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STARTING FROM SCRATCH – Motivational Video For 2017

STARTING FROM SCRATCH – Motivational Video For 2017

We are running out of time. What are you going to do, with the time you have left? I say, that if you don’t reposition yourself, you could miss the best time, in Life. In this season of Life. Because we have got to change the way we think. We have got to change the way we function. We have got to change the way we deal with issues. And the reason that you have to begin to reposition the way you think and the way you function and the way you feel is that we many times are stuck between the lines of limited thinking and limited people and limited ideas and limited Philosophies and there is something creative inside of you saying let there be! You need to walk into a situation where you’ve been locked up and tied up and tangled up and say let there be light let there be feelings let there be books let there be change in the City. You have tried 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 different things. each, you worked on ninety days or so and then it didn’t work How can you be a leader, with a ninety day test? Of course it didn’t work. You didn’t stick to it long enough. You didn’t fight hard enough. You didn’t do what it took to win, and rather to correct it and get it right. you walked away from it and tried something else. And for the last 10, 15 years in your life, you’ve been on the run. From one thing to the next thing, to the next thing, trying to make all the stuff work. Stop It! Stand Still! You have to have the courage, to live with the pressure, and the criticism, new levels brings new devils, you have to be tough. You have to be tough to be able to stand it. its tough keep your kids encouraged while you’re secretly worried to death yourself. its tough get ready for a birthday and don’t have a birthday Gifts. its tough is not being able to get the light bill paid and the water bill paid. It’s tough! But what do we do with these Moments? Do we just have them and go back Home. and wait for the next one. Almost like junkies getting a fix Or Smokers smoking a cigarette Are we just habitually addicted to moments, without being able to take that moment and use it strategically to do something in our lives You do not have to accept it the way it is! Somewhere down inside of you there is creativity. We got to break out of the barriers and the limitations, and get outside of the box. Something is about to happen in your life. You got to take it one day at a time. And when you get to end at day, you say: I’m not finished! But I’ve done everything that I was supposed to do for that day, for that time, for that season. Your season is shifting. You will be able to do now in a way, that you have never been able to do it before. You haven’t sung your best song. you haven’t create your best seminary yet. You haven’t thought your greatest thought. You haven’t written down your greatest Idea. You haven’t dreamt your best dream. Maybe you haven’t laughed your best laugh. You haven’t had your greatest day yet. Its somewhere inside of you! You’re a miracle looking for a place to happen. You have got all kinds of things locked up inside of you, that are about to come forward for such a time as this. The time is right! The stage is set! The conditions are in order, and something awesome is about to happen in your life! Don’t let ANYBODY tell you you’re too young! Don’t let ANYBODY tell you you’re too old! Don’t let anybody tell you you’re finished! Every day you wake up IN THE MORNING, it’s a sign, the best is yet to come. THIS is my moment, and I am determined to live it! The mind is a battleground. The fight is in your mind. Are you ready, for the next level?

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100 thoughts on “STARTING FROM SCRATCH – Motivational Video For 2017



  2. stop taking video is not youres .. shame when people make video and take people video to edit just like you .. did youtube paye you to do that???

  3. i disabled my adblock on your channel, thank you so much, exceptional motivation and it the effort you put into your editing is obvious.

  4. I just want to say thanks you for motivating me to create my stock investment channel! I may only have 42 subscribers at the moment, but last week I had 0!!!! This channel is amazing! You have literally inspired me so much! 2017 is going to be the year! For everyone out there trying to become successful, don’t EVER give up!

  5. From my experience the hardest part of improving is actually starting, but once you start you gain momentum. You become addicted to it

  6. This video made me get goosebumps. I love that feeling. Really nice video, TDJakes is a very inspiring speaker 🙂

  7. one of the best motivational videos i have ever seen….thanks man…can u tell me the name of the background music please?..

  8. I am changing everything in this month of February and onward. I won't go back
    For new levels are new Devils, but, greater are those who are with us than those who are against us
    Believe in the unseen

  9. Great video . I just wish those direct sale or MLM company won't use this positive video to cheat people money

  10. oh my god…..
    the best out of bestest……may god bless every one with strengths…….n hats off to your chanel n ypur work …..

  11. This just gave me chills. The part about how we try something for 90 days really resonated with me. Stop it. Stand still.

    Thank you for this powerful message.

  12. Simply awesome. A great reminder that doing nothing will get you nowhere. I am going to add this to my favourites and play it often! Thank you.

  13. I've heard this over and over.. but for some reason it brought me to tears here in the rest room. My time is now… I'm ready I have to make it all happen.! Nothing is going to stop me..

  14. I can see how hard you worked to make these videos, its not just about copying and pasting. Timing is everything

  15. Powerful beyond anything I've heard from any channel. Absolutely beautiful my friend, keep up the good work.

  16. upload new video ahmed its been already 8 months … need motivational video from you … the video and the background music uploaded by you is always fabulous…. millions of people waiting for your new video… tak care

  17. My man, I don't know how you do it but you have PHENOMENAL editing skills!!! I applaud not only the product of your dedication but the insurmountable amount of time I know you have spent honing your craft.

  18. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this amazing video…this was just what I needed right now I'm trying to lose weight and be active but find my self giving up bc I THINK that I can't do something or want get anywhere but this vid put me in the right spirit 😊so thank you so so so much–the best vid. I have ever seen ❤❤❤

  19. Thank you so much great great motivational compilation I really love it! I'm gonna give 5 star for this.
    Can I ask what is the title of the first background music you have used in this clip? I would love to listen to it over and over cause it's so powerful and uplifts me so much since I've heard it. can you share it please? thank you! more power to your channel.

  20. Thank you so much Ahmed for sharing this video very powerful and inspirational. It really keep me going and fighting until I reach my goals : )

  21. Great video. Using it with my classes to begin our second semester. Want to start from "scratch" and have a fresh start over.

  22. Starting over is hard, you're gonna lose friends, you will try and fail, sometimes you'll not feel like it but what matters is that you keep your eyes on the prize. You fall down, get up and start over, learn from your mistakes. Just keep going.

  23. i fail at something and move to something else fail at the next thing move to something else to the point where i feel like i fail at everything my self confident is dieing i need that spark again

  24. We are all miracles “looking for a place to happen.” It’s not by chance you came across this video. Today is the day to start. Be a miracle for someone TODAY. 🙏🏿


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