24 thoughts on “Secret Artisans door 120%! Spyro Reignited Trilogy

  1. Can’t even with platinum and all skill points. 120% and still want what ever is behind that door.

  2. Maybe you are to try supercharge or superflame the door some how even tho there isnt any power ups in Artisans

  3. Isn't that door basically the entrance where Spyro comes out of when you first start the game theoretically?

  4. what if all this speculation is for nothing, the door being that way is just like how they made the grass burnable. It was only done to make the game have cool little features XD. Not hating on those who say it might be something just throwing it out there it might be another Dark Souls pendant starting gift gag all over again.

  5. Hmm why would they put a door there and not have it open? Is toys for Bob and Activision hidding something from us behind it?

  6. Hey guys I hate to do this but I just wanted to say I'm streaming Spyro right now on my channel and about to stream in about 10 minutes, I would love it if anyone popped in and said Hello.
    Also I like subbing back and supporting other people who support me. Anyway, hope to see you soon! ^.^

  7. What about if all games need to be completed to their fullest in a set amount of time? Ie: all games amount to 3 hours? Anyone tried that yet? Speed runners?!

  8. I probably wouldn't give the door a second thought… if it were in the original game.
    But it wasn't.
    Which means it was added in on purpose.
    In an era where such a decision practically screams "new content".
    Obviously it isn't ready yet, but I will be very surprised if that door remains shut forever…

  9. We actually have all been inside the red door.

    For Luke it was his tree house
    For Nell it was a toy room
    For Steven it was a game room
    For Shirley it was a family room
    For Theo it was a dance studio
    For Olivia it was her reading room

  10. I also found a pretty big glitch in Spyro reignited trilogy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuSrsRcX1rA

  11. I would love to see them add a Spring homeworld in Spyro 2! Always found it weird that there were only 3 homeworlds in Spyro 2, while Spyro 1 had 6 of them and Spyro 3 had 4 of them. What was the reason? No, Dragon Shores doesn't count as the 4th homeworld.

  12. Idea here. What if it possibly has something to do with the Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy? I mean, there is a bundle the two games come in, and it wouldn't be the first time the two series crossed over.

  13. They are making another spryo game, inside scoop, this will be the area to go into it if you already own this game,

  14. Imo DLC world should be a callback to levels from other Spyro games redone in a classic Spyro format, this would be a great wink at Spyros history in gaming and honor other games he has been in without remaking them
    Say the Dragon Temple from the legend games is the main hub world for the DLC it could lead to 5 levels
    Coastal remains: A heroes tail
    Star Park: Season of Ice
    Cadaverous Crypt: Skylanders Spyro's adventure
    Jurassic Jungle: Enter the Dragonfly
    Mountain of Malefor: Eternal Night (Boss: Malefor)

    It would be a great callback and it would give fans of the other Spyro generations something to hold on to

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