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Should we raid Area 51?

Should we raid Area 51?

What’s in area 51, I think we’ve heard the speculation we’ve heard all the what-ifs a Mysterious military government facility in the middle of absolutely nowhere is it aliens is It secret government experiments spy planes weaponry was this where I came from and all these questions all these Hypotheses, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Ladies and gentlemen Because any any answers that we get to these questions It’s not gonna solve this It’s only going to lead to more questions What about the camo dudes? What about Bob Lazar? What about the hot sauce? What about the singing crabs? So what’s really in area 51 I Have absolutely no idea what I’m gonna do a video about it anyway area 51 now first and foremost I just have to say I was really glad to see this topic actually get some attention in the press and kind of get people talking about it, but so silly as it is and Even though a lot of it is really joking and all that stuff. I mean the topic of UFOs aliens You know all this type of stuff right just the unknown in general. It just fascinates me I mean whether you’re a skeptic or true believer or you’re kind of on the fence or whatever whatever there is to it It just fascinates me It really it always has like ever since I was young. I would kind of wonder about area 51. Yeah, what’s in there? What’s you know, what’s behind all those fences those checkpoints and all that stuff. So to actually see people Talking about it and to kind of see something that I’m I’ve always been Enthusiastic, I gotta make a video on this I gotta share my own thoughts and All right. A lot of people have done this kind of thing that this already but I still wanted to talk about it. Anyway, so look I’m not gonna let time get the best. I mean, I’m just gonna go for it The first and foremost I do want to give a quick shout out Just to a couple of our patrons that have really just helped us become a reality Mike Clemens Thomas Forbes and the trees network are just three very loyal supporters slash the report of the week a good way to help all this out help the channel help the podcast the radio show Keep it afloat But yeah Area 51 speaking of the podcast if you’ve been a regular listener, you know, I’ve been talking about it a lot and you know There’s not too much crossover. It’s nice and fine. I’m gonna talk about it here, too But I did a whole show of actually the two shows about area 51 recently I was taking comments all this stuff some number one. If you want to listen to me talk for like two hours about area 51 Make sure you check out my podcast I’m kind of doing a dramatic little world in the chair But still keeping my my head kind of fixed on the camera why I don’t know just to do it area 51 Let me give you a little bit of backstory and then I’m gonna share my own thoughts on it it all started back in the 1940s where it was really it was an airfield, right and Of course, I’m giving a very abridged history you kind of flash fast-forward I don’t know what I was going to say there fast forward to 1955 and it became What they believe anyway a testing ground for the u-2 spy planes So while heading into the 1950s we’re getting into the Cold War It’s already kind of getting secretive and this base is already getting built up now over the next few years There’s already this, you know this air of secrecy around the facility But it didn’t come until 1989 when a gentleman named Bob Lazar Believe it believe him or not. He kind of came forward as an alleged whistleblower and Gave some interviews where he said that he worked at the facility as a scientist You know employed by the government and they were working on trying to reverse engineer alien spacecraft and that absolutely just sparked the UFO craze and then of course in the 1990s, you know people were just they were fascinated about UFOs There were a few calls Especially in 1997 into the art bell coast to coast am that again got people talking of course area 51 got featured in the 1996 film Independence Day and Of course every since that, you know, I think with all the increased attention no matter what’s in there You’ve had a lot of increased security but of course, you know, there’s the big raid that was It is scheduled for September 20th and look I’m gonna be a buzzkill right now I’m probably gonna be the ultimate downer right now. And that’s okay. I don’t advocate storming the facility I said it I said it and That’s my position. I Don’t advocate it. It’s a good way to get yourself injured arrested and perhaps some of the things that are in area 51 Are just meant to be secrets for our own good who’s to say so I’m not an advocate of it. I’m not gonna be there But we’ll see what happens, but I don’t advocate storming the facility but anyway The thing that really got me Involved with with all of us and made me say yeah I want it I want to talk about this was the comments you wouldn’t believe the amount of people in all my latest reviews that we’re leaving some interesting comments and That’s what solidified it. I said look I already did the podcast about it. I did the radio show and Now I’m gonna make a video about it. Look at this one He looks like something that escaped from 51 area area 51 If you look like at area 51 experiment Roswell Brah Yeah Roswell Brah I could be my new nickname actually I prefer ReviewBrah but it has a little bit of a flow to it We need your help on area 51 raid alien boy you escaped from there. You can get us in No, I can’t even if I did escape from there. I just My memory was wiped. I don’t know how to do it. And then of course I’ve had conflicting reports, right? I mean maybe I was an area 51 worker that was kind of held against my My will but this one says review brought talking about area 51 secrets because he’s probably a area 51 worker That’s to exemplify the laugh out loud And again, this guy’s saying this guy will leave the area 51 raid. He’ll finally be reunited with his alien brothers I Think the the Occupy area 51 people will uncover review brahs. Liar in the desert The only and I take from area 51 trying human food for the first time and of course, I do get a lot of comparisons that perhaps being a resident of area 51 being some sort of extraterrestrial creature and As far as I know I did not originate from area 51, of course, I can’t be entirely sure I don’t think I did but sometimes I will look in in the mirror and I look at look at this creature And sometimes I will say to myself where where did this thing come from? I have no clue at all but regardless of my own origins and regardless of What people might be same or a needless to say trying to persuade me to do with area 51? What do I think is in area 51 to be completely and totally honest? Well, number one one clear one thing. I do think that aliens exist. I think it’s a mathematical certainty that they do you look at the number of planets just in this galaxy alone and I mean you just look at it. I think it’s something near fifty billion planets the amount of habitable ones I think it’s only a matter of time until we find extraterrestrial life. I guess the big what-if is have aliens Visited earth, and I’m not entirely sure You know, I think more of me believes that they haven’t at this point, but I mean who’s to say, you know? That’s one of those things. I just I’m not entirely sure about I Think that there’s a greater chance at area 51 that it’s probably a testing facility for experimental aircraft That’s my guess if I if I need to take a guess, that’s what it is. I think because of all the the biggest You know all the huge. Okay, so I’m trying to say – the huge amount of attention placed on the facility in the last few decades I think the real secrets are at facilities that we have no idea exists, and I don’t think it’s at area 51 You know a place where as secure it may be everyone knows exactly where it is I think it’s a place for experimental aircraft and if extraterrestrials, you know are being Kind of looked at the technology is being experimented on and so on I don’t think it’s at area 51, but no matter what is there I think it’s for the best that it remains a secret, you know Imagine if whatever is in there is used against us or whatever. I think it’s best that it’s just kept under wraps Kept under lock and key and who knows if it’s stuff that we don’t even have a full understanding on I think it’s best that we just, you know, keep it to a certain amount of people instead of just raiding it and Let it get into someone’s hands. They have no clue about and they blow up the earth by mistake or something. So Those are my two cents about it I think we should just respect the facility But I gotta say no matter what’s in there or what isn’t in there be that aliens or bottle of hot sauce or the the singing Levitating crabs can’t forget about those guys right there. That’s the real secret I’m just I’m just putting out putting it out plainly, you know, just just to just in hopes that someone hears it So don’t forget about those crabs, but no matter what’s in there or what isn’t I just think it’s fascinating No matter what and I think we should just leave it be and leave it at that but it is a topic that I’m really interested in and I just wanted to get here and share my thoughts on I can talk about it for a couple minutes because area 51 man had its It’s just I got to reiterate it’s so cool that people are talking about this stuff I’m a big fan of it a big fan of all that stuff. So again, like I said, make sure you check out my podcast and oh, yeah, I talk about all that interesting stuff UFOs cryptids Conspiracies all that good stuff. You can find it there some more good discussion and also if you want to rep some Reviewbrah Merch You can find it at I have a special sale going on actually can get 15% off any purchase any item and If you want to actually get that special coupon code, which I really recommend it’s good till August 1st You can find a link to it in the description and in the pinned comment as well. Thank you for watching I’m your host the report of the week and I hope you can stay tuned because we’ll have probably some good Food reviews coming your way. Thank you and take care

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  2. Yeah deffo. Just to see if elon stark ordered to turn off all the superchargers within a hundred miles of the place.

  3. Look man no offense but you kinda gave me a creeper feeling. And this is the first time I have ever seen your videos. So I'm going to suggest getting a better background and lose the suit and fix the dew man I'm just saying sorry but I needed to say something.

  4. The place is highly contaminated with both radioactive particles from the hundreds of atomic tests just upwind, as well as whatever toxic crap they've been burning there over the years. They could even have landmines around the perimeter, maybe ones that they would only activate in case of an invasion. Area 51 isn't even all that interesting, either, it was only leaked to the Ufology community to distract people from Manzano Base in Albuquerque.

  5. Reviewbrah: "[…] heh "
    Reviewbrah: "that exemplified the Laugh Out Loud"

    That's exactly how you're supposed to read out LOL, Brah. Spot on.

  6. Area 51 is probably just a government spot where they test weapons nuclear explosives and maybe vehicles but the real question is why are there snipers in trucks? If they want it secret than but less security so it doesn’t stand out as much but if you want to go to Area 51 that’s where your life would end

  7. It really would be nice if someone on this planet who knows anything about business would start setting up His and Hers Portable Restroom, His and Hers Outdoor portable shower arrangements and a really nice outdoor shaded cafeteria area for the Naruto runners and people who are just going to be there to hang out at the various Naruto Run parties that are going to be taking place in the days leading up to the big event.

  8. My Predictions👇

    If we raided Area 51, they would have a full riot-squadron surrounding the full complex, and if we get through the riot-squadron…

    We get mowed down by machine guns and it’ll look like D-Day all over again.

  9. Been open 60 odd years…… The ammount of human traffic, contractors ect that has been through there is probably in its millions, yet no one has any real evidence…….secrets like that are far to big to actually keep secret, theres no way out of all the people that have been there u havnt got any pics

  10. even if there were aliens there do you honestly think they would continue to keep them there knowing that so many people are saying there are aliens there??

    so of course they would have moved the aliens years ago but for just a moment think to yourself if there are aliens and if they were there and if they're still there do you honestly think writing to place you would find them???
    it would be so much security you would have to pass through multiple multiple multiple levels and many people not to mention passcodes and many doors to finally get to the alien.

    So either way rating it is stupid!

    And many people wonder why there is so much security there if it isn't aliens well for one if they're testing airplanes that they don't want other countries to find out about of course it's going to be top secret!

  11. and if while the raid is taking place, the friends of the locked-up aliens went to free them?

  12. What's sad about the area 51 raid is that everyone knows the day after the raid, we will all see on the news how so many people died and how so many people got injured. And I just know so many people out there are going to die on the 20th, and really nothing is going to stop it because they want to do it. It's sad. But anyways, I love your content so much! You are so genuine and sweet!

  13. Ham radio is going to be so sppoky once I move out to the desert, deffinately gunna tune in there, I'm sure its just roleplaying truckers trying to social media self promote where I live now.

  14. I think they captured Jude Law and Elijah Wood, maybe threw in some Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel frontman and nephew of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson), spirited them away in a late-model van to Area 51, added a Mid-Atlantic accent/cadence/inflection (very effective for most all media/communications), and made Reviewbrah

  15. It's just a parking lot for all our alien spaceships. You know that reviewbrah, I am parked right next to your ship. Oh, you didn't tell them . . . sorry . .

  16. 1. I break into area 51
    2. I see reviewbrah filming a food review
    3. I guess I'm reviewbrah's house
    4. I leave area 51

  17. Guys I think he does work for the government I mean, all the clues are there.
    The large amount of blinking implying he’s lying
    the facial expression
    And him trying to persuade us not to raid and there might just be aircrafts.
    Guys and gals I found something truly terrifying.

  18. Everyone who seriously attempts to raid Area 51 will find out quickly that Active Denial System (ADS) and Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) are painful. People will be fleeing in terror, falsely believing their skin is burning, completely unable to hear their own screams due to the skull-piercing sound of the LRAD.


  20. I don't think there is much anything at Area 51 personally myself. Alien lifeforms have never been discovered or documented and I believe all the conspiracies regarding them are fake.

  21. You know, for a country who has a lot of freedoms of knowledge, their government sure does hide a lot of shit from them.

  22. @thereportoftheweek Hey bud. Have you seen the movie titled Area 51 yet? Check it out!

  23. Dude, do you know that even high level personnel aren’t even allowed in the area itself. It is a bad idea. I’m not in for a godly YouTuber to get his brain blown out of his head. But, maybe what if there are aliens and next gen weapons and technology? It would be worth it. But, there was rumors that all of the aliens and weapons were moved to Area 52. But since now that the government knows that there might be an actual raid in the area. They might move everything completely to Area 52. So, please everyone tell the world that we need to find and organize a raid on Area 52. ASAP!

  24. Hey you should do a reaction video to how to trap your enemies by bandit incorporated I would love to get your insight into it

  25. Also you can storm it all you want but its under ground and if it was a serious threat to the secrets would have been moved long before anyone shows up

  26. i bet you got this info from youtube or google that is what the government what you to believe so you can deter us from raiding !!!Our spirit will not be broken because as you may not know we are being funded by Russia in secret with weapons such as tanks underground mole digging vehicles droned able to avoid detection from aircraft detectors, missiles and much more i'm fuzzy on the details

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