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string art ESTACIONES por jorge de la tierra

string art ESTACIONES  por jorge de la tierra

Music hello how about friends welcome once
more to a tutorial of the string art series for today I bring you a new work the
which we have called stations for carry out this work we have used
a table of dimensions 61 x 61 centimeters previously we have lined
with black turin cloth and after having used our nail leveler
we have placed 984 of three quarters of inch now we will use the tensioner of
threads to finish our work. them I remember that they are available for
sale in addition to all designs or sketches of my works and a kit for
string art shipments to any part of the world.
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forget to share thanks we will begin tensing one of the sheets of our
work as follows we tie, the thread on the first nail of the petiole
and we will go bordering to the base of the sheet, then we’ll tense the sheet like
such, going from the main nerve towards limbo, let’s see how to do this
process we are going to make a second tension with
another thread of less intense color and we perform the same procedure
starting from the base to the nails leaf exteriors remember that
procedure we will perform to each of the 12 sheets that make up
our work we continue tensing another four sheets
at another station we perform the procedure described above Music Music Music Music Music finally we will tense this sheet just like
that we have done with these three with another hue to represent another
station performing the procedure that we have done before Music in this way we terminate with our string art work, if you
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6 thoughts on “string art ESTACIONES por jorge de la tierra

  1. Todos tus cuadros están inspirados por ti? O los sacas de un lado? Es que quiero hacer y se me haría mala onda no poner los créditos o de donde saqué las ideas❤️

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