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Squishies vs Scratch N Sniff Stickers Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

Squishies vs Scratch N Sniff Stickers Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

(bright rock music) – Hi, guys! It’s Audrey and my sister. – Jordan from JustJordan33. – And today we’re gonna be playing Squishy versus scratch and sniff sticker switch up challenge! – Whoo! – So under one of these, is a scratch and sniff sticker, yep. And the other one is a Squishy. – Yep. – And we wanna thank Orp for
sending us this Squishys. We actually have 400 Squishys. – Shh. (gasps) – So comment down below what we should do with all our Squishys! Alright, let’s go! – Whoo! – [Together] Ready, sweaty, go-y. – Yes!
– Aw! (Jordan squeals) – Switch. – I thought you heard me. (laughs) – What? – I got the Squishy– – I knew for sure! – It’s a cute doggy! – I got a doggy scratch and sniff sticker. Ooh. But it says the not-so-good
version of the dog is the wet dog smells. Alright, I opened up the stickers. Now it’s time to scratch
them and sniff them. (scratching card) – I wonder what wet dog smells like. Oh not good? – Not so good, oh. – Hey, but this doggy is very squishy. (gasps) That awesome. Squish! – Yeah, this smells like a wet dog. I don’t know if you know
what this specific one smells like– – Yeah, if you have a dog you
know what dog smells like. – Yeah, but how do you describe that? Like, picture salt water,
like you’re at the ocean. – Sulfur. – Picture you’re at the
ocean, and it’s like the dirt, mixed with the salt in the water. And then the water combined together. Plus, a tad bit of fur. That’s the wet dog smell. (laughter) – Alright, one point for me. Whew!
– Ah! – Round two. (electronic squeak) I’m just gonna keep my Squishy right here, my little canine. – [Together] Ready, sweaty, go-y! – No! Again, okay. – Bum-bada-bum, bum bum bum-ba! – What is it, a Squishy? – No. – Is it a sticker? – Yes. – Are you telling the truth? – Yes. – Liar. (screams) – Dirty! – I may have saw it peek out. (laughter) – I tried hiding it but I couldn’t. – I’ll give you more time
next time to hide it, okay? Yeah, that was pretty intense. – So it looks like we got apple pie. – Ooh, that’s a good one. (gasps) – This smells so good. – I got the apple pie Squishy, you guys. – I think the scratch and
sniff is actually better. – Really? Ooh, that’s a good one.
– This smells delicious. How squishy is your apple pie? Looks like a berry pie though. – Oh, it is so squishalicious. – Squishalicious. – Do you feel the squishy? Feel the squishiness. – Oh yes. – That is pretty squishy. – Nothing like a good old
piece of pie, huh right? – Yeah! Love it. – Alright, so you get
the point for this round. I did not, but I still have
a doggo point, so we’re tied. – [Together] Dun-dun-dunnn! – Alright, round three! (splat noises) Ready, sweaty, go-y! (mocking laughter) I’ve won– – Every round. Okay. (laughter) I wonder what it is. – I don’t know. (laughter) – I definitely didn’t hear
anything, are you done? You ready? – Um, I got the sticker. (laughter) Don’t look. – Okay, you got the sticker. – I think you should keep yours. – Okay. Sticker! (laughter) – I won, but you totally
knew that it was– – I knew that you had the Squishy. I could hear it the entire time. – So this one is the pizza Squishy. – That’s so cute. – I love pizza. – But guys, I get the pizza sticker. And I’m really curious to
see what this smells like. – Oh, it’s gonna smell good. – Yeah, like, it could smell really good, like a fresh pizzeria. – Doesn’t smell like a pizza. This is what the pizza Squishy looks like. Let’s see how squishy it is. (gasps) Very squishy. – Squishability to the max? – It’s not the slowest rising Squishy, but it’s still a soft
Squishy, which I appreciate. – Hm. – Hah, whoa, whew! – What. I feel like it smells like pizza sauce, and also– – So tomatoes? – Mouthwash? – Okay, what? – It’s weird, I get a smell of both. Don’t you get–
(laughter) Doesn’t it smell like mouthwash? – It’s like minty tomatoes. (laughter) – Yep. – Minty tomatoes.
– That’s a weird experience. It’s like I just drank some V8 and then decided to brush your teeth. (laughter) – That’s what it is. – Okay. I mean, I can see the pizza. Like, if you smell it from back here you can smell the pizza. – But once you get really close– – Once you get really close, you get some mouthwash in there. Okay. – Alright, let’s go on to round four. – [Audience] Ooh, aah. – Ready, sweaty, go-y! – Again! This is not rigged, I promise. Okay. – Okay, sing really loud just
in case it is the Squishy. (both girls vocalizing) Ready? – Yes. – Oh, oh. – Hello. – Why, hello there. – That was a good pick fight. – I thought I was–
(laughter) suffering again. (laughter) – So that one was– (laughter) – You guys could see every part of hers like it was hovering. I think I’m going to switch. – I think that’d be a bad idea. No. – Take a peek. Maybe the stickers could be… Oh, nope. – Oh, but I get to smell
something good again! – Whoo! – You get to smell all the weird ones. – That’s true. Guys… Yes. – I want ice cream now. – Yes. – Can you make me some ice cream after? – Let’s go get ice cream right now. Let’s go! Everybody, out for an ice cream trip. – This smells like that
mint chocolate chip gum that we got once, remember? That mint chocolate chip gum? – Oh, yeah! I know what you’re talking about! – This smells like that. – Here we have the intricate Squishy. Ooh, squish, squish. Yes! It’s such a good Squishy, I love this one. I get the point for this round. I have two points, Audrey has two. We’re tied! – Next round! – [Child Audience] Yay! Ready, sweaty, go-y! – You got ’em again. – I have all the luck today. (girls vocalizing) – Are we doing this so
I can’t hear anything? (girls vocalizing) – I’m holding down my plate. Okay, go. (laughter) – I always look down at your plate. – You have to look at the eyes. – Okay. Do you have the Squishy? (laughter) You don’t! (laughter) – Did you notice it was hovering? – No, it was hovering? Yeah, I got the Squishy! Like a boss.
– I got the stickers. (gags) No, smell it, like take
a deep whiff of that. That is not– – That does not smell good. It smells like–
– Oh that was so salty meat. – That smells like a hamburger. A rotten one. (laughter) – Dot dot dot, a rotten one. – Let’s squish. (gasp)
It’s squishy. – That is the best Squishy ever. But not the best smell. – Ooh, it feels really softly. – I love soft Squishies. – Look at that, this
is a real good Squishy. – So now you’re in the lead with three. (gasps) – Yes! – Let’s see if I can redeem
myself in the next round! (chomping noises) Oh, so we have to close our eyes and put our hands on the
one that our mom tells us. So that they won’t hover in the air and we won’t be able to
tell which one is which. – Yeah. Okay, ready? Okay. – Ready, sweaty, go-y! (laughter) Plug the ears. – La la la la la la la. (girls vocalizing) – Okay. – I’m gonna switch. (plates sliding) – Oh no, oh no. Oh no. – Aww. – [Together] It’s the cinnamon roll! – Wow.
– Yeah! – Oh this one feels so soft. It feels like it has glaze on it. – That one, I’m pretty sure is going to be a really slow-riser. – Oh, yes. Oh, yes. – Can we just talk
about that for a minute? When I first smell this
card I smell pickles. Don’t know why. (scratching card) – Let’s go to scratch. – At least you have a nail to scratch it. I just have skin. – Oh, smells like cinnamon! – Does it smell goodly? – Mm-hmm, smells like cinnamon. – Ooh, that does smell a
little bit pickley though. – Yeah. – What?
– Just a tad bit. – Maybe it got mixed
with the pickle smells. – It’s like, it’s mainly cinnamon roll– – But then it’s like a
little hint of pickle. – If you get up close and smell it, then you get a hint of pickle. – Next round! (electronic squeaking) Ready, sweaty, go-y! Oh no!
(Jordan screams) – I won! Okay, close your eyes
and plug in your ears. (both girls vocalizing) – La, la, la, la, laa. – Done! You don’t need to play too! Don’t take a peek. – Keep! Aw.
(Jordan screams) – I got the real… No wait, the Squishy! – I got the smelly popcorn. It’s like minty popcorn. – Ooh. I think it was sitting
by the mint section. – Here smell my thumb,
it now smells like it. – Ooh. This is the popcorn
Squishy, give it a squish. Oh. – Smell it. – Ooh. – Smells weird.
– Ooh, it does. It’s really buttery, it’s
the butterlicious popcorn. – Ooh what is this? What is this sticker? (Jordan gasps) – This Squishy is just
too good to be true! – Ohhh. (laughter) – What’s that sticker? It’s peppers, that’s peppers! – This is the pepper sticker. It’s like hot, hot, hot. – There was an extra
pepper sticker in there? – Yeah, and I was like,
“Ooh, what’s this?”. – No, that smells like peppers. – It definitely smells like peppers. – Okay. – Good job, sister. (slap) Next round.
– Squishy five. – Oh. Next round! (chomping noises) Ready, sweaty, go-y! (Audrey vocalizing)
– Aw. (both girls vocalizing) (Audrey vocalizing) – Alright. Okay. Okay, then I’m picking this one. Aw, man. – Yay. I got cake! – Birthday cake! Okay, when do not like
a squishy birthday cake? I was figuring maybe it’s the sticker, and maybe it does have a good smell. – Look how squishy this is. Whoa. – That is… That is just so good. – You should make a slime Etsy
and I’ll make a Squishy Etsy. (Jordan vocalizing ethereally ) Or Instagram page, where we
just like, squish things. Smells good. (chuckles) I only got little whiffs of it. Oh. Smells like– – Fruit punch cake. (laughter) – Okay. – Smells like a cake to me, I like it. It’s the Funfetti cake. – Let’s go to the next round! – [Audience] Ooh, aah. (laughter) – Ready, sweaty, go-y! (mocking laughter) (Audrey screams) (girls vocalizing) – Ready? Oh! (Audrey laughs) I’m gonna keep! Oh, a sticker again. – And I’m gonna keep too! – What. (gasps) Marshmallow! – This is a chocolate chip cookie S’more. Now look at the squishability level. Yes. – These Squishies are so good! – Ooh, I smell that from here. – Yeah, smell it, it smells so good. – Oh, that’s probably
one of the best smells we’ve smelled so far. – Oh yes. This was a great round,
win-win, for both of us. – High-five, sister. Squishy five. – Squish five. – Next round. (electronic squeaking) (laughter) – Can Jordan tie with me, or will I win? – I’ve got four. (gasps) I need to win this round. – No, I had four before. – One, two, three,
four, you have five now. – Oh, I have five. – Oh, I had four before, where’d they go? (laughter) – [Together] Ready, sweaty, go-y! (Jordan screams) (laughter) – La, la, la! – I heard it. That’s a switch! (Jordan screams) Bum-ba-ba, ba-dum-bada
da, bum ba bah ba-dum bum. I got the cupcake Squishy. This is like a gradient cupcake. – Oh. – Look how cool. – It’s like a galaxy. Yes, yes please. – Oh, yeah, this one’s a harder Squishy– – Whoa! – But it’s still real good.
– Whoa! – Whoa. – Whoa! That’s a good one. (laughter) – I still like the S’mores
one the best, though. – Yeah, that’s true. – That one smells like rootbeer floats. Alright, how many Squishies
do you have, Jordy? – Four! – I have one, two, three, four, five, six! (screams) So that means I won the Squishy challenge! I love Squishies. – Me too. – Comment down below if
you guys love Squishies, and what your favorite
Squishy was from this video. Or what’s your favorite
Squishy that you own? – Yeah. – Now it’s time for Mail!
– Mail time! This first letter comes
from Aaliyah in the UK. And look at this amazing drawing. – I love how she ombreed
the letters of my name. Like, that is so cool. – And they’re bubble letters.
– Thank you so much. – This is amazing, thank you! And look at this, she
also made origami hearts with our names on ’em. These are so cute.
– Aww. – You are so talented. – This next letter is
from Delanie in Michigan. She says she loves slime, too. – Oh yes. – And she has a question for us. Is Trinidad worse or
better than Burner Bliss? Both are equally like super spicy. But Trinidad is way worse–
– Trinidad. – Because I actually cried in that video. – Yeah, it was… – So, if you guys haven’t
checked it out, you should. It was so spicy, the spiciest
thing I’ve ever tasted. And then she drew this
super cute drawing– – That’s so adorable.
– Of Jordan and I. Like, this is so adorable. And you even got the
specifics correct, too. ‘Cause I have naturally wavy hair and Jordan has naturally straight hair. – And they also sent some
amazing clear glitter slime. Like, look at this guys. – That is super cool. – This is really good slime, thank you! – Thanks, Delanie! So that’s it for today’s video,
we hope you guys enjoyed it. And if you did, give it a big thumbs up. Remember to hit the bell
for some post notifications. And follow me on all my
social media, AllAroundAudrey and JustJordan33.
– Whoo! – We’ll see you guys next time. – [Together] Bye! – We always do random singing time. I say we have Siri do
random singing time for us. – Oh, okay. Siri, random singing time! – Siri, random singing time! – Sing me a song, Siri. – Let’s listen. – [Siri] Okay, if you insist. I could while away the hours,
conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain. And my head, I’d be scratching, while my thoughts were busy hatching. – [Siri and Jordan] If I only had a… – [Siri] Hey, wait a second. (Jordan screams) – Wait, do you know that song? – No, I just… (laughter) I’ve already asked her before. – I could while away the hours. – [Together] Conferring with the flowers. – Good job, Siri, random singing time. (applause) That was a plus. (bright pop music)

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