[SPEEDPAINT] Art Block Doodle with Paint ToOl Sai {ENG SUB}

Hi, I’m Ten. Welcome to my channel hehehe For this video I will be doodling to get rid of a mini art block. I’m still figuring out how to work these subtitles. Forgive me if they are a whole mess. Hm. I think it is… Gahahah there you see a lifeless Ten because of assignments, research papers, exams blabla. I’m dying. Ooooof, and also drawing and posting for consecutive days. A miracle. Yea. I seriously can’t get myself to draw anything and be satisfied with it so far. But ugh, we’ll see. Heh ok there we go. I’ll be lining this doodle. I CHOOSE YOU!!! BTW, follow me on my IG @tenten_woo thankkk I’m trying to reach 1k ;-))) So far so good. I’m bored… Edit: I’ve figured out the timing and duration for my CC hahahahahah And here you’ll see me trying to make the hair look good by slapping some other colors but failing because heh. What? Yeah. This was what I was talking about. Ok let me add some sparkles… Opp ok nope. Nope nevermind. Honestly right, I’m typing so much here but I don’t even know if this subtitle thing will work. If it does then YAY because I’m spending way too long on this. Also, do any of you use Discord? Feel free to comment the invite? down below. I’m looking for new communities and friends 🙂 Ok there we go, so clean now ;u; Also, what the heck is a background? Don’t know her. *SOBS because idk what I’m doing right now. Am I being too chatty? Oop sorry, but uh, I’m really bored. Heya money. Yea. I love money. I need money. Commission me, I need to buy a new, functioning laptop :’-(( My commissions for chibi headshots are open if anyone is interested. DM me on IG :)) Ok I’m pretty much done. I’ll end here haha. If this works I’ll sub my videos in the future. If it’s too annoying then just turn it off haha. Okies, like, share and subscribe ;-)) Ciao

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