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Taking My VERY FIRST Art Class..From a DISNEY ARTIST!

Taking My VERY FIRST Art Class..From a DISNEY ARTIST!

* *Music* (Chloe): Oh, this is good! Hello there! Today I’m with my friend Dom. So we are headed to Epcot because it is the Festival of the Arts and it’s very exciting because they have a bunch of Disney artists there, and a bunch of Disney art-related food, and it’s just very exciting. So we’re gonna take an art class from a Disney artist, we’re gonna be drawing a Disney character, we don’t know which one yet. Dom is gonna join me because he is also an artist, he makes incredible art so make sure you follow him on Instagram. That’s about it, so let’s get started! *Music* So what’s cool about the Festival of the Arts is that… So the Festival of the Arts is really cool because it basically has a bunch of Disney artists, all the way around the world to showcase, so you can buy different Disney pieces, you can buy originals, you can also buy prints, they have so many different pieces of artwork which is really cool. They also have a bunch of different food, they have experiences like the Animation Academy – there’s Dom, sorry. It’s just really cool. There’s a bunch of different things here that you can do. They also have a wall here somewhere that you can paint on, but I haven’t seen it yet. so I’ll keep my eyes out. (Dom): I think it’s in the front, but there’s so much like, construction here, everything’s under construction. But it’s really fun, I do recommend coming if you’re able to, but it’s just a really fun experience and, especially when you come with friends. (Chloe): It’s a beautiful day! *Baby crying* Yeah, we’re trying to figure out how we’re supposed to do it because it is raining, hence umbrella. There is like, a covered part of the theater, so we’re hoping that’s where we’re gonna be sat because… our paper is gonna get wet and soggy and not turn out very well! (Chloe): Watercolor?! I can’t zoom in, what the hell? I can’t – oh wait, there we go. It’s zooming in. It is, it’s so… it’s a really bad day. LET US IN! LET US IN! LET US IN! This is so cool. I’ve actually never had an art class before, have you? Um… no, but – actually, yes I have, at Hollywood Studios. Ohhh, that’s cool, yeah. I’ve never had one, Disney or otherwise, so this is my first experience actually doing anything drawing related, and it looks like we’re getting the covered seats, thank goodness. -Thank you. -Thank you so much. (Dom): Thank you so much. Can I have that one? (Chloe): Thank you. -(Woman): No problem. -(Girl): Thank you! (Chloe): *Gasps* Awesome! I’m so excited. I’m not sure how I’m gonna film any of this, but Here is my umbrella for the 5 millionth time. *Laughs* I like a proper animator’s desk, how cool is that? Cool! This is cool. Because we’re beginners, we have my first pencil. Class starts in 12 minutes, it starts at 1:30 so… *Sighs* I’m impatient. *Loud chattering* (Chloe, to Dom): Do you think if I jumped on stage and stole the desk, anyone would notice? No? Okay. A Disney bag? Perfect, thank you. *Both laugh* We haven’t got an eraser. I’ve just realized. *All cheer* (Guy on stage): Is this a full class? I love it. My name is Jay and I am one of the sketch artists. In today’s class we are going to be drawing Stitch. We’re really drawing Stitch! (Teacher’s voice): We’re gonna start off by drawing all of the shapes really, really lightly, and I’ll show you different… …and I have these two little corners, we’re gonna draw a curved one… …flat end as we have on his nose, if you kinda go in here and make sort of like a, a teardrop shape on the sides, we’re gonna throw in his nostrils there. And you can draw these in dark, you don’t have to sketch these in if you don’t want to. (Chloe): So, I was filming with my right hand, camera in my right hand, drawing with my left, I had no eraser, and the rain was somehow spitting in my face the entire time, but you know what? I had so much fun! It was really cool because the characters change every day, so the fact we got Stitch made me very, very happy. (Excitedly): We’re really drawing Stitch! The thing that’s so great about this class is that he’s teaching you the fundamentals, the shapes, the guidelines, everything that you should be using to draw Stitch the correct way, which you’d only really learn from a Disney artist, like normally, I would draw it from a reference and sketch it out in my own way, but he was really teaching you the building blocks and how to really set it up the correct way. And I had a lot of fun, Dom was as well until… his pencil broke. (Teacher): Go all the way to the edges, there. (Chloe, laughing): This is horrible! (Teacher): Kinda go right past his nose there, and round the other side, right to the other side of his head. (Chloe): The Disney artist was so good, he was very descriptive, made it very easy for even the non-artists to draw decently, and he was doing it digitally, so basically, it was them portrayed on a big screen behind him. It was really easy to follow along, and despite making a few mistakes due to the lack of eraser on the pencil, it turned out Stitch-like, at least! I felt so bad for Dom, though! *Laughing* Pencil tip! I did get ahead of myself though, and started coloring things in because I do know what Stitch looks like in great detail, and I didn’t want to wait to find out where the details had to go (because I already knew where they went, so…I kind of cheated) but, Dom drew this amazingly amazing Mickey from his head with a tiny pencil tip though, which was incredible. (Teacher): A little bit on the center to have a point, but as it comes right back into this shape things get really.. (Chloe): Overall, I really, really enjoyed this experience. Disney do do stuff like this a lot as well, year-round usually, they currently have one at Animal Kingdom so if you can’t make it for the festival, go to Animal Kingdom because they have some classes there as well. (Teacher): …you can fill in his eyes here, except for those little white pupils there, they’re good for that little shine. *Chloe laughing hysterically* Frame it!! But uh, yeah, here’s my Stitch! He’s a bit wobbly and he’s a bit off, but he’s cute, I like him. Also, the class was free, included with the park ticket. Just so you know, if you were wondering. -(Teacher): I’m gonna be back again tomorrow at the same time. -(Chloe): So good! (Teacher): Let’s do completely different characters if you want, you can pick up from here if you want to challenge yourself yet again, but if this is it for you, hope you enjoy the rest of the festival. So what were your thoughts on that? *Sad music* Well, 10/10 for the artist. 2/10 for the pencil. The pencil broke! I’m sorry, but he made the amazing Mickey Mouse all by himself within like, ten seconds, so… impressive. (Dom): A sculpture! *Chloe laughing* Paper potato! *Laughs* (Chloe): So we got a “Pop’t Art.” -Is that what it’s called? -(Dom): Yeah, strawberry Pop’t Art, or something like that. Cool! Okay, I shall report back if I like it. Oh, this is good! It’s more like a cake than a Pop Tart. (Dom): Yeah, right? This was like, $4, by the way. There’s no filling on this side. Oh. *Laughs* You’ve got a big gap! Mine’s okay. It’s like this whole side has no filling. It’s got an empty side. I’ve got a mouthful of hair. So he is – bugger off! and basically he comes with a bunch of pens, which allows you to actually draw on him. I think I might get him so I can maybe acrylic paint on him. He is $40 and he comes with a little bag as well, so you can take him out of the bag and you can draw on him all you want. I’m not sure how good these pens would be, but you can pretty much just use anything on him at this point. So these little paint things have little characters’ plushes in them and you don’t know what’s inside. He’s cute. So this has been signed, this was taken around the world, showcased and signed by a lot of the artists here. I’m gonna buy him. This is Rob Kaz’s work, and he is my favorite Disney artist after Dom. *Laughs* Dom will be here one day, mark my words, but, his work is stunning and he’s over there. I’m too shy to say hello. I’m too shy to say hello, but his work is beautiful. This artist is amazing because he puts a lot of hidden Mickeys and hidden characters inside his paintings, like, this one has like, over 50 or something like that. There’s a Mickey, there’s a Mickey, there’s Alice from Alice in Wonderland. $28,000?! Wow. That’s amazing. (Chloe): Yeah, he’s over there. They have screen printing here, which is really neat. So I just got the palette cookie, which is delicious. I had this last year but it was bigger this year. What did you get? Some chocolate peanut butter pretzel crunch thing. Oh, look, it’s falling off! Dom, it’s a pret- okay. The pretzel was saved! And this thing is one of those obnoxious paintbrushes that we all know and love. *Music* (Chloe): Oh, he’s working on that one right now! That’s cool. These are brand new ears that they’ve just brought out. And they have two paintbrushes, and they’re like, artistic Mickey and Pinocchio and stuff. For you artists out there, they’ve FINALLY got artist ears! This wall has a bunch of little squares on it with numbers. Thank you. So we’ve got a sponge brush. Thank you. Wow, look at them coloring-in skills! (Chloe): There’s a 13 over there as well. -Thank you! -Thank you. (Chloe): Cool. So when you finish painting on it, they give you one of these little postcards, and I think this is what that’s supposed to be. Um, like pixel art kind of thing. So that’s really cool, and I know when they fill up, they actually replace the whole thing and let people start again. *Loud chattering* (Chloe): Oh, there’s me thinking they’re all gonna be different and they’re all the same! (Chloe): I love her work. The signature of her work is always one eye is slightly smaller than the other. And it’s so distinctive, she was actually the one that told me about the Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint that I love now. She’s a really nice lady. Aww, that one is so cute! I actually met Ashley Taylor, she is very distinctive. I think she does a lot of the work for the Disney park blogs. But her work is always really, really unique. The thing that’s cool about the Festival of the Arts, is that they have a bunch of art-related food and different foods, because every time they have a festival in Epcot, they always change the foods around and it’s really cool. So every time Dom walks past somewhere that sells food, he’s like, “What’s the food here?” I just wanna eat everything! Eat all the time! I look like I’ve been run over by a train. -(Dom): No, you don’t. -I do! So that’s it for today! Thank you so much for watching this video, I hope that you enjoyed it. It’s a bit different, -thank you so much to Dom. -Aww, thanks for having me! This is the best! He is awesome. Make sure you go and follow him, because he’s such a talented artist and you’ll see him in there one day! Hopefully. Both of us. Together, why don’t we have a booth together? A joint booth? -That would be awesome! -A booth for two. That would be so fun! But yes, thank you for watching this video, really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *End music*

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