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Scratch Removal in Avid Media Composer

Scratch Removal in Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer has a fantastic tool for
removing artifacts or single frame scratches with a video frame. Check out this short clip segment within my
sequence. Now this is a real world example of some footage
captured from DV tape. You can see there are some digital artifacts
within one of the frames. Move the position indicator one frame after
the artifact. Then press the add-edit button. Then move the position indicator one frame
before the artifact and press the add-edit button again. This will create a 2 frame clip segment. Place the position indicator back over the
frame that needs to be repaired. Now navigate to the project window and click
on the purple effects tab. From here, click on the image category and
look for the Scratch removal effect. Drag the scratch removal effect onto the 2
frame clip segment. When working with the scratch removal effect,
I’ve found it’s easier to close the source window within the composer window by dragging
the left edge to the right until the source side disappears. Then drag the left side of the composer window
back to the left to provide a larger work area. Now navigate to the upper left corner of the
timeline window and press the effect mode button. Choose one of the drawing tools off to the
right side of the effect editor window. In this example, I’ll click on the rectangle
tool. Then I’ll draw a rectangle around each area
that needs to be repaired. Now, if you have multiple areas that need
to be repaired you will need to click back onto the rectangle tool each time you need
to create a new area. What’s happening here is Avid Media Composer
automatically uses the previous frame in order to cover up the damaged part of the frame
you are parked over. Using the previous or next frame is usually
your best bet, since it will be the least noticeable difference between frames. When finished, click on the render effect
button and press okay. Okay, back up and look at the results. For other great tips like this or to enroll
in an Avid Media Composer training course, visit

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4 thoughts on “Scratch Removal in Avid Media Composer

  1. What about actual lens scratches throughout the whole shot? Or do I have to resort to after effects and tediously remove it in every frame? 

  2. Hi. Thank this clip is great! will this effect work with a dead pixel that is in the entire sequence? or can you suggest another method to cover this up? thanks in advance.

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