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Silêncios – Poética em Transe – por Ângela Molinari

Silêncios – Poética em Transe –  por Ângela Molinari

SILENCE POEM BY ALEXANDRE PONTARA FILMED BY CITIES IN TRANCE I hold inside me a number of silences early in the morning ghosts continue to haunt me. I can still feel the smell of the sea, of the wave swinging its corner towards the disenchantment of my glance. I hold inside me muffled screams and stuck between teeth not allowded touch torn clothes spotted body sand and salt. I hold inside me a multitude of insomniacs a silence locked in the iris two-printed sides immobilizing my body and my actions nausea and motion sickness follow hammering my memories. The breath, the rhythm the memory of the “match” in the app that face of a good boy the perfect night error certainty that guy and his friend sand and violence getting mixed up. Memories that transit through my daily life. I hold inside in me a pain a fear a secret an eternal silence. I hold inside me an error that was not mine. SUBTITLES BY CLAUDIA WER

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