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Spray Painting Cthulhu for the Children – The Tragical Mystery Tour

Spray Painting Cthulhu for the Children – The Tragical Mystery Tour

That’s Dangerous! I mean look at it! and I don’t think that young fragile minds
should be endangering their future by going down roll-ins like that. Even if it is into
foam, it’s not the point, its not the point. We need to protect them so I’m going to paint
a massive Cthulhu demon there attached to balloons to scare them so that they don’t
make poor life decisions by going down things like that. I mean I love skateboarding, I’m just
not very good at it. I can do some things but nothing particularly fantastic and it
hurts me that these eight-year-olds can come in here and do roll-ins like that and I cant
Big Spin. So that’s why we’re doing it, to protect the children. Always think about health and safety. So basically I’m just blocking out the colours right now. It’s going to be like teeth or like claws kind of coming out the side of
his face. Those big red thing will become the eyes. And there’s lunch. This is how I do under lighting. I’m fairly
new to it but the two caps that I use are the Montana Gold stock soft cap. That’s now
lost forever and the Grey Dot which I used to hate but now that I actually know what
I’m doing with it it’s the best cap in the world bar none. The only way to get smooth
blends is with as many colours as humanly possible. You could but it wouldn’t look great
going from something as dark as that to as light as that. You won’t get a smooth fade
the only way to do it is by having a full spectrum, like that. Its the only way. Or it’s the way I do it, like I could be completely wrong but this works for me. You’re never
going to go into primary school and they’re going to teach you this stuff. The Heathens! What I do is I just start, one of the big things to remember when your spray painting
is the way that you hold this can will affect your blend so it’s never just straight on
like that if you’re going back into this colour the way you hold that can is going to affect
your blend. Essentially…So…another thing I like to do is paint inside the line. So
to get that skinny line for me it works better if we paint the outside first and then when
its dry go back in with your lighter colour and that will cut it down to a really small
line. Like that. The light is coming from this direction so we want to add-in some highlights
here. There are hundreds of things that people don’t tell you, like if you do that you’ll
get dots, like if you do that. So you can add that really small details in just by doing
that sort of stuff. Form the Black to the Deep Forest and then from there, I go the darker colour just kind of making its way up. Then with the Grey Dot, your tiny highlight
like this but spray painting is all logistics. If you think about the order you’re going
to paint it will make your life a lot easier. If I cut over that with the black rather than
trying to paint that edges easier for me to do it like that. The way you layer the paint
makes a big difference. I’ve only done that under lighting three times. Three times. Form up here it looks terrible but from up there it looks great. Which is the whole idea, we’re
trying to save the children. Cuz Wu-Tang is for the children. You want to hear something bad? Well not bad, but…I thought I was really cool and I tried
to do a front flip into the foam pit and I had my GoPro on over my hat and it came off
and I started panicking because I genuinely thought I’d lost it because I heard all those
stories. That’s stage one done, so the Dark Lord Cthulhu
finished. Stage two we need to get all that scaffolding up and build a platform so we
can get those balloons in. I was going to try and make the balloons translucent
so that the colours mixed together and they looked a bit more realistic but I’ve only
brought…I mean that still a lot of paint but I haven’t got the tonal range I would
need to do that. Although I could probably do it with what I’ve got I think here needs
to be more balloons to justify pulling a seven thousand foot Behemoth for the bottom of a
foam pit. So what I think I’m going to do is just do them all flat colours and just make
them look 3D and realistic but more opaque so you can’t see through them but I do want
to do that again but right now its not the time man. Thats the only reason I took this job so I
could try a Moonsault. That’s us finished. We saved a lot of lives.
You’ve watched me do backflips, jump in and out of a foam pit, slide down roll-ins. If
you managed to make it all the way through that going to just hit the subscribe button.
I mean if you made it all the way through that maybe just hit the subscribe button,
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and that’s us. Next time… Dunno! I genuinely thought that went in there.

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