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Snake women ! – (How to Paint digitally) – Art Illustration

Snake women ! – (How to Paint digitally) – Art Illustration

Hello everybody , this is Yasmeen from,
and welcome to another illustration video tutorial. So for this weeks tutorial the request
was that I actually draw a snake woman who is preferably hunting or stalking her prey.
For this reason I actually chose to have the prey to be human, but
I wanted to have more of a primitive overall concept for both the human and the serpent
lady. So for this reason, as I was working on this illustration I really
wanted to show an environment that would help emphasize the nature of both these characters.
So I actually placed them in more of a forest-like setting, to
help emphasize this. Now as the snake lady is actually stalking her prey I wanted to
have her resemble somewhat of a real life creature so I took inspiration
from the Boa Constrictor which in certain cases depending on where it lives and its
habitat actually does tend to attack its prey from trees or if its in the swamp
lands or anything where it can hide in the water, will ambush its prey there. So by using
this as inspiration I really wanted to make the snake lady more of an
ambush predator. Now , how would you ambush a human? For me , the best way to do this
would be obviously to have very high trees that are high up in the
canopy, because it would provide her with more camoflage. Which also allowed me to choose
a color pallet which allowed her to essentially mostly blend in. Not
entirely because I don’t want her to blend in so you can’t see her because that would
defy the purpose of the painting if you couldn’t see the character.
But it did give me some general ideas of what to work with, when I was working with her
color pallet. Now because I wanted to have her in the trees but I
also wanted to show the human that was being hunted by her, I needed to show a more upward
shot. So I chose a very extreme angle for this drawing.
Something else that I did however is , I actually rotated my entire canvas to make sure that
it had a more dynamic angle. So the general angle is more unsettling.
So it shows the dire nature of whats actually occuring. By slanting the shot , or the camera
angle for this painting , like I said , it tends to give a more unnerving presence.
You’ll often see this in, this technique used in paintings and illustrations , but it’s
probably more prominent in video. The simple reason being that its a great way to
unsettle the audience in a scene. So I used the same very technique in my illustration,
just to help show the dire nature of the human’s plight because he is essentially
going to be hunted down by this creature. Now unlike the previous version I did not
want to necessarily make her ugly looking, just cause’ I didn’t see the need for this.
Yes she could use her beauty to attract males and into her trap, but that was not necessarily
the design perspective I wanted to take. She’s more neutral in appearance,
she’s not overly gorgeous or anything like that. But she’s also not, like, terrifying,
so she doesn’t have like these really crumbly limbs for climbing and stuff.
But she does have claws, she does have certain appealing aspects to her, so I was trying
to essentially give somewhat of that aspect but but not entirely a more
beautiful appearance to her. So as you can see I’m working on the face for the male character
who’s going to be hunted. Now as I’m working on this , I’m really
trying to force the perspective in every element that I’m using in this painting. So what this
means is, I have to look at a lot of reference material , I have to do a lot
of sketches on the side that you don’t see me do. Just to try and figure out how to draw
these angles. Something else I’m also using is, I’m also using my mirror on the
side of me as I’m working. I tend to do that when I need a lot more reference material,
and it tends to be easier just to essentially pose out my hand or look at the side
of my face as I’m trying to draw these elements. Now because of the extreme angle on this,
I couldn’t do that entirely so I did have to look on youtube for video footage,
as well as google images , just to make sure I had enough material to be able to get the
angles of the nose correct, and the foreshortening of the general face.
Now, this overall painting took about five hours to do, so it wasn’t a very long painting,
but there was a lot of technical aspects that required some preliminary work in
order to get done correctly. So the research for this took a little bit longer than normal.
I was constantly referring to my reference material, my book section , cause’
I have a giant resource on that. All this helped me actually paint this illustration.
As you may have noticed I actually decided not to draw the spear in the character’s hand.
The main reason for this is that I wanted to make him look more vulnerable as a character,
so by removing the spear it made it look like he wasn’t expecting to be ambushed.
But at the same time, he knows that something’s not right in the forest, so he does look somewhat
unnerved. So he’s not completely relaxed, hes still, on the edge because
he doesn’t know whats troubling him but something is troubling him about his environment. So
right now I’m just starting on adding some of the details for the snake woman.
I will leave the face ’till almost the last element to her. Mainly because I was just
trying to figure out just how beautiful to make her, whether or not I wanted to make
her more animalistic. Make her look more foriegn,
and by taking those elements I decided to make her in between the two, I didn’t want
her to have , like I said before , too much of a beautiful appearance, also I didn’t want
to make her too ugly either. So as you can see I’m just adding essentially a more primitive
weapon in her hand, although she’s technically able to strangle her prey like
a Boa Constictor, I did not want that to be the only method that she used for hunting.
Because I did want her to have some ability to think , like a human , cause she was part
human. So by adding a weapon it shows some form of intelligence, because most animals
are not able to create weapons. As far as I know , humans are the only ones
that make knives and spears, but some animals in the animal kingdom are able to use tools,
so in this case I definetly wanted to show that she had some cognitive ability.
So by adding a very primitive weapon , it gives a small incling as to that. Just working
on the lighting. You will see in the final image * did
I did quite a few changes , and those are just essentially adding and subtracting tribal
tattoos to the character and increasing the shadows and the highlights on both characters.
So as in previous , the past couple weeks, I won’t be able to accept new requests. I
will be instituting a voting system later on, once I’ve done the current requests that
I’ve committed to I will start devoting process
for those. So thank you guys very much for watching, and I hope to see you guys soon.
So thank you and take care .

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