Sherwood Forest Faire Artisans Full Length

Sherwood Forest Faire Artisans   Full Length

at sherwoodforest fair you'll find handcrafted flutes to perform a song whisks and brooms to sweep along hand blown glass to dazzle your senses and blacksmiths around to strengthen your defenses we have hand carved pipes and custom long bows hand-sewn and woven fabrics for you to bestow with custom hats all adorned with a feather you can create a memory for you or together if it's a mask for your face or adornments for hair we have handsome bonuses and corsets to wear we have a tire of all styles for him and for her we have spoons and kilts for those who prefer there are leather journals fine hats and such custom quills and inks that are craving your touch leather boots are plenty for your feet to enjoy handmade belts pouches and shields to deploy we have armor chest plates helmets and more and swords and blades for guarding your door on the tastier side we have oils and spices for the cook in your castle at reasonable prices we have soaps and lotions sure to enthrall a wide selection of fragrance suitable for all we have jewelry and treasures for you to wear ornaments and find gifts for you to share handmade mugs to toast to your health and hand-carved objects to show off your wealth we have toys and games for all to play housewares and candles to use every day with so many wonders for all to see Sherwood Forest Fair is the place to be

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