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Snow Fall Accents Puff Paint | Stampin’ Up!

Snow Fall Accents Puff Paint | Stampin’ Up!

Hello my name is Sara. Thank you for
joining me today. I’m here to show you a fun new product. It is the Snow Fall
Accents Puff Paint. This is perfect for making cards and projects stand out and
have that wow factor. This puff paint really does just that. The Snow Fall
Accents Puff Paint comes in a bottle with one fluid ounce, and is non-toxic.
You can use this however you would like. You could create a window scene and fill
it with snow in the corner; you can use it for edging; or framing; and also add
dimension as following snow. I typically give it a little shake beforehand, and
just so you are aware, it does go on as a liquid. It is super simple to use. Just
squeeze out the amount you would like in any shape or form and start heat setting
it. Just a note, it may take a little more time with the heat gun than you
initially think. You will see it make its transformation, it’s like magic.
You see it start to expand and puff up and then you know it’s done. Let’s take a
look. And there we go! Puffy snow! A few tips to keep in mind, we do not recommend adding ink to the puff paint as it will prevent
the paint from puffing. Applying over a stamped image will smear your ink. Please take those two notes into account as you are creating your projects so you have
the best success. Stampin’ Up!’s Snow Fall Accents Puff Paint is so much fun to use.
Pick up some today by contacting your local demonstrator or visiting our
website at

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