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Scratch-Off Valentines

Scratch-Off Valentines

– [Jennifer] Hello there and welcome. This is Jennifer McGuire and I hope all is well in your world. Now today, I thought
I’d share with you ways to add scratch-off elements to your cards. Now, in particular, I’ll show
how to create some valentines that my daughter will be
giving to her class this year. However, you can apply
these scratch-off techniques to any cards that you may make. I will show you both how
to create scratch-off cards with premade scratch-off products. And then I will show you how to create your own
scratch-off products if you prefer to do that instead. But regardless of which way
you create the scratch-off, I think it’s a fun
element to add to a card. For the valentines I’m making today, I have two free downloads over on my blog. One is in black and one is in color, and I’ll explain why I have
the options a bit later. Now, these downloads are valentine jokes that your child can give to someone else and it has the joke across
the top, and the punchline will be underneath the
scratch-off surface. Now, when you print these, there are actually two
pages to each download, so you end up with 10
different valentine jokes. Now, once you print
these out, to cut them, you just follow the little tick marks that are provided on the sheet. Super easy to do, it
doesn’t cost anything, and I thought I’d share this with you in case you want to make the
same valentines with your kids. When you cut these down,
you’ll end up with valentines that are three inches by four inches, which I think is the
perfect size for valentine. For my video today, I decided to use the
black and white download, so there’s no color printing here. The reason I did that is because I printed these
on a laser jet printer. If you print with a laser jet printer, you can use foil on the printing, and that’s what I’m gonna show you today. It does not work with an inkjet printer. I have an inexpensive
laser jet printer at home that just does black printing, and I’ll link to it below
if you wanna check it out. If you do not have a laser
jet printer, that’s okay. You can just take the download to a local, Kinko’s or other print shop and they can print it for
you on a laser jet printer and then you could add the foiling. If you wanna save the time, you can skip the foiling and use it as is or use the color download. So, let me show you
how I added the foiling because I feel like it adds
a lot to this valentine and it’s very easy to do, and then we’ll do the scratch-off. I’m using an inexpensive
laminator for this. Any laminator should work for this. You can even use your Minc machine if you have one of the older
laminating Minc machines that Heidi Swapp offered. But today, I thought I’d share
using this basic laminator. This is the one that I use for all my laminating
purposes and for foiling. So, what I do is I turn it on, make sure it’s on the heat setting, and I let it warm up for about 20 minutes so that it’s good and hot and ready to go. The foils that I’m using
today are from Gina K. I really like the quality of her foils. They’re made by Therm O Web, which I feel makes the
best foils out there. And there are lots of colors, even some that have like a sparkly finish, like that Radiant Red on the left. You can find any color
you could absolutely want but I decided to go with
the sparkly red and gold for today’s examples. But the fun thing about foils is you can use more than
one color on a project, and I’ll show you how to do that here. You just need to cut pieces from the foil that are about the right size to cover the area you want in that color. So, I want the middle area to be gold. And then I want the sentiment on the top and the To and From on the bottom to be in the red sparkle. So, I trim those pieces down. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can see these are just quickly cut, and I’m putting right over that text, making sure that the red overlaps just the words that I want to be in red and the gold overlaps
the words I want in gold. I’m putting that into a folded
piece of parchment paper. I’ll link to the kind that I use below but you might have some other
parchment papers on hand. Now, I’m feeding this through my laminator and it will provide heat and pressure, which will transfer that foil
onto that laser jet printing. So now, I can just take
it out, peel off the foil, and I can reuse those foil pieces again, the areas that didn’t transfer. And look at that beautiful
foiling that we get. You can see how it adds
a little bit of fun to have that shine instead of just having
it printed in color. It didn’t take too long to
do a bunch of these this way, so I went ahead and did foiling the same for all of my examples today. Now it’s time to do the
different scratch-off features. I’m first going to show the
easiest way to do a scratch-off and that is to use scratch-off stickers. These are actually pretty
inexpensive, and Inky Antics has several different types
of scratch-off stickers available in different sizes and shapes. I decided to go with the two-inch circle
scratch-off stickers. This is the perfect fit for the downloads that I have available in my blog and I’ll link to the
ones that I use below. These are very easy to add to your card. All you do is peel and stick
it on like a normal sticker. However, I wanted to make
sure I got it centered. I figured if I put that big,
silver sticker down off-center, it would really stand
out like a sore thumb. So, I have another piece of
three by four-inch cardstock that I’m going to use as a template. I die cut a circle, center it up on that, and it is a little bit bigger
than the two-inch circle, so this is about a 2 1/2-inch circle. That way, I could line up the pink circle, put the template around it, tape the template temporarily in place, and now, I know that
inside of this template would be the perfect centering
position for the sticker. Now, this may seem excessive but I really wanted to make
sure I got this centered. To be honest with you, I ended up ditching the template later on and I just stuck the sticker
down from then on out and I was pretty good
about centering them. But now, I can know
that’s centered perfectly in covering the little
punchline to our joke. I used 80-pound cardstock
for the valentines so that I could feed it
through my printer easily, and that’s kind of lightweight for me. I like to use a heavier weight cardstock. So, to give it a little more strength, I decided to mat each of my valentines with a piece of red cardstock. It also gives it a nice finish look. Now, for the coin on the valentine, I tape it to the back
with some gold washi tape, Gold Glitter Washi Tape. I decided to do dollar coins
because I thought the kids would think that was really unique, but you could use a penny or
quarter or whatever you want. Now, all Lila and I have to do is write the little names on the bottom and we’re good to go. You could also put this in a little envelope if you wanted to. So here, you can see how
easily it scratches off. I just wanted to show
you one as an example. And you can see the gold
foil punchline underneath. It works wonderfully. Now, if you don’t want to
buy the scratch-off stickers, you can create your own
scratch-off stickers. It takes some time, but
really isn’t too bad to make a bunch at once. What you need is some parchment paper or leftover release paper
from an adhesive sheet. You put clear packing tape on it, so you saw I put some thick,
clear packing tape down under the parchment paper. And then you take a circle die
or whatever shape you want. Run it through your die cut machine. And basically, what you’re doing is die cutting a clear sticky circle. The tape doesn’t really stick that much to the parchment, just a little bit, so that’s why we’re using
parchment paper underneath it. So now we have a clear sticky circle that we need to add the
scratch-off feature to. I’m only making three here, but you could definitely make
a bunch of these at once. So, I’m putting the clear circle stickers onto a bigger piece of parchment, so I can paint them all at once. We’re going to create a
mixture of paint and dish soap that ends up being the
perfect thing for scratch-off. I’m using this Silver Acrylic
Paint from Dina Wakley. Now, this is a great acrylic paint. It’s a heavy-bodied acrylic paint, but any kind of silver acrylic
paint should work here, even the inexpensive stuff that you can get at a craft store. You can see that this one’s pretty thick and it’s just beautifully shiny. But really, whatever you’ve got will work. You could do other colors too,
but I think the silver look is what people recognize with scratch-off, so I think it’s a good option. Now it’s time to add to
this paint some dish soap. Any dish soap should work for this. I used what was in my kitchen. Usually, you want about one part dish soap for two parts of paint, but it really depends on
how thick your paint is. So, what I like to do is mix it up on a piece of scrap paper
or on anything else. Usually, I actually use my work surface but I wanted to be able to set this aside. So, I mix it up until you see it’s thin, that when you tilt it,
it starts to run down. You really don’t have
to have it just perfect. I found that this is a
pretty forgiving technique. You just wanna make sure you
put enough dish soap into it that it becomes a little bit thinner. Okay, now I’m using a foam
brush, any brush would work, to paint a thin layer of this
over each of the stickers. Now, you’ll see it’s thin, so it doesn’t really cover
the sticker completely, so I ended up doing two coats of this. Depending on how thin you made your mix, you might have to do more than two coats. Maybe three or four. But you can see how quickly
I was able to add this. Now I’ll set this aside to dry. And then later, I’ll come back and add another coat when it’s dry. So, you just kind of do it, set it aside, go do something else, and then come back and add another coat. But this is an easy way to
make your own scratch-off if you don’t want to buy the stickers. But honestly, I like the
look of the stickers, I like that it saves time, and the price point’s pretty good too. I just wanted to be sure
to share both options here in case you couldn’t get your hands on to the scratch-off stickers. Okay, so after I covered these
with two coats of the paint, I removed one of the stickers and I’m adding it down over the punchline. This is actually smaller circle. This is about 1 3/4-inch because my tape wasn’t wide
enough to do a two-inch circle. So, that’s something to keep in mind that you are limited by
how thick your tape is. But I think you can also use contact paper instead of packing tape
if you have that instead. Now here, I did a scratch-off just to show you how
well this scratches off. So, this is another option for adding a scratch-off
feature to your card. Before we go, I wanted to
show you this stamp set. This is from Simon Says Stamp that came out quite a while ago, but it’s called the It’s
No Secret stamp set. This was designed to go
with scratch-off stickers. If you look, there’s things like you can stamp It’s No Secret and then when you scratch it off, it says, You’re Amazing or Happy Birthday. There are even little images that say Scratch Here with little arrows, so you can add those next
to your scratch-off feature. So, even though I used a printed sentiment and printed card today, you
could instead do stamping along with the scratch-off feature. So, I like when there are things like this that allow you to get
more out of your products. All right, I hope this was helpful to you and that you’ll give a
scratch-off card a try. Perfect for Valentine’s Day but you could use it all year round too. If you’re interested in these supplies, I have all of them linked below
in my YouTube description. Also, be sure to go to my blog for a ton of more information, including those free downloads. And I know I say it every time but I really do appreciate the time that you spend watching my videos. I hope they’re helpful and
we’ll see you again soon.

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