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Sword Art Online Volume 22 Announced! SAO: Kiss and Fly! Unital Ring? | SAO Gamerturk

Sword Art Online Volume 22 Announced! SAO: Kiss and Fly! Unital Ring? | SAO Gamerturk

Sword Art Online’s final storyarc, Unital
Ring is officially on a break, as Sword Art Online Volume 22 has been confirmed to be
a Side Story compilation, rather than a continuation of Volume 21, Unital Ring 1. Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk, your
best source of Sword Art Online news on Youtube. So, let’s get into details. There isn’t much to be honest, this is gonna
be a short video and some comments by Reki himself regarding V22 and Unital Ring as well
towards the end, you can use timestamps to jump to specific pieces of information in
the pinned comment. So, Dengeki recently shared the Cover Art
for Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 22, featuring Asuna, Argo, Yuuki and Leafa, as
well as Kirito and Sachi in the background, and officially confirmed that Volume 22 won’t
be continuing the final SAO storyarc that began in Volume 21, Unital Ring 1. Instead, Volume 22 will compile Side Stories
that were previously only available in Japan as Bluray/DVD release limited edition bonuses
and is titled Sword Art Online Kiss and Fly. You can always smash that like button to show
how much you want more new SAO content, but for now let me clarify because when I shared
the news on twitter and on Youtube the other day with a community post, people were not
sure what these “BD/DVD exclusive stories” were. No, this is not a Light Novel for Extra Edition
or anything like that, these are stories that were never adapted before by the anime. Japanese Limited Edition Anime releases often
come with a brand new side story written by Reki Kawahara to complement the story told
in the anime. So all of these stories are already technically
released, however in an extremely limited way, but Gsimenas has fan translations for
all of it, I’ll leave a link in the description if you are interested. To provide examples, one of the Alicization
Bluray releases came with the canon Side Story “Distant Journey”, featuring Kirito and Eugeo
during their journey from Rulid to Centoria, and a later Alicization Bluray featured a
non-canon “What-if” story under the name of “If you were here”, featuring a very casual
scenario of “What if Kirito and Eugeo actually became Integrity Knights”. Similarly, Volume 22 will feature 4 previously
Japanese BD Limited Edition exclusive stories and the 4 are the following:
The Day Before, released with the Limited Edition Volume 1 of the Bluray release, covers
the day after Kirito proposed to Asuna in Aincrad. The story is very much canon to the main series,
however is slightly outdated. The story makes mention of Kirito and Asuna’s
break up before the Floor 25 Boss battle of Aincrad, however this event was later retconned
by the Ordinal Scale prequel story, Hopeful Chant to be after the event. Nevertheless, the events are canon to the
main series. The second story in Volume 22 will be The
Day After, released with the Limited Edition Bluray Volume 9, and takes place in ALfheim
Online and is canon. It covers a strange phenomenon happening to
Asuna’s Avatar in ALO, around the time of the 2 year anniversary of Sachi’s passing
back in Aincrad, as Asuna and Kirito made contact by an unlikely friend from the past. Rainbow Bridge is the third story featured
in V22, previously published with the Limited Edition Bluray Release of Extra Edition and
is a sequel to Extra Edition itself, so if you are looking for more chill questing with
the squad, without an immenant threat to someones life, this is one of those nice adventures! Obviously, no reason to assume this is non-canon
as well, but there are minor retcons in terms of dates here and there like the Day Before. Last but certainly not the least, Sisters’
Prayer is the final story included in Kiss and Fly, a story exclusively about Yuuki’s
past and her sister Aiko, as well as the first member of the Sleeping Knights, Merida. This story was released with the Season 2
Limited Edition Bluray Volume 9 to work as a backstory for Yuuki, which can be argued
was just an excuse for Reki to keep damaging you emotionally, as if Yuuki’s story in Mother’s
Rosario was not heartbreaking enough. Again, the story is very much canon and is
the most intriguing in my opinion. Minor errors in the story include the birthyear
of Yuuki and an English mistake by Reki, spelling a line in a lullaby wrong. Why am I constantly mentioning errors and
retcons? Well, because according to a preview shared
by Dengeki, these mistakes from the original Side Story releases are in fact not fixed
for the full release, so they may cause confusions. In terms of retcons, the most recent story
takes precedence, and the fact that these stories are being compiled into Volume 22,
does not really make them more recent, than the likes of Hopeful Chant for example. Anyways, on to Reki Kawahara’s train of thoughts
of SAO V22, Kiss and Fly, he says that the Volume name is a reference to a places at
airports, which is quite fitting, at least if we consider half the stories that are included
in this Volume. He said he would share more in the Afterword
of the Volume. As for the next installment of Unital Ring,
he has claimed that he is working very hard to release the next Unital Ring Volume as
close to V22’s release as possible, which is encouraging. It’s quite natural though, the guy is having
serious busy time, focusing on 4 separate series, mainline SAO, SAO Progressive, Accel
World and Isolator, as well as writing side stories during the year for Bluray Releases,
especially considering that he is no longer adapting his Web Novel into Light Novel as
Alicization is over. And while we do not know how closely he is
working with the development of the games, he surely has some involvement with Alicization
Lycoris and Alicization Blading aka Rising Steel literally advertises itself as “being
written by Reki Kawahara”, it seems like he is way over his head these days… One final note is that apparently, for the
cover of Volume 22, initially abec did not include Sachi on the cover, however Reki insisted
her to be included, which probably explains why she is so far back, just like Kirito. But we got a busy week ahead of us. A lot of Anime and Main canon reveals arriving
very soon, as well as a new trailer for War of Underworld, most certainly featuring the
new Opening and Ending song reveals, as well as an official confirmation for that 12 of
October release date. We got major Alicization Lycoris news to arrive
from Tokyo Game Show 2019. So, for all of that and more, make sure to
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20 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Volume 22 Announced! SAO: Kiss and Fly! Unital Ring? | SAO Gamerturk

  1. Timestamps: 00:17 Overview | 00:28 Dengeki announced Sword Art Online 22, Kiss and Fly, along with the cover and contents, is not SAO Unital Ring 2 | 1:03 What is this "Side Stories" you are referring to? Is it SAO Extra Edition? | 2:12 Stories included in SAO v22 Kiss and Fly and their contents | 4:44 What will happen to Unital Ring? Reki's commitments and comments | 5:51 abec hates Sachi | 6:04 Upcoming Sword Art Online reveals, Alicization War of Underworld and Alicization Lycoris
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  2. I apologize in advance. As far as I understand with my knowledge of the language. Released 22 volume from a series of books with side stories?

  3. Wait a second
    When did Unitial Ring got confirmed as the final arc? I track almost every SAO news thingy and I don't think UR was said to be the final chapter of this franchise.
    BTW. Really good video

  4. If the anime ends on Unital Ring we will see more. Perhaps even progressive can be adapted into an anime as well as the gameverse continuing.

  5. I feel like I should clarify something here: Gsi did NOT translate every story in this volume.
    The Day Before, The Day After and Sister's Prayer were all translated by Tap, an SAO fan translator of an older generation. You can find those here:
    Rainbow Bridge has been fully translated, but not edited, on Gsi's wikia blog right here:

    Be warned that this is Gsi's first translation, so the writing may be a little off here (though he has published some edited parts on Dreadful Decoding).

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