Whats up?! today i have this huge inflatable pool and right here i have packets that turn into slime so let’s turn this big pool into a slime pool all right that should be good for the water. i have here a hundred packs of slime bath if you want some, i’ll leave a link in the description, go get some. and uh, yeah, let’s apply thee babies all right so i have a whisk. let’s just mix it all up ohh yeah look at this. just look at how crazy slimy this is. look at that, that’s insane. all right as you can see this is a slime bath that’s very sticky but it’s a hot day so what better time to take a bath other than now so let’s do this! huh it’s so slippery! i totally slipped in it oh this is not bad. this is better than i thought okay this, oops, look at the slime. look at all this slime, this is pretty cool ahh wow hey be careful camera man, this is very slippery okay. just, just sayin dude i can honestly stay here for hours because it’s so hot outside why take a regular bath when you can take a slime bath, right? that’s the best way to cure any solution ohhh look at this look at that, wow look at all this slime in here oh my god this is so cool hey Micheal Phelps, what you got on this? did i win? I’m gonna do breast strokes hey guys I’m gonna do a belly flop here we go this is honestly the weirdest pool I’ve been into this is pretty cool this is called the slime cannon ball this is so fun i swear you guys gotta try this, this is so fun look at all this slime! yo look at how heavy this slime is, it’s like pulling down my tank top. all the way down here so it looks like i have a dress OH God, OH God, OH God thanks for watching the video everyone i hope you enjoyed this slime pool and uh yeah, stay juicy see you later

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