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Scoreboard Gift Box

Scoreboard Gift Box

hey everybody this is Mary Deatherage
with StampsnLingers and I’m coming to you today with a video tutorial for
Splitcoaststampers. I’m just going to move this just a little bit to the left and
we’re going to make this cute gift box with cardstock and designer paper – any
kind of patterned paper you like – and we’re going to use a scoreboard of some
sort, whichever one that you happen to have handy. This is a nice little box,
it’s great for any kind of a gift. The the size across the bottom and sides is
3 by 3 square so it’ll hold a nicely sized gift either food or or something
fun like gift soap because who doesn’t love a good old pump of gift soap? and
it’s very sturdy because we made it sturdy so that it would hold a heavy
bottle and it’s got nice finished edges on the lid and on the top of the box.
This particular one is about 6.5″ tall and it was designed to
hold a Mrs. Meyer’s 12.5 ounce
bottle so if you happen to need to put 12.5 ounce bottle of Mrs.
Meyer’s Clean Day pump soap in a box this is the exact right size. But I’m
also going to show you how to modify the height so that you could put a different
size gift in. Let’s set that aside and we’ll go ahead.
First let’s talk about a little bit of math. Don’t be scared it’s quite simple
math really, what we want to do is figure out how tall a box needs to be in order
to fit your gift. So first off you need to know that the length for this
particular box will always be 12 inches so it’s always going to be a 12 inch
piece lengthwise. To figure the height or the width if you will first determine
the height of your bottle – this one is about 6-3/8″, and I rounded it
up to 6-1/2″. You’re going to take that number and add 2-3/4″ and that is how you determine how wide your piece of
paper needs to be. So in this case
I came up with a 9-1/2 inches by 12 inch piece of cardstock. So 12 and 9-1/2. Let’s see somewhere here I have that cardstock – okay, so this
is the cardstock we’re going to use today, 9-1/2″ x 12″ is the box
itself and that’s Coastal Cabana. Then I have a lid that is 6″ x 6″ – that will be the same size regardless of what height your box is.
And then we’re going to have a bottom square too to finish off the bottom of
the box and that is 2-3/4″ by 2-3/4″ and that’s all in the same color.
Then we have some pieces of cardstock and some patterned paper of your choice.
In this case I used Flirty Flamingo for the cardstock to create my mat and I’ve
got some Let It Snow DSP from Stampin Up for the sides and for the top. This is
actually just the reverse of the other design. Here’s my only tip if you
pick a designer paper that needs to be right side up – you’ll want to be paying
attention to that when you adhere it to your box
I promise, because otherwise you’ll end up with one panel like that and then
people will be like whoa that’s weird and then you can just say well I’m
eccentric, yeah, and pretend like you meant to do it that way. So these are
the card cuts. I’m going to go ahead and leave this for just a beat
so that you can see that. You could stop the video here if you want and I’ll also
put it in the written form of the tutorial. Then this is the math that
you are going to be working on – measure the height of the gift – that becomes H.
Then you’re going to determine your cardstock height or width is H plus 2-3/4 like we just talked about and then the score lines on the long side
the 12-inch side will always be 2-7/8″ and 5-3/4″, 8-5/8″ and 11-1/2″.
On the short side though you’re going to have to adjust it based on the height
that you have elected to make your box. You’ll always have a score line at the
half-inch along the short side and then you’re going to score at 2-1/4″
from the other end so basically the width minus 2-1/4 inches so in this
case that’s 9-1/2 minus 2-1/4 that comes out to 7-1/4 inches as my
second score, and then the lid is 6 by 6 and these are always the score
lines -1/2″, 1-1/2″, 4-1/2″ and 5-1/2″. So let’s show you that!
Here we go. I’m using a score board and we’re
going to score our box – first start with the 12 inch side across the
top and as I mentioned earlier we are going to score at 2-7/8″ and at 5-3/4″ and at 8-5/8″ and at 11-1/2″. Then you’re going to rotate 90 degrees –
you can go either way but I tend to go to the left just because it’s easy, and
remember I said the first score is always going to be at a half an inch. That’s
actually creating the top of the box and then the next one is the one where you
took the width minus 2-1/4″ so in this case we had 9-1/2″ – one inch, two inch, two and a quarter gets me to a 7-1/2″ score line.
Okay? Easy peasy. Now just so I can show you the lid
I’ve already scored it but it’s very simple. It’s a six by six inch square.
Place it in the corner and then you’re going to score at 1/2″, 1-1/2″, 4-1/2″, and at 5-1/2″. Rotate once 90 degrees and then again at 1/2″, 1-1/2″, 4-1/2″, and 5-1/2″
and then we’ll set that aside and that’s all you need
the scoreboard for. We are done with that. Now let’s start with our
box base and the first thing to do just to help
you out is to fold all of your scores and give them a good burnish with your
bone folder. It really helps to kind of keep track of what’s going on if you if
you do these folds ahead of time. sometimes it’s it’s a little more
complicated to figure out where to put your adhesive and we’re going to do that
before we start putting things together, so it’ll help you if you get everything
scored all right now. I have made a few of these in the last week because I
decided to give one to all of my friends who will be at Christmas dinner on
Wednesday which meant a total of five six seven nine boxes, so yeah I’ve made a
few boxes. So we’ve got everything folded – let me show you how
it kind of comes together. You can see you have a half an inch across the long
way, that becomes the top of the box so here’s the top of the box, here is the
bottom of the box. These are going to fold in to create the bottom. This
half-inch along this side is what’s going to hold our adhesive to create our
box. Why do I show you that? because it helps you to figure out where to put
your adhesive. I like tear-n-tape for these kinds of things because it’s the
strongest holding. So what we’re going to do first is put a piece of tear-n-tape
along the score line, get as close to the score line as you can because this is
where you’re holding your box together and you don’t want any gaps. So just
run your tear-n-tape like that on the other side. the other side we’re going to
put the tape to hold our top lip and when I get this done I’ll kind of
show you and you’ll see how it comes together and then I think it’ll be a lot
easier to visualize it. If you think that through the Box folds
together like this so that’s why the adhesive is on that side of the
cardstock and once it’s together the lid the top of the box lip is going to fold
in so that’s why the adhesive is on that side. The last little bit of
adhesive we want to place is along the flaps and we’re going to go on the same
side that you put your adhesive to hold the box together,
okay, so opposite the lid, same side as you put it on to hold it together, and
you can just run some tape on there and by putting the
tape on first and then making your cuts you get nice neat edges of adhesive. So
speaking of cuts let’s go ahead and get started. We’re really just going to
create tabs here so go to where the two half-inch score lines come together – you
can see there’s a little square and I want you to just cut a diagonal right
across there. Then make your first fold and go from the score line to the edge
like so. Fold the next fold along from the score line to the edge of the card
stock and then your final fold from the score line to the edge of the card stock
and then on the end you can just go and create that other little ear so you see
what we’ve done there, we’ve created ears. Look how tidy the tape is by
cutting that by putting the tape down before you make the cuts.
Otherwise you’re trying to line it up and trim it off so that’s a much easier
way to do business. Let’s do the same essentially on the other side
here where you’ve got this little tiny rectangle – the first thing I want you to
do is just make a diagonal cut from the bottom to where the score lines come
together and then make another diagonal there. so you’ve cut ends on both
sides of that small half inch and you have started your your little ears there
for the tabs. So then we’re going to close up and do essentially the same
thing on this side that we did on the other side of the cardstock. I’m going to go
right up to the score line and cut. Fold, now you can also go this way if you
prefer. For these longer cuts I do better if I go from the bottom up.
Then make that final fold. Easy-peasy,
and we are almost done cutting here. Then go ahead and tabulate that last
piece. So now you can see what we’ve got. This is how it looks on the
other side. To put the box together just fold in
the first score and remove your tape and then fold the other end over
and really work to get that cut edge lined up with the score line, that’s kind of important right here and that’s why you put that
tape so close to the score so that the adhesive would be right at
the edge and make it good. Give it a little burnish, all right?
Easy peasy. Now let’s go ahead and decorate it. I can tell you from
experience that if you forget to do this part and need to put your panels on
after the box is already assembled you can do it I promise but it’s not quite
as easy. So let’s do it like this and pretend like we know what we’re
doing. so when I first saw this box created out online the demonstrator said
that the glue would help to adhere and strengthen the cardstock and I think
that actually is a valid point, so instead of just using adhesive right at
the edges like I normally would with liquid glue I put it along all inside so
that that’s going to all bond with the cardstock fibers and help to strengthen
your box. Here again this is where it’s important that you put the right side up.
This is the bottom, this is the top, so the snowmen really ought to be standing
up. We’re going to put them on just like that. I love how the
flirty flamingo looks with this pretty cardstock. We’re going to do that
three more times but I’m going make sure to put it on right side. Not saying
I’ve ever put it on upside down but I absolutely have put it on upside down
so don’t be like me. OK, here we go, get this done. Now when I first started
making these cards I I got a little bit carried away with thinking I could match
up designs but it works for a couple panels and then you get to the end and
it goes to pot so don’t even worry about it, it’s just not a thing.
So you can just kind of flop over – what I do want you to try to do is to try to
line up the tops and bottoms of your mats as well as you can just so that
it’s a little tidier. Then we’re just going to fold our way around the
box and adhere all of these panels. Not sure if this will get sped up
in post-production but if it doesn’t you can always fast-forward through. All
right there’s the last one there. We’ve got one more to go and then we can put
it together and you’re going see it become a box and it’s kind of cool. I’m
really actually very impressed with how strong this is. I mean I don’t know that
I’d put a barbell in it… why you’d give anybody a barbell as a gift I don’t
really know but if you’re gonna do that I’d find a different box. That’s just me
though. But I think it will work swimmingly for that Mrs. Meyers soap and
I made some with some a little more masculine paper to give some Gojo in.
So there we go. Now let’s go ahead and fold the tops down the top
edges. Let me close my glue here so that I can use it later. All we’re going to do is
just reach in and pull the tape and bend over the top and give it a
little bit of a rub and then just do that three more times and it really
finishes the top off very nicely to have that edge there like that instead of an
open cut edge and it makes the whole thing sturdier and much easier to keep
square. I’ve made boxes in the past that didn’t
have this and it’s not nearly as nice so this is a good step. There you go and
you can see how the top of the box has come together. Now to put the bottom
together we’re just going to fold these flaps in like that and you can see it’s
kind of ugly but we’re going to cover it up and it’s going to look better
and be stronger so just bear with me here. You’re going to pull these pieces of
tape and because it’s covered is why I didn’t get real head up about
where the tape went when I was setting it down at the very
beginning. One thing you do want to do here is as you’re putting you to the
flaps down you want to square the Box up a little bit. Now you can’t push real
hard there because you know you can’t really push against nothing but you can
reach in and give it a little push like that with your hand. Then
do again and pull off the tape cover. now you could also use just a
liquid glue if you want – I prefer the tape even though it’s going to be
persnickety since I’m on camera why wouldn’t it be
I mean sure but I like the tape. that’s how I roll. So we’ll get this
last piece down and we’re almost done with the box and then we’ll put the lid
together lickety-split and we’ll be done. So just kind of square as you go
and you can pick this last tear and tape up and then we’re going to put the cover
on the bottom. The cover is just a piece of the same color cardstock, it’s 2
and 3/4 inches square and I’m going to use some liquid glue so the box is going to
be real sturdy now with the tear and tape and the liquid glue kind of all
around it. You just want to Center it best you can – I don’t think anybody’s
gonna get their micrometer out but you’ll know if it’s caddywhompus.
Then you can turn it upside down and give a little press on the
inside like that and there is your box. Really seriously
how cute is that box? and it perfectly fits the Mrs. Meyer’s.
So let’s set that aside and make the lid. Now I’m going to tell you
remember we did four scores along the six-inch piece and then we turned it and
did another four and so you want to just give those all a good fold and a
burnish. I probably should slow down just a little bit before I make a
mistake. That has never happened to me. I have never made a mistake said no
crafter ever, but we all know that those are just opportunities to embellish and
change your design. So we’ve made all of our folds. I’m going to go ahead and
adhere my lid topper on and again this is a 2-3/4 inch square of Flirty Flamingo and then my
patterned paper which in this case is Let It Snow DSP and I’m just adhering
that in the center of my lid. You can do that after the lid’s together, I just kind
of like to do it ahead of time because it’s easier for me and I’m all about
easy. Turn it upside down. First thing we’re going to do is we’re going to mark
halfway, so from here to here the middle square is three inches so against
this little score line here just make a little mark at 1-1/2″ and then
opposite at one and a half and then draw yourself a little line here and there’s method to my madness I promise. Now let’s go ahead and put some tape for the same reason that we put
tape on ahead of time before. because it’s much easier when you’ve cut
it to have everything already adhesivated.
We’re going to put tape on the inside of each of these
little panels like this – I love to I love this tape I don’t know if you
guys used to use the red colored one from Stampin Up, but boy that was so hard
to get the top off of and it didn’t tear. You literally had to cut it
with with scissors and it was very very annoying. So now what we’re going to do
if you recall when we saw the lid we have these little holes in the side to
hold some ribbon so that you can tie the box together. I am using the detailed
trio punch from Stampin Up but you could use anything that would create a likely
sized hole but I’m going to show you something cool about this. We’re going to
put a hole on this end on this side on this side and what I want you to do is
just fold your fold over, not adhere it, it’s not adhered yet, it’s just folded.
You’ll see on this particular punch there is a line there, and what you’re
going to do is line that line up with the pencil line that you
made on the cardstock and that’s where you’re going to punch.
now I can tell you that if you forget this step and get everything put
together it just doesn’t work as good I promise.
So you really kind of want to do this before you get the Box put together. We’ll get that punched. There we go, so you can see my
little holes there. Now we’re going to do some cutting, so stick with me. Start out
with your thumb holding like this and that’s kind of your starting point.
You can see you’ve got these little squares surrounded by score lines – what
you want to do is cut from the edge right to the second score line and then
do the one right next to it then rotate 90 degrees and again on the right side
square – right side, not this side right side- go from the edge to the score to
the second score line like that. Rotate 90 degrees and do the two score lines right
next to each other from the edge to the second score line, and rotate 90 degrees
to do the final set. So now you can see what we have is four flaps
that run opposite directions Now we’re going to make our little ears
again. I like ears, we like ears! On our first end we’re going to cut a
tab like that and you can see that cuts off this large piece, and you can
just rotate and do the next one, rotate do the next one, rotate and do the
last one like that. Then on each of the tabs the little square tabs
you can cut the end off like that. Now after you’ve made nine or ten of these
or two you can combine some steps but just for clarity’s sake we’re going to do
it kind of one step at a time. Now I’ve cut all the tabs off. You can
see I’ve got four tabs going opposite directions like that so now I’m
going to just ear them a little bit which means you’re taking out
card stock basically to make it a little less bulky. All I’ve done is just cut
at a diagonal to create the tab and then you want to match the tab there
like that so that this has the same kind of clean line, and then just do that at
each of the tab corners. I can assure you once you’ve done two or
three of these you’re gonna do six or twelve at a time you’re gonna do all of
the card the cuts at once and be like Mary why why why did you do it so so
methodically? well because it’s easier to learn methodically and then get better
at it. Also I have a much better chance of not screwing up if I do it like this. When you get done making your lid it
should look like this – you’ve got a tab and a tab and a tab and a tab. Okay? Easy.
So now we’re going to fold our edges in, take off the
tape, fold over and give it a rub and then just roll around like so and
we’re gonna erase that little mark before I get much further – it’s really really hard to
erase it once you put the box together I promise so
don’t do that. Sorry for the wiggling of the camera. There we go and we’ll just pull the rest of these off sorry for the out-of-order-ness
there but I didn’t want to forget it. and we’ll get the last one going like so. Now
flip the box over so that you’ve got your DSP showing, and we’re going to use tear and tape and liquid glue, and I’m using the tear and tape on
these flaps to give a little holding power while the glue sets.
I’m just putting a little bit of tape on each of the tabs – remember we’re
on the same side of the cardstock as you put your
DSP top, and then pick up the covers of all four tabs like this and then we’re
going to put some adhesive. Now here’s the trick I want you to remember – I want you
to put a little line of your glue as close to that score line as you can
because that’s going to help you make the corners of your box be nice and
tight. We’re just going to do that all the way around and the final one like that
and now all you’ve got to do is fold up the pieces and sides and hook
things together. And my little cat, you may hear her in the background she’s
just screaming for no apparent reason. So you can see I’ve just tucked that in and
it is headed here to the inside of the lid and you just go around and do that
all four times and if you got a little too much glue give it a little wipe,
and then drop your lid, there we go, and then the final side, and then take
your bone folder and lay the lid up on its edge and stick the bone folder right
in the corner. Can you see what I’m doing there? sticking it right in the corner?
and then giving it a good burnish right in the corner and that should help to make
the corners stick down better. To finish off you’re going to take some
ribbon – I’ve got some ribbon here and now I’m not going to even tell you how long to
make this. I made mine about 35 inches long because I’m horrible at making bows
and I knew I was going to have to make a bow on camera, so you can do however
long you need but basically you’re going to go from the inside of the lid to the
outside with one end and then go from the inside of the lid to the outside
with the other end and then kind of keep this up like this and we’re going
to stick it on top of the box. Trust me when I tell you you can put your gift in
first would be better, and then put your lid on and then draw the ribbon up like
that and then straighten everything up and tie your
bow like so and you can see I really got it too long because public bows are
difficult for me and so I wanted to give myself a fighting chance of making a bow
without looking like a complete fool so I gave myself extra ribbon. So
there we go and then you can tidy it up to make it
look gift worthy and put on a cute little tag and you’re ready to go.
Alrighty I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and I hope you’ll make yourself a nice
gift box the next time that you need something. Thank you so much for watching. Bye bye.

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  1. Loved your video! SO easy to follow and it's refreshing to meet a fellow crafter who has never made a mistake!! LOL!!

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