South Dakota State University Core Values | Creativity

After they leave, within 10-15 years, they
have become leaders. And by leaders is they have become the creators of new
technology, they carry businesses forward. It’s just absolutely vital that students
have this type of creativity. To me, creativity is innovation, like they work
hand in hand and so are we staying up-to-date with hot topics in society,
and you know again like maybe I had this lesson plan that worked two years ago,
but we’re gonna totally revamp it. For me, it’s elevating the creativity of my
students and giving them opportunities to be creative. The activities that I did in
class, the teachers who helped me learn different strategies to kind of open my
mind to new ideas and the ways that this university itself has fostered
creativity, makes me feel prepared to enter the workforce in the future,
because I feel that I’ve learned the skills necessary to be able to be
creative in different learning environments and different work environments.

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