRIBE to OK TESTED. Let’s go and give a hug to the commerce and arts teams. They can hug each other since they are on the same level.

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100 thoughts on “Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts: Mental Maths Quiz | Ok Tested

  1. Antil
    Its very wrong that u disgrace maths in every comparative videos like this
    And today what you said "commerce walo ko subject badalne ki zaroorat hai " is very bad
    U can't say like this
    Every subject has its own significance for God's sake
    Whosoever agrees
    Please like

  2. Commerce ke pehle do answers ke baad hi mai video band kar raha hu dekhna. Aage dekhne ki himmat nahi ho rahi. Ok tested mai kaunse commerce walo ko le liya hai, humare pure kaum ka naam duba rahe hai.

  3. science bro's are the best of course, and thank god commerce tied with arts Verna mujhe fir se afsos hota 😂 always loved Antil 😇❤️

  4. Bhai ek samay laga commerce ka khaata bhi nhi khulega par laaj rakh li laundey ne😂😂😂😂kaustubh was best man!!!

  5. Itne km akal Commerce wale mena apni lyf m nhi dekhe mtlv hd hai yr humri kaan katwa di tm logo ne mena haar prblm 10 sec k ander calculate kr di jis m se 4 thik hai 😒😒

  6. Commerce walo bht naak katwa diya…. Ku hug re ho br bar.. Agar Peat kharab h to toilet jao idhar Mt Hugo plz.. Bhai

  7. 1.46 Antil is Right 😋😆😂🤣🤣 Science students are never over confident unlike others 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣and they always win 🎃🎃🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  8. In the tables all you need to know is the number, ×5, ×10(which everybody knows without learning) and then add or minus the number from it. Josh was doing that i guess. Paper pen hai nahi aur fir bhi hawa me likhne me point nahi hai shayad

  9. A commerce student has the fastest calculation compared to other two. But I have no idea why Kaushtubh and Shivam just made commerce look dumb…

  10. all correct 🙂
    but why you always asks questions related to maths or reasoning? it is unfair to Arts and Commerce.
    maybe ask some question from basic history or social or economy or combination or all….that will be fair and interesting.

  11. Saala Commerce walo ki kyo naak kaat rahe ho harami. Commerce wale harami hote hai but mandbudhi nhi. Harami hone ke liye bhi budhi chaiye tumne waha bhi katvaya hoga. Cheating se pass hue they kya madarchod.

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